Sonic 4: Tails Could Lead in Future Patch, Ep 2 Dates Clarified

In an update to their website today, SEGA has cleared up the release dates for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 in Europe and Australia. It appears SEGA is going to defy expectations and release the PS3 version in all territories on the same day of May 15th 2012. The Xbox 360 version will also have a simultaneous release the next day on May 16th 2012 as expected. Other formats will follow later.

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Here’s how the game’s release schedule currently stands in Europe, Australia and the US:
PS3: May 15th 2012
Xbox 360: May 16th 2012
PC: May 2012
iOS: May 2012
Tegra enabled devices: May 2012
Android/Google Play: June 2012
Windows Phone 7: July 2012

In other news, over at the SEGA Forums Sonic 4 Digital Brand Manager Ken Balough has informed the community that while it’s not possible for Tails to be made playable solo, it IS possible he could be made the optional lead in a patch following the game’s release if there is enough demand for it.

Unfortunatly even as DLC/Patch we would not be able to offer Tails solo in Ep 2. Simply put you need the Tag-Team elements to be able to get through areas of the level. On the flip side – we would not be able to offrer Sonic solo either. We would have to re-build the whole levels and thats simply not feasable.

HOWEVER! – if the feedback is to offer Tails as “LEAD” in Single player, then that’s in the realm of feedback that could be worth discussion after the launch. I’m not making any commitments or anything – but if it WERE to work – that would be the option.

Sources: SEGA’s website and the SEGA Forums

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  1. Interesting news, so this game is Chaotix like, I think they are getting many Chaotix elements. Man they gotta re-release Chaotix like they did Sonic CD. That’d be hot as hell!

      1. Sonic 3D blast with both mega drive and saturn soundtracks + save option + tails playable would be cool too…

      2. Agreed. Chaotix was awesome, but most people don’t have the 32X and the game was removed from GameTap, as far as I know. Even then, GameTap has turned into a piece of crap. I’m glad I cancelled my account before that happened.

    1. That would be great! I heard that Sonic 3 and Knuckles couldn’t be on there for copyright issues or something like that, but Knuckles Chaotix would be good (even if it is tedious at times) actually though, since CD was re-released to support the Sonic 4: Episode II story… wouldn’t it make sense for Knuckles Chaotix to support a possible Episode III story? I mean, it has Knuckles and Metal Sonic… just a thought, and by the way, @RFS, that seems like a good idea! … Errr, even if I don’t like 3D Blast, we got opinions, and that would be a pretty cool re-release.

  2. I prefer the sonic/tails teamwork rather than the solo option.So I’m glad the first release will NOT have Tails playable in 1 player.I just love making tails fall into traps,get stuck or disappear off the screen when I’m speeding sonic up to his full potential.Yes,I’ll like this game.Any Sonic fan would.(Well,you might wanna forget that last bit if your a demanding fan…!)

  3. a patch for after the game’s release?
    what are they thinking, seriously?

    The game hasn’t been released yet, they could easily ‘patch’ it right now, they just don’t want to do it.
    SEGA’s been pissing me off the last few years.
    If it keeps going downhill like this I’m afraid I will leave SEGA’s franchises for good.

    1. They are thinking that focusing on finishing the game comes first and that the realms of changing it can be looked in too once that is done.

      Seriously, there is no bad news here what-so-ever, they’re basically saying. If you guys want it we might be able to add it, and you complain about that.

    2. For all we know the game could be a day off becoming Gold.
      Having to put Tails in now would further push back the release date as after implementing him they would have to test for bugs and whatnot.

      A patch after release is one of the better options you would want.
      What if they did a Capcom and programmed it all in ready to use but locked it away.
      Now THAT would be something to grump about.

  4. Yes SEGA. We would like Tails as a LEAD CHARACTER. Compare what we want to what you gave us in Sonic Advanced 3! Tails and Sonic could both be played lead, but the combo moves were the same. I think you should know what I’m talking about…

  5. Wow! Tails being the lead player would be great! … But one thing is bugging me about it. In games like Mario Party, optional characters are completely cosmetic and have no differentiating stats, I am afraid that if we have Tails as lead, it’s just going to be the same thing, but Sonic and Tails have switched spots, and I might not pay for that, if Tails does take the lead, it would be better if he got some moves to differentiate the two as leaders… now I’m not saying that I don’t want Tails as a leader, I’m just saying, it would be better for him to have something that makes him different than Sonic.

  6. I’m up for a role reversal. Let’s see how Sonic likes it when he’s the baboon’s backside.

  7. I won’t need to wait for the next day to get something on PSN? Good! I remember when the first demo of generations was going to be up on June 23rd I had a look on June 23rd but it wasn’t up! It was late when it was finally up and I had to wait until the next day for it to be downloaded. Same thing with Sonic CD

  8. I’d deffo consider a KNUCKLES CHAOTIX HD release like SONIC CD, they could also add in SONIC/TAILS & METAL SONIC as playable characters once completed.

  9. Wait shadzter PSN EU only updates every wensday right last time i checked may 15th is on a theusday :/

    1. I know PSN EU updates on a Wednesday, but May 15th is the date SEGA’s listed. Games and other items have been added to the PS Store on days other than Wednesday on rare occasions before, so I’m guessing this is going to be another one of those cases. If we find out SEGA’s made a mistake, then we’ll let you know.

  10. It would certainly be interesting to play as Tails if for nothing more then a change.
    It would be fun to go over the flying portions and leave Sonic behind!

  11. Wait a minute. The way they say it, Sonic and Tails always have to be there at the same time. But if Metal Sonic is playable in Episode 2, who’s with him the whole time, assuming there is someone?
    It doesn’t seem likely, but… could the Tails Doll possibly be making a return?

    1. Metal Sonic will have his own special abilities to get through the “impossible” parts that Sonic nor Tails cannot do alone.

    2. They’ve clarified this, Episode Metal is 4 Acts long, each being a re-worked version of the first 4 zones in Episode I. He’s not playable in Episode II. Hence the term “Episode Metal”, it’s a separate game in itself.

  12. and now we wait for MS to be a big baby over the XBOX not getting the game first

    *sits back and has a cool glass of Coke with ice in it and a chillidog cuz this is a Sonic website*

  13. Hey, even if we can’t have solos, Tails as the lead is the next best thing! =D

    Actually… I’ve been wanting this. (Okay, yeah, I guess Sonic Advance 3, but…)

  14. What they should do is patch Super Sonic in Sonic Generations. Oh well, one can dream. XP

  15. If we couldn’t have Tails as solo, then couldn’t we have him as player 1 (as an option) being followed by sonic?
    because that would still let you use the tag-team abilities and therefore the levels wouldn’t need redesigning.

  16. I’d love to see a patch that adds Tails as the main player. Would make getting that Achievement for being Tails 50 times a lot easier to get…

    Also, any chance of a Sonic 4: Episode Tails? I’d dig playing through Episode I levels as the little guy.

  17. Yes, I’m willing to pay other 15 € to only play as Tails switching lead with Sonic. *irony*

  18. where does he want us to be more vocal?
    the fact this guy has to field the question should be a hint that there is a demand.. so thanks for doing us fans a favor there, ken. instead of recognizing the initial natural demand you’re going to make us “beg” for a patch. brilliant. maybe i’ll take off work and post on every sonic fan site today in the hopes he’d consider updating the game.
    sega and its core fans have two totally different agendas. be gracious and update the patch.

    1. The Wii U doesen’t even have it’s own release date yet. You must be having a laugh.

  19. Hey if it’ll please Tails-fans (even myself), then why not? At least then we can take control of everyone’s favorite orange fox. 😉

  20. This is dumb. I just want the option I had back in Sonic 3. I don’t care about tag-team elements. I’ve already played Advance 3.

  21. I would love to play as Tails as the lead character. If they do do this, I wonder what changes they could make to the levels to make this happen.

    1. None, he’d just be leading. Sonic would still be with him making all the tag-team moves possible.

  22. As much as I’m loving these new games I would love a new compilation game. Like the ‘Gems collection’ this could feature “Knuckles Chaotix”, “Segasonic the hedgehog”… HECK! Even “Waku Waku police car”. They are just about the only Sonic games I haven’t played and I need them.

  23. Yes that’s what I was saying. I don’t really care about playing Tails by himself, just about playing Tails. You get to play Sonic with Tails being AI or a companion but we don’t want to only be able to play Tails as player two.

    Basically, if tag team is required, then playing as Tails would automatically mean playing as Tails with either Sonic following along as AI or second player. So this is the perfect idea for this situation. And a patch would be good too so it’s not forced and it’s optional, that and can be updated and the game’s release doesn’t have to wait just for an extra optional feature.

  24. Blah, blah, blah, blah, asinine complaints about SEGA. Blah, blah, blah, blah, yakkady smackaddy.

    Look everybody! I’m a hardcore sonic fan!

    1. Exactly. I’m tired of complaints. I wish the fans would let SEGA do whatever they want with Sonic. Geez.

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