Video Games Live to Broadcast the Sonic Segment Live: It’s Over, You’re Too Slow!

UPDATE: The segment has now ended. Did you watch it? Have you seen it live before? Going to a future VGL? Let us know in the comments.

Original Story: Earlier today, Video Games Live announced that they would be broadcasting a Live stream version of tonight’s show in El Dorado Arkansas.

Before the show started, host Tommy Tallarico held a small Q&A session. Taking advantage of this I asked him, “Any Sonic in the show tonight?” to which he replied, “Yes, Sonic will be here tonight.”

If you’ve never seen the Sonic segment before, or just fancy watching a full VGL show. Be sure to tune in at the link, you do not need to register with VGL or to watch, and yes it’s a worldwide broadcast.

If you want to join some others watching the show, we’ve got a few people at SSMB watching it live right now.

Source: Video Games Live.


  1. First … if not … oh well …

    Caught the Sonic part it was cool. Still listening to it now.

  2. Got to see it live last year March for the 20th Anniversary down here in Ft. Lauderdale. Wish they would expand on it a bit more, mind you, but the Chrono Trigger/Cross conclusion was SO awesome.

  3. I went to see VGL April 7th at Strathmore in Bethesda, MD. They did not play any Sonic music. Did they just skip it for my date? I feel cheated.

  4. Went to the E3 2010 show, they didn’t play their Sonic bit.. that world famous Japanese pianist (pianoist?) played a Sonic jingle thou.
    It was a great show, I’d go again if I knew what they were going to play before hand

  5. The VGL I went to didn’t do Sonic that time. I was wearing my shirt, and the guy running the show – I got his autograph – looked at me and went “Please don’t kill me for not having any Sonic. We usually do!”

    Heh. He’s lucky I’m not a rabid fan, but it’s a bit humorous he knows how…Notorious…The fanbase can be.

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