Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Announced

Finally, months after we were the first to post several rumors regarding a new All-Stars game, we finally have an announcement. Ladies and gentleman, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is on the way to the PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, Vita and PC this fall!

S&ASRT, true to its name, features transforming vehicles. With this new feature, Sonic and his friends will now be able to transform their cars into boats and planes, allowing them to race like never before in the water and in the air! If Sonic and his friends don’t suit your fancy, Transformed will be playing host to a variety of other legendary SEGA franchises including Panzer Dragoon, Skies of Arcadia, Golden Axe and Jet Set Radio!

I, along with fellow TSS staff member Jason Berry, was able to see the game first hand at a press event SEGA held in San Francisco last Tuesday. You can read Sonic Stadium’s preview later, live at 5pm BST.

To check out some screenshots from the game, check out our gallery below the fold!


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  1. I knew this coming way back in 2010 when Sega said they wanna make a sequel due to the first ones success

  2. Looks very good! Gonna get this probably on 3DS!
    The flying and sea sections do seem a bit of a copy of Mario Kart 7 though.

    1. you mean Mario kart 7 is a copy of Diddy kong racing on the N64 that racing game featured Sea and flying vehicles but if you mean by transforming then yes Mario kart 7.

    2. Well at least it’s implemented better in this game.

      Unlike MK7, you actually ride the waves and have proper water physics to complement this instead of just going underwater and having no impact to the gameplay at all. Another thing, unlike MK7 where you just glide down to the ground (falling with style as I call it) you actually FLY in this game. It like a mix between All-Stars Racing, Skydrift and Hydro Thunder Hurricane.

      I think you’re better off with MK7 if you’re buying it for the 3DS (but we still need to see 3DS gameplay so its still too early to say), for all the other consoles however, this looks like a must buy if you like kart racing games.

    3. Question: Why is Tristan claiming that there’s a possible 3DS version, when its ALREADY been confirmed?

  3. So, it’s kind of like a mixture of Diddy Kong Racing’s multiple vehicles and Mario Kart 7’s all(ish) terrain karts? Sounds pretty cool to me.

  4. I will get this on everything but Xbox I think
    The reason I won’t get this on Xbox is because I got the first one on the PS3.
    The Vita version most likely will top the 3DS version because of the graphical power, but it will be interesting on the 3DS.
    I was surprised to see some game play in there. Doesn’t seem to be any new characters but i suppose they would announce that later.
    All in all looks like my money will be spent on duplicates on other consoles.

  5. Now that looks awesome 😛
    I just hope there’s more weapons, it’s faster, and that physics while going off ramps is better haha. I’d rather be on earth than on moon.

    Wish they’d include collecting rings in some way too.. *hint: crash team racing*

  6. I do hope there’s more dlc to this game than metal sonic there should be things like green hill track or chemical plant track

    1. Agreed. Sumo developed the first with the thought of DLC in mind.. yet SEGA did very little with that potential

      1. (Little late to the party)

        SEGA never does anything with DLC, really. I think Unleashed got the most DLC out of all the games…And even then, that wasn’t much.

        “How do we make the levels harder? …ADD SPIKES!” XD

  7. interesting. if this game uses the r2 and l2 buttons then getting a vita version is worthless. its like umvc3. that game is much better on the console but still good in the end. dunno why people are trying to compare mk7 to this. mario kart in general is in a league of its own in all honesty.

  8. Oh, snap! Sonic’s car just got even sexier!


    1. Not likely since it would have already been confirmed with the other platforms. I’ll keep checking with the most realible non fanboy Nintendo site for credible sources(PureNintendo) But from the sounds of it, its doubtful. Sega of Europe is interested in Wii U but NOT Sega of Japan.

  9. So there will be aquatic sections this time, uh? Then I hope they finally take the opportunity to add a reference to my favorite Sega franchise, Ecco; I’ll be really disappointed if they don’t. In fact, the good/bad futures from Tides of Time or Haging Waters from Defender of the Future would make excellent tracks IMO.

  10. I’m loving seeing the comments saying “SEGA does what nintendid” etc etc.

    As a point – Both of them are copying – Back in the 90’s on the PS1 – Hot Wheels Extreme Racing – featured cars that transformed into boats and planes to cross the respective parts of the level, also options of branching paths in some levels so you could either go along the next section as a boat or a plane.

    Yay for reviving the 90’s gimmicks, ones that actually work well 😀 *presents wallet for SEGA/SUMO to take*

  11. …I could almost cry with joy at seeing Skies of Arcadia.

    *wipes away happy tears*

  12. Wow this got my attention. It looks great. Transformers could have been an inspiration because of the new films success, but they decided to make the cars more James Bond style. I’ll play it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Eggman’s car turns into Starscream. lol.

    1. Considering how he drove in the first game for the trailer, I’m surprised his rate wasn’t higher.

  13. Why is it Sonic “and” All-Stars Racing Transformed? What’s with the ‘and’?

    Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed? Fine. But Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed sounds messy and weird.

  14. There’s going to be Skies of Arcadia representation in this game?
    Holy Pie I’m shitting out turbo turds here!!!!

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