SEGA Talks to Cheat Code Central About the Future of Sonic

Cheat Code Central got some time to speak to a few SEGA representatives at the recent PAX East event about the future of the Sonic the Hedgehog series and have today published all of the juicy details. First of all we learn that like Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 will not receive any DLC add-on content, BUT Episode 2 does not end the Sonic 4 story.

The booth reps also said that SEGA is committed to delivering more classic Sonic games in the future. While they confirmed that there would be no DLC add-ons for Episode II, they did say that Episode II does not end the Sonic 4 story. Instead, they are taking Sonic games one at a time. If Episode II does well, Episode III will come out. After that, IV, and so on until they get to the point where they are ready to develop Sonic 5 (the rep speculated this wouldn’t be until after Sonic 4: Episode IV).

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When asked if Sonic would be sticking to 2D games in the future, SEGA told CCC that 3D Sonic is a core part of the brand, but the company knows fans want more 2D gameplay. Future titles may continue the blend of 2D and 3D gameplay that’s been a staple in recent mainstream Sonic games. CCC says SEGA is also aware that fans want to see more of the classic conflict between Sonic and Dr.Eggman.

I asked if Sonic would be remaining 2D in the future. I was told that 3D Sonic is a core part of the brand, but that SEGA is aware that fans want more 2D action. Further Sonic titles will probably continue to use the fusion of 3D and 2D gameplay. SEGA is also aware that Sonic fans want to see more old school conflict between Sonic and Robotnik. This means that we will see less of Sonic traveling through time, space, fantasy worlds, and other dimensions. All we need is just Sonic, his furry friends, and lots of evil robots.

To finish off, SEGA’s reps explained to CCC that the plan is to focus Sonic games back on to the blue blur and the fast-paced gameplay he’s known for, which means fans of Sonic’s friends may still not be playing as them in a main Sonic title anytime soon.

Speaking of furry friends, SEGA also seems to have figured out that Sonic: The Hedgehog has reached a critical furry mass of supporting characters. The booth reps said that they want to shift the focus of Sonic games back onto Sonic himself. Although Tails was added to Sonic 4: Episode II, the focus still remains on Sonic and the Sonic-style gameplay. This holds true for mainstream titles as well. Sonic will always be the main character, and supporting characters will be slowly introduced as if the games are starting all over again.

Source: Cheat Code Central

What do you think of SEGA’s plans for the Sonic franchise? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. I’d say go for it man. If Ep II does well, then heck I wouldn’t surprise if ep. III contain Knuckles.

    Looks like Sega has finally found the formula to please the fans. Sonic Colors, Generations….it’s slowly getting good from there.

  2. Cool information.
    Can’t wait for the future of the games now.
    Lets hope they can only bring us better and better game and we don’t take another de-tour.

  3. I like the art at the top of this post… I hope they move towards the Sonic adventure-ish style of new sonic with shorter spines. Damn hedgehog needs a haircut!

    It’s the best way to give new sonic some of classic’s charm.

    1. Heh, I like his hair big and long, actually. Sort of makes him look eighties/nineties. And older.

      1. I’m sorry, but your description of his hair made me giggle…Gotta get my head outta the gutter.

      2. Yeah. He looked a bit different on the cover of Adventure, compared to how he actually looks in the game. If you ask me, he should look like he does on the Sonic Adventure cover in the games.

  4. I’m glad that SEGA are keeping the focus on Sonic V Eggman and eliminating the MOTW formula but I’m upset to hear that important characters like Tails and Knux won’t be playable in future games but who knows maybe if there’s a civilised demand they may hopefully come back.

  5. Ahhh, so is this what we get instead of a reboot “Slowly introduced” makes it sound like the franchise won’t be reinvented on a canical level, rather the refocusing back to what Sonic should have always been. Good on you, SEGA- if you make one I will play a “Sonic 4: Episode III”!

  6. SEGA is really learned their lessons.But i want to add more epicness,and i want them to focus on the friends a little more than now.I mean,why the hell they are existing if they are just going to support to Sonic.Hell,it is not even supporting,the just yelling randomly things.Like,”You can do it Sonic !” or “Focus your spirit”.I wonder how Shadow went from “I am the ultimate life form” to “You’ve ghat Tis Sawnik !” The characters like Tails,Amy,Shadow and Knuckles are need to be playable,or be involved the story.I still have no idea why they dont use Shadow,ot knuckles.The Knuckles has soo many potantial on story.And Shadow would be great at gameplay.

    Other than that,everything is bright about future for Sonic.Good job Sega !

  7. It all sounds great, but yeah, it has already been a very long time since we could “properly” play as Tails in a “big” Sonic title. I don’t count the Cyclone Walker or his cameos in Sonic ’06 as “proper”, so it pretty much dates all the way back to Sonic Adventure. I agree that the focus should always be on Sonic, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to look at developing a solid gameplay style for Tails and Knuckles again, would it?

  8. I’m glad that they aren’t listening to the tools who think that the Sonic series should only release 2D games, and that there will be more episodes, at least one of which should logically add Knuckles. However, a Sonic 5 seems to be pushing it.

  9. Sounds good, but I do hope they consider other playable modes.
    Sonic’s game play is great as it is right now thanks to Unleashed, Colours and Generations, but it will get boring very soon if not mixed up with perhaps Tails and Knuckles game play, heck I’d love to see us back in Ol Eggman’s shoes again ;D (I can dream can’t I?)

  10. Do people mind playing as Tails or Knuckles if the gameplay is only slightly different from Sonic, ala Sonic 3 & Knuckles? Because I like Tails and Knuckles but I don’t want to really do Cyclone Walker/Treasure Hunting. I’d be fine with having them playable with slightly different abilities which can lead to discovering new paths Sonic can’t reach, etc. I guess what I’m saying is, maybe they don’t have to do too much when making these characters playable.

    Either way, this news is pretty cool. It’s always exciting to hear Sonic plans for the future, even if they aren’t extremely solid. I guess it’s good to know there still IS a future. I really hope we get to see all of the installments for Sonic 4 though. Sounds like the end result could be something really big. I’m only afraid everyone who played Sonic 4, E.1 won’t come back for E.2 & sales won’t be what they’re expecting them to be.

  11. All this sounds good, but this is what I’m slightly worried about:

    “SEGA is also aware that Sonic fans want to see more old school conflict between Sonic and Robotnik. This means that we will see less of Sonic traveling through time, space, fantasy worlds, and other dimensions. All we need is just Sonic, his furry friends, and lots of evil robots.”

    So…does this mean that the plots for Sonic games are going to be significantly less important? Like, no more cutscenes or anything? Because I’ve always enjoyed the plots and cutscenes for (MOST) Sonic games, and especially now with the new voice actors, added humour, etc. I’m fine with the plots beng less…”flamboyant”, but if SEGA mean they’re going to start simplifying it down completely – as in like in the old-school games, well…it’d be a shame to see them go, in my opinion. ๐Ÿ™

    Oh, and by looking at this, we can safely assume that that hair-brained 2014 reboot rumour isn’t true. XD

    1. I agree on you with the cutscenes. Generations highly lacked and it made me sad considering the Hedgehog engine wasnt used to its potential…as well as moments like Baldy McNosehair and the BBBE. It also made the game feel empty and shorter than it already is.

      1. Generations lacked a good plot – which I look to in any game – as well as humor.

        …That made me very sad.

  12. In a nutshell, I really just want Tails and Knuckles playable again.
    I’ll be fine if all the other characters aren’t playable, but off to the side at least in the games.

  13. Excellent.Just what I want-SPEED and more Eggman battles in the games!Games like Sonic Unleashed,Sonic Colours(don’t get me wrong with this one,I like the game really) and similar games lost their focus on high-speed supersonic gameplay.The modern levels of Sonic Generations gave me that feel.I want more!Thanks,Sega.You do all Sonic fans great favours eventually!(Just please keep the Chao!They’re so cute!)

    1. I’d rather the Sonic games returned to a focus on platforming and controlling Sonic’s momentum and velocity. The physics in the Genesis games were great.

      The focus on Sonic’s speed should only have been a marketing thing. But since Sonic Adventure, the games have been designed around that one feature, and this has seriously damaged the franchise.

  14. Oh boy! I always liked Cheat Code Central, helped me with all of my unlocking needs! I am very pleased to hear about Sonic the Hedgehog 4, but I am kind of worried about Sonic’s future…

    Me, as a Sonic fan, I like seeing a lot of Sonic’s friends unlike others, Sonic Colors and Generations did a pretty good job of telling me that they don’t wanna make Sonic’s friends playable… but not making them playable for the rest of the main series isn’t the way to go. Sure, many say that other characters have been rather useless and unneeded, but come on, at one point, they had the optional characters spot on, better than any other company. I would really like to see Sonic’s friends playable again, but perhaps Sonic 3 style where they’re not forced down our throats, and their abilities are equally balanced, because making characters like Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow supporting characters that do nothing in the background is not fun, many of us love playing as those three. I am also glad that they are still going to be using the 2D and 3D formula, but how exactly is it going to work? If it’s a new future for Sonic, we’ll probably get something quite different… only time will tell… this still seems foggy, but I’m glad about the information, and I’m especially glad about the Sonic 4 saga not ending here.

  15. This doesn’t sound so good. I’m a huge fan of being able to play as other characters like in the 2 Adventure games. I would also like SEGA to go back to a more Adventure style of gameplay. But this interview almost shoots down the next game is going to be SA 3. SEGA could always change their minds though.

  16. Well I am very happy to hear that this may not be the last episode of Sonic 4. So if it sells well (which I would be amazed if it didn’t) then bring on Ep3. Lets hope that they have not exhausted the use of little planet in Ep2, otherwise what would they do next?. Surely not Angel Island – that story has been done. Either way people will want Knuckles to return for Ep3 (as I do) because he was a great charcater with really cool moves in S3&K.

    If there is an Ep3 then hoepfully an even bigger budget. Mores zones, Levels designed to rival S3&K, A kick ass Sonic 2 style two playmode. Once can dream….

    I am happy to wait for Ep2 in the mean time.

  17. So the 2D/3D meshed levels will still be used? YES! I LOVE YOU SEGA! I was worried that they might ditch a formula that works beautifully for Modern Sonic games, albeit with a bit tweaking. Keeping strictly 2D sonic games in the loop too is great for anyone. As long as they keep the basic formulas, they can add as many variables as they want!

  18. I’d hate to break the status quo here Sega but I don’t want more 2D gameplay in future 3D Sonic games.
    I want a 3D Sonic game to actually play in 3D and not have the 2D sections take up most of the spotlight like it did in Colours and Generations (Modern Sonic’s stages). I’d also love the option to play as Sonic’s friends again. Not all of them at once, just 2 or 3 like Tails or Knuckles with different gameplay tweaks that would make exploring the levels already completed as Sonic more fun.
    I’m not saying I wouldn’t buy any new Sonic title, I wouldn’t call myself a Sonic fan if I didn’t. But I want to see the series evolve, not repeat the same template with 2D gameplay that I easily play on XBLA/PSN or a classic game.
    I hate to be the bad egg *shot*, but I love the Dreamcast Era style of gameplay. Sure it wasn’t perfect but it felt like a 3D game. Using 2D in a 3D game was cute in Unleashed but now it just smacks of being lazy.

    1. THIS. Never that unleashed was more fun than the 2 Adventure and heroes, they were thrilling. And Colors was too much 2D, it was boring!

  19. Does anybody else think Modern Knuckles would be awesome? He’s fast and he can climb stuff and get to places Sonic can’t! They should give every character something special about them, like Silver has telekenesis and can lift heavy objects with his mind. Hello! Gameplay idea! I will expect my royalty check in the mail…

    1. no…no. he already had telekenesis and what necessarily makes you think they will use him as a playable character?

  20. People complained so much about sonic’s friends that now we won’t be able to play as them for more time, unfortunately. You got what you asked for.

    1. And what they asked for sucks… sure, in Sonic 06 they got outta hand, but that’s pretty much it! Well… and Big in Sonic Adventure… but yeah, I miss being able to play as other characters.

  21. I’m happy with the game play, its just the new “modern Sonic” thing there talking that’s getting me worried. I’m not sure if they meant the gameplay and controls or if they meant changing Sonic’s look, as a lot of people have been interpreting this as. I love the way he looks now, he looks fabulous! I just don’t see where you could go with his design. I just hope that what I heard was wrong and that he wont be changing <:C

    1. To be honest I think they’ll be keeping this look for a while longer yet, it’s nice and consistent and all the other characters are lending themselves nicely to it as well.

    2. I haven’t heard anyone here say anything about Sonic’s look and design.

  22. I am disappointed to see that Sega still doesn’t seem to get the message that we want to play as other characters other than Sonic! I miss being able to play as Tails and Knuckles and somewhat Amy. ๐Ÿ™

  23. CheatCodeCentral still exists?!

    Did you know Mew is under the truck and if you talk to Bill 200 times he’ll give you Pikablu?

  24. I am happy with this news. I really enjoy Modern Sonic’s gameplay. As long as they design the levels the way they did in Generations with different paths that you can choose to go throughout the level it would be a great game. I also grew up with the classic Sonic games so I would also enjoy the 2D sections of gameplay.

    As for the other characters I will miss playing as them, but Sonic is my favourite character anyway and always will be. I like that the focus is on him. Sure I enjoy seeing the other characters and also really like mozt of them. However, they wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Sonic. I think the other characters should be used for plot elements at the moment and then slowly get a chance to become playable again.

  25. Sounds good so far, although I would prefer if Sega loosens their stranglehold on the friends a little, slowly make them a part of the future gameplays. =) Otherwise, the chance of an S4:EIV & S5? Keep me interested, Sega! =D

      1. Eh, maybe as an optional mission, or something like that, but not mandatory because I rather have Knuckles run in a stage than in a closed sandbox.

  26. Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails vs EggMan.

    All the other characters can go away. CONTINUE to allow those 3 characters to be playable, and all the other (unnecessary) characters can appear in the game story wise, and through boss battles.

    1. :/ That’s what the CCC said….try reading the article again. ๐Ÿ˜› When he said Classic 2D games, the CCC was talking about Sonic 4 and possibly a Sonic 5.

      1. oh! i was just scared, thought we can’t have a game like sonic heroes, sonic generations , sonic adventure style gameplay , i hope you know where im coming from

  27. Sega, I dont think you see the point of people complaining about why they dont like the “others being playable”. IMO, I think people just dont wanna see Eggman and Sonic go at EVERY SINGLE GAME, more or less, at least give us a more “character selection system” to where “hey you can play as sonic, tails or knuckles” and not make like you did SA1,advance 1-3, as though we were FORCED to play as them. Aside from that, We want a more interesting style of gameplay for each character, like for Tails, you could give him FLYING mission, y’know something he is good at. For Knuckles, instead of a repetitive treasure hunt, why not make it a beat em up or like puzzle style.
    now for my whine/complaint, I just dont wanna see a continuation of classic style gameplay, pretty much like what megaman was doing, alot of fans LIKED 3D platforming, but if your gonna have it to where most of the 2D sections take up the entire stage(generations and colors, especially Planet wisp in generations ) that just wont do.
    Idk Sega, Are you SURE your listening and paying attention to “THE FANS” or are you just monitoring ONE site and just completely listen to them(say example Sonic retro as to why most of them prefer classic style)

  28. Ken just said this on the Sega Forums:

    “Uhhh I feel I should jump in to clarify mis-information.

    NO Sonic 4 Episodes have been announced past II. Right now, we are looking very closley to the success of Episode II and making sure Episode II comes out awesome for fans.

    Of course if fans are interested in what they see, I urge them to support Episode II :)”

  29. From what I’ve seen, the main reason the side characters may not be back in full gameplay is simply because the people who hate the side characters with different gameplays are louder than the ones who like them. The fans are split up and it’s only a matter of which ones actually know what they want, how loud they keep going about their opinions or are they just complaining. Anyways, this update I actually -hearty agree with what SEGA plans, it seems they know what they’re doing.

  30. They’re sure treating Sonic 4 like a reboot. I wonder what kind of 3D stuff they’ll have in the future!

  31. The problem with Sonic being the only playable character is that his gameplay doesnt really change anymore, its like you’ll know exactly how to play, nothing new… THATs what the choice of other playable characters gives us. I’m glad the sonic line is continuing but continue it with variation, dont just stick to keeping it classic and only 1 playable character.

    Also I know it said that friends may not be playable in main stream, and with that then I opt for SONIC BATTLE 3D SPIN-OFF GAME! >=O

  32. I don’t think sega listen to the fans anymore -_- i grew up with a dreamcast and sa2 and that’s always been my fave sonic game. You know why people ask for an sa3? It’s not just for the chao which i must say i found really entertaining but for the gameplay there was more free roaming abilities plus the long stories plus there were 5 missions per level which added replay value. now i am sick of 2d gameplay to be honest it has gotten so old and boring only thing that kept me into sonic was the stories and now they’re saying no more travelling thru space fantasy etc means no more stories. As for sg and colours well for start the stories were way too short and apart from red rings there was no replay value I got SG platinum within 2 days after i got the game cmon >:( well if they take away the stories and carry on with the same 3d gameplay i will sell my sonic collection and be so over sonic i am sick of 2d >:(

    1. The only people they listen to now are the “retro fans”.
      I wish they’d listen to both sides.

    2. I agree. I love 2d and all, but there’s been too much of it lately… I fear that the future games are going to be the same thing over and over… Sonic wins Eggman loses. I want actual plot again and other characters to help in unfold it. When more characters than just Sonic were playable, it added a great sense of variety. I’m quite upset that the variety is being taken away… I was hoping for a Sonic Adventure 3 and I know many other have been hoping too… Being able to battle with friends in multiplayer, enjoying chao garden, seeing an epic story unfold, etc. It’s truly a shame that any type of hope for that has been lost ๐Ÿ™

  33. SEGA, if you’re going to reintroduce characters again, at least make some of them playable!

    For example, Shadow, he can do everything Sonic can, some just in a better way(he’s a GUN agent, so ya). Well, take a look at Mario and Luigi. Luigi can do everything Mario can, just in a better way. Nintendo perfectly adds Luigi as a secondary playable character, and look at how successful Nintendo is at pulling it off. So why cannot SEGA do the same thing for Shadow, or even Tails??

    That’s what I want to know.

  34. Just bring back SA style spindash and rolling and ill be happy. Oh and they need to lay off the 2d in hedgehog engine titles. It feels very half assed when the 3d sections are 20 seconds long

    1. Well when you think about it, what place would the spindash and rolling have? I rarely use it in either Adventure, dare i say 06, so its pretty superflous if you ask me.

      1. For those rare times when you’re stuck at the bottom of a pit and can’t be bothered to gather the momentum.

  35. Glad that they aren’t doing a complete “reboot” of the series. But as everyone has stated, I would like to play other characters that have the same playstyle as Sonic with abilities that can make the gameplay seem fresh. Other than that, I’m stoke about what’s coming up next.

  36. I think SEGA is doing great! ^_^ Except the fact that Sonic’s friends are not going to be playable in the future…I really want to play as Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, and etc. again!!!

  37. Just Sonic, the 2 tails freak, and the Rasta red dude, no Emo hedgehog, no faggot silver hedgehog, no more of that weird crap.

    1. Also no story to spice it up, no flavor or any theme songs either……just the same thing over and over again…

    1. Yes because attempting to rekindle the spark in an old rivalry and making use of the perfected formula while keeping the superflous slew of characters to a minimum is the worst possible thing for a company to do.

  38. Well, I’m glad they’re focusing on important things. I knew they would consider how well Sonic 2 Ep 2, before cancelling or not. And a break from fighting giant monsters – and instead giant mechs piloted by our illustrious Dr. Eggman – will be a nice change of pace (oh ho ho ho).

    That being said, I’m sad they’re going to push many characters into supporting roles for now. However, I’m glad they will be coming back eventually – I look forward to hearing Kirk improve with Shadow :3

  39. Come on, there has to be more than 2 parts to Sonic 4, to stop at 2 when they’ve worked out most of the issues/complaints just don’t make sense.
    Episode 3 I’d be happy.. but Episode 4? Yes please!

  40. This website has frustrated me enough, and I’d like to post an opinion of mine here, once and once only.

    Hopefully it’s heard and heard well.

    I’m seriously tired of retro fans ruining it for people who WANT to see the supporting cast interact with Sonic in the games, characters like Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Tails, etc. I’m 21 now, I’ve been a Sonic fan since I was VERY SMALL, I’ve watched the Saturday morning cartoon, Sonic Underground every day before school, owned a Dreamcast, my first game was Sonic 2 for crying out loud, and I STILL want to see the other characters make appearances often. I understand Sonic is the main character and main focus of the series, and I adore him as much as the next guy (he was my idol when I was a kid), but I’ve grown so fond of the rest of the supporting cast, it would honestly make me angry if none of them ever came back.

    If it was just Eggman and Sonic in the games all the time, it’d get extremely boring. Sonic is a hero that, in some cases, saves the world. If he’s saving the world, he’s gonna run into ALOT of characters, it’s only natural that there’s a big cast.

    I know there are alot of you here that play Sonic for the gameplay only, well guess what? There’s a big number that play it only for the characters and story, I’m one of those people. I love Sonic and the cast, I don’t care how badly it plays.

    It’s really annoying that Sega is ONLY listening to the retro fans and no one else at the moment.

    I want the fantasy worlds, the other characters AND Sonic, and I’m sure I’m not the only one either. I understand the retro fans that do want there to be more focus on just Sonic, and for Sonic to go back to 2D only, hell I loved Sonic 2, Sonic And Knuckles, all that fun stuff, I understand!

    But what I don’t understand, is why they all want to ruin it for everyone else. I wish Sega would listen to both sides of the spectrum here.

    Flame this comment all you want, I really don’t care, I just wanted to voice my frustration to the community as a whole, and I’m pretty sure this is a big community on this site.

  41. Am I the only person who wants to play as Silver again? Come on guys, surely Generations redeemed him for you?

    1. Silver is a good character but his purpose is finished, there’s no need for him in the games right now.

  42. All i want is no more boost,no more too much speedboosters is it that hard to just get rid of the boost and get back to spindashing D: i mean remeber SA1 sega? where there was no boost and we were still going fast REMEBER SPEED HIGHWAY where we ran down the building and we were going fast D:? I hated that in generations I NEEDED TO BOOST to go fast and i dont mind sonic’s friends that much its just the fangirls some of them are annoying and wont shut up how they want “sonic dead and shadow as the main character” but that’s besides the point i just want the adventure forumla back you know ? not boosting just good’ol running and trying to beat you’re own records <3

    1. Boosting is a staple in the Sonic series like f*cking omochao, so don’t get your hopes up.
      P.S Let me know where those fangirls live BTW. I know a certain pink hedgehog with a hammer locked and loaded.

  43. I reckon modern sonic levels should be like the ones in Sonic Generations of the daytime levels of Sonic unleashed for 360…Sonic colours was still great, but when you slow Sonic right down and make platforming the skill then you might as well call it Mario…Crisis city (in Generations, don’t worry, I’m not reffering to 06) was probably a good example of a way of making Sonic levels difficult without making it a platformer like Mario. Though I’m not judging colours because it couldn’t be as powerfull as the Generations physics as it was a Wii game and it was still great! ๐Ÿ˜€

  44. I think what they meant was they were making the 3D Sonic games play like the Genesis games did, but in 3D. So basically we’ll feel like we’re playing a classic Genesis game, but in a three-dimensional view. BUt yes, they will make 2D sections!

    1. She was actually pretty entertaining and underdeveloped in my book. I just find people with accents amusing eg. Wheatley, Marine, most of TF2’s cast, etc.

      1. yeah but Sonic’s the main, the other cast shouldn’t be playable in the end, they don’t really bring in much fun compared to sonic, who has fast paced platforming action which is what sonic’s been about.
        the only one character that could bring something different is Tails, give him hacking levels hacking robotniks factory’s, give him tornado dog fights etc. Tails opens a whole new way of play, but Sega don’t seem to realise it.

        Also most of the cast have no purpose , Knuckles should be guarding the master emerald, shadow is not needed anymore, Amy is just there stalking sonic, Silver’s saved his future so hes done, the chaotix can only come in if Sonic’s dealing with a detective story that the chaotix are following too, Rouge no purpose anymore, cream pretty pointless now doesn’t really add anything, Blaze is in her own world etc.

        Don’t get me wrong i like Knuckles, Amy, blaze but i feel they should only be included if they actually fit. Right now we only need Sonic and Tails battling Robotnik. Sonic need’s Tails since hes not all that smart.

        1. Think gameplay-wise. Would you like to play the same game over and over again? It’ll be just like Megaman; new bosses and stages, redesign final stage, give the final boss a different machine, villain gets away. No plot devices, no new characters, no gimmicks, just the same game over and over again.

  45. If they’re going to make more 2D games, I would like them to make them more like the classic generations levels where is feels a lot less like a straight lines then other 2D games tend to.

  46. i’d like for them to primarly focus on the plot and explain the characters more while also branching out and giving other characters the spot light from time to time! I am a sonic fan but focusing on dr. robotnik like they are doing now will get old and stail very fast i’d like it if they also talk more about knuckles clan and parents instead of talking about them in the archie comics which has nothing to do with the in-game sonic universe! also they could create a new character called “solar” which has power over space time matter and energy also they could create a Real villian that is the embodiment AND incarnation of darkness unlike mephlise a being that reprostins the primordial void or abyss! i’ll probably do something like this but in animated form and as a manga which i’m currently working on! peace out

  47. And I got mad at Sega for saying that the Sonic 4 saga was over? That’s why you shouldn’t say such nasty things, Sega.

  48. Now, enjoy your future Sonic! Its gonna be great! ๐Ÿ™‚
    But please Sega, more clever bosses and super duper great levels on next episode after episode 2… ok? ๐Ÿ˜›

  49. Less plot lines is great news, Sega’s realising what makes sonic great, Gameplay.

    Plot lines shouldn’t be important anyway Video games were always about gameplay when a story comes in and becomes the main focus it becomes boring, as long as you have great fun gameplay playing only as the titled hero battling robotnik and metal sonic you’ve got yourself gold.

  50. Wow, everybody is going crazy over this. Took me a while to get down here.
    To me, Sonic needs a gimmick. He has developed into the franchise that needs something special added to it to spice it up. I enjoyed Unleashed, Colours, Generations, because of the change in gameplay and story. The story’s the big hit. Mario gets away with the straightforward story, because of gimmicks introduced. If Sonic doesn’t have gimmicks, a straightforward story won’t work. You’re not Nintendo SEGA. Let’s face it, Nintendoes what SEGAn’t

    1. “Nintendoes what SEGAn’t” excellent word play. It’s “Sad But True” for the most part…

    2. But for some reason, I like Sonic more than Mario in that regard. So, SEGA does what Nintendon’t?

  51. The whole sonic universe should be about speed and platforming. (Isn’t the whole original point about Sonic the Hedgehog games to be fast?) The only real gimmicks in sonic games should be the places you go, how the level is design and you being able to master them to get an S rank. This is why alot of people enjoy Sonic Generations….and the fact that Classic Sonic was is in it of course. ๐Ÿ˜› This formula works!!! I think its awesome that they’ve learned from their past mistakes and I hope they will keep going with what they got and improve as they go.

  52. Well, I could be the only one having this opinion but…
    You see, I really liked the Idea of Sonic 06 offering three main characters/stories with
    each one having itยดs own playable support characters. Iยดd actually really appreciate them taking this formula
    and evolving it a bit by e.g. introducing a few more Support-Character-Only-Levels (lol) like they did with Rouge, Blaze and Tails in Sonic 06. I also think they did great with Sonic, Shadow and Silver being the Main Characters. Sonic could and SHOULD stay in his Generations-Gameplay while Shadow could offer the Sonic Adventure 2 stlye of Gaming. The only Prob would be Silver, which would actually need some new Ideas…
    Plus Team Chaotix mustnยดt be absent…

    Let a man dream, would ya!? =/

  53. When Sonic went 3D, it was an interesting yet mixed experience. On one hand it was rewarding, on another it was a test of patience with the controls, dialog, and the playable characters. Just simply playing a game with Sonic alone was the classic design. Although I dig the fact that the dev team working on Sonic IV episode II want to continue that trend. Its going to be tough in revitalizing the series with just Sonic alone. That aside, it could be a fun adventure, just something that every fan will have to adjust towards.

    I do admit, I am humbled that they want to go back to just Sonic alone. Its adapting with nextgen gamers is a different story.

  54. I’d love to see a 3D Sonic game with plots similar to the Rush series for a few reasons 1. Eggman was the villain for the whole game (with Eggman Nega and in Rush Adventure they were “cleverly” disguised as a robot pirate but still) 2. The storys were easy to understand while not being too simple and 3. They involved traveling to a variety of locations ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. This is very good news to Sonic fans around the world. I’m very glad that SEGA has come up with a new formula to set my favorite childhood hero back on track. The fans of Sonic the hedgehog in a nutshell will never be pleased, but true Sonic fans will stick with Sonic throughout any bad game or reputation. I for one love every Sonic game: 06, Labyrinth, 3D blast.
    But I’m very happy they are returning a simple storyline. Let’s just hope they add on the classic Sonic personality and bring back “The little blue dude with a tude”.

  56. A list of characters that should stay in the game and what they should be to sonic.

    Sonic-Main protagonist
    Robotnik-Main antagonist
    Tails-Best friend/mechanic
    Knuckles-Friend/rival *And stop making him so stupid! He’s supposed to be the guardian of a floating island so stop allowing him to leave the island so much. TAKE US BACK TO ANGEL ISLAND.
    Silver-Friend/rival/time traveler
    Amy-just make her less annoying… I really like the character and it’s a shame for so many people to dislike her.


  57. Um… it’s cool that the focus is on Sonic again and all, but why can’t we at least have the option to play as the others? Kind of like Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic Advance?
    You’d be surprised how much replayability that adds.

  58. So basicly we are just doing a sloooooooow rehash of the old games. We won’t be moving foward at all, we are stuck with Sega just rehashing the same few games over and over. Episode I was just a rehash of 1 and 2, Episode II is a rehash of CD, so what next? Is III gonna be a rehash of 3 & Knuckles? Why stop their, episode IV can be a rehash of all the old games all over again. and Sonic 5 can just rehash all of them all over again and again.

    Why should we not do anything but rehash of the same few ruddy games all over again? I am becoming sick of those few games because that’s all I’m gonna see from Sonic now arn’t I.

    Know why Adventure remains as my fave Sonic game of all time? Because not only did that game move foward but it was well made, the other characters had their own style with the stages cleaverly made to fit multiple characters and their gameplay styles. and there is one major element, Adventure had a really good story and the other characters had a purpose and story arcs. They didn’t just stand on the sidelines screeching “SONIC” every 5 seconds.
    That is such a rare thing to say from a Sonic game. The characters were actualy developed entities and not just fillers just to keep in that stupid 3 team system.

    I really hate Sonic 4 for this, it refuses to move foward and focuses more on milking the fame of the old games rather than evolve and just build from the previous games. You can do nods, but is it really so hard to ask for a Sonic with a good story, with all characters that appear actually have a purpose. Sonic is capable of telling good stories. We had/have SatAM and the Archie series as prove of this. They have really good stories and it’s characters developed. They never just stiped to rehash the old games. They moved onwards with it’s characters. and that is why SatAM is so well remembered (because it sure as hell didn’t rehash of the old games nostalgia value) and why Archie’s Sonic is still around (again because they didn’t spend the whole time rehashing the same game’s nostalgia value)

    It’s insulting and a waiste of time, the games have so much potential. But Sega would rather milk the dried up cow than do soemthing that actualy requires thought.

    Sonic 4 is lazy, one of the laziest “nostalgia” trips I’ve ever seen. Did Retro Studios feal the need to just rehash the original Metroid game when they were making Prime? Of course not, they are competent…but then again we did have Sakamoto who was hell bent to rehash Super Metroid when he was making Other: M and oh yeah THAT GAME BLOWS!!!!

  59. I liked SA2, it was my favorite. I hope they’ll make other characters playable later on. (I’m hoping Omega XD) I dont mind the reboot as long as they are not DELETING the characters, but I’d actually like to see more playable characters, or even better yet, play as the villains. (That’d be cool.)

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