Sonic Free Riders Goes Platinum, Riders OSTs Now on iTunes

SEGA Japan announced today via their Sonic Twitter account that a Platinum Collection edition of Sonic Free Riders would see a Japanese release tomorrow, indicating that the game has sold reasonably well since its release November 2010. The game is available to buy on Play-Asia right now, but only in NTSC-J format. No word on whether or not we’ll see a release in other territories, but we’ll keep you updated if anything is announced!

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In other news, the soundtracks to all 3 Riders games (Riders, Zero Gravity and Free Riders) are now available on iTunes. Each album costs £7.99/$9.99/8.99€/¥1,500, or you can buy tracks individually for £0.79/$0.99/0.99 €/¥150 each.

Will you be picking up any of these albums, or are you hoping to see a Platinum Collection release in your country? You know the drill, let us know in the comments!

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  1. I’m sorry if i sound harsh or anything but who the fuck cares about / buy the loads and piles of OSTs we get like every month or so ._.

      1. Precisely, since the music of the franchise is so well-received the soundtracks always sell really well.

    1. There are some pretty awesome tracks on these OSTs, and a lot of people don’t want to spend the extra money to import CDs. While I myself collect the physical discs, this is great for more people to be able to legally obtain the tracks. The fact that SEGA’s taking the initiative to go back and release a 6-year-old OST onto iTunes is very good news. Perhaps they’ll continue distributing more of their back catalog.

      1. The OSTs are available outside Japan, which is why Swiss gave prices for other regions. The only region it appears to not be for sale in is Australia.

        Just read your below post about Canada. I checked for Japan, the UK, France and the US, and it’s available for those regions at least.

  2. never thought this game was good. control only for the kinect is shit. this has to be the worst game i can ever think of besides of the soundtrack. the soundtrack was good btw. liked the music when it came out. but of all meanings, the control is shit. nuff said :\

    1. The WORST game, huh? I take it you’ve never played Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Golden Axe: Beast Rider, Stormrise, Gadget Twins, Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters, Godzilla Unleashed (Wii), Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash… I could go on, but, “nuff said.”

  3. *huff* Let me guess.

    *looks through iTunes*

    …ffffffffffffffff.. T-T Of course, not Canada. Again. Never Canada. Didn’t happen with Colours, not with the 5 20th Anniversary soundtracks from last year, Crush 40 not even available… sooner or later, Generations, the Storybook series, and World Adventure/Unleashed music will hit iTunes, and I can already name one country that’s gonna be left out.

    All these iTunes releases keep happening and still nothing up here. Different countries, different contracts, yet just about everywhere else is getting them but ours amongst a few others.

    That does it, I’m just gonna spend my leftover gift money on the Gurren Lagann anime and save what remains for Sonic 4: Episode II. The soundtracks definitely aren’t going to pop up up north, so there’s no point in saving my money for them. Might as well just torrent it all.

      1. Probably cuz Canada is stupid any literally no one in any other country likes it. Btw, stop saying “eh.” you people sound retarded

        1. Well Tim, I am very sorry to say that you don’t sound smart yourself! With a grammatically incorrect comment like yours and apparently limited vocabulary, you’re not doing your own country any favours, eh!

          On that regard, “cuz” should be spelt “because”, “any” isn’t a conjunction, you don’t speak for a majority, “btw” should be spelled out to “by the way”, the “y” in “you” should be capital since you’re starting a new sentence, and speaking of which, there is supposed to be a period (this thing => . <=that thing right there, the dot) at the end of that sentence. Otherwise, you yourself sound retarded instead of superior, eh!

          See that? I can be a comedian too! 😀

      2. I spoke about the Colours OST with, if I recall, Kellie and ClumsyOrchid about half a year ago. It’s all about distribution licenses apparently, yet soundtrack after soundtrack keeps getting released elsewhere with nothing happening on our end.

  4. Cool stuff. I might pick up Zero Gravity’s soundtrack just to support, since that was my fave.

    It’s annoying they don’t credit any of the individual composers with these though. =\ All just “SEGA”.

  5. The irony of this is just interesting. That its taken 3 years for Free Riders to get a Japanese release, I seem to recall that Sonic 3DBlast didn’t get released in Japan until October 1999, the very end of the Sega Saturn’s life. This is very telling indeed about what could be going on regarding the direction of SEGA as a company.

        1. …what? How is it a repackaging? It’s just a different box art now saying that the game went Platinum, that’s it. You see similar things on other games that sold well, not just in Japan.

    1. As VizardJeffhog said, the game was released in Japan November 2010, too. This is a Platinum release of the game following high sales.

  6. I’m sorry if i sound harsh or anything but who the fuck cares about Sonic Riders anyway?

    1. Obviously those in Japan, otherwise Free Riders wouldn’t be getting a Platinum release. Also, there are people out there who care about the OSTs if not the games themselves.

    2. People that like that game, people that like the music, people that like that characters, people that just like something about the game or the game itself.

      Seriously what kind of state is that?

  7. First thought: How did this sell well. I <3 Sonic everything, but the Riders games were and epic turnoff. As far as Sonc Racing games go, I still wish they would have taken the Sonic R formula, and improved it. Imagine that game with huge levels, multiple paths, and the extended roster of fan favorites. *sigh* my dreams were never meant to be.

    1. From what I’ve seen, the Riders series does have huge levels, multiple paths, and a massive roster altogether, including fan favourites and guest characters from other SEGA franchises.

      A lot of people enjoyed it, so it went Platinum because it sold so well.

      1. Yeah I know, but I think this game sold very well for a few reasons. #1 Its Sonic, #2 It one of the only non mini game Kinect titles. Dont get me wrong its a cool idea, but idk just never clicked with me. Guess im too much of an old fart lol. The hoverboard thing for me never worked.

        1. …Really? Just because of the hoverboards?

          Nevermind that Sonic has been using skateboards, snowboards and damn jetboards, which is essentially a hoverboard, since the Classic days. You’re really gonna say it’s bad JUST for the hoverboards?

          The close-minded nature of some Sonic fans. What ignorance. – –

          I won’t defend Free Riders since it’s Kinect, thus I never played it, but Riders 1 and Zero Gravity were both great and loads of fun.

      1. Yeah, from What I heard youll either like it or hate it. Tried the Original Riders, didnt like it, tried Zero Gravity, didnt like it, I dont need to try this to know its not my cup of tea.

    1. Obviously not, since the game’s getting a Platinum release tomorrow in Japan. Have you played it? I own it and quite enjoy it from time to time. I know it’s not for everyone, though.

  8. I’ve not bought Free Riders yet because the views are so polarising, some say it’s great if you take the time to get to grips with it, and others, well, their reactions above.
    I’ll buy it when it’s cheap enough.

  9. let me tell you what seems pointless, these “platinum” releases, besides Gears of War 2 which added the all fronts DLC pack, what do you get BESIDES the game? any exclusivities? any DLC (again, besides GOW2)? a figurine? a steelbook (they seem to be a popular trend on many game releases as of late, even Sonic Generations had one)? the seven chaos emeralds? free OST downloads on itunes? a free game? a copy of Megaman (capcom in a nutshell: whats a megaman?) Legends 3? ANYTHING?

  10. Oooh, more sonicy music! If SEGA’d put up the OST from ’06, Colours and Unleashed I’d be happy to buy it, like I’m happy to buy any music that sounds half-way decent.

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