Rumor: “Keep an eye out tomorrow.”

You know that feeling when everybody knows something you don’t?

So it all started off this morning. Fansite Sonic Paradise tweeted the following.

Roughly translated, that means “psst … a secret … aside from the podcast today, on Monday we will have a special podcast for a big announcement of Sonic that day ;).” Well… that’s not too much to go on, maybe they were pulling our leg? Maybe it was something not directly related to Sonic, who knows? Normally we wouldn’t report on that since it could be any manner or things.

And then this happened. Things got more interesting when Steve Lycett, better known as S0L from Sumo Digital then tweeted this…

What is quite significant about this tweet from Sumo, is that Sonic Paradise didn’t mention them in any way with their original message… so why would they comment unless something was going on? *insert dramatic music*

But wait! How do you know the two are linked? Well… if you haven’t been paying attention, Sumo Digital were responsible for the awesome Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing game, and back in January 2012 we were the first to bring news of a possible All-Stars Racing 2.  Not to mention, since then we’ve had, Jazwares toy fair promotions, Meccano toys, an online listing and even a leaked list of future XBL titles that included Sonic Adventure 2. So it might stand to reason that something is going to be announced very soon.

Of course I could be wrong. In which case, whoops! There is always the possibility that S0L is pulling our legs, or talking about something completely different. Is that a troll under the bridge? Or is it something exciting?

Stay tuned to TSS for more information as we get it. And remember. “I don’t like Mondays”


  1. I would love to hear about a new mainstream sonic game for this year 🙂 but hey SA2 is good too

  2. Paradise hinted again 45 minutes ago saying “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines”. ;P

  3. Oh boy! I do indeed hope this is real! Why? Because I fucking loved Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing even if it was a Mario Kart Wii clone, which, let’s face it, most racers are nowadays (basically speaking, get over the clonliness.) I want more news on it, news like… new characters and stages of course! (Oh, and I’ve been dying for some artwork of this game, especially a logo.) Only time will tell, but I love the first game and can’t wait for news on the sequel. Oh yeah, and woot woot for April ending! Only 15 or 16 days til Sonic 4’s continuation guys!

  4. Reading this article makes me somehow doubt the likelihood of an announcement of any game of any sort, particularly after seeing Steve Lycett’s response. If there is a game announced tomorrow, I’ll just consider it a pleasant surprise. If not, then it’ll be another day in paradise.

    1. Ew. No.

      Keep Jet the Constipated Inbred Chicken Trying Desperately to be a Hawk but Failing Miserably out of this.

      1. Jet the Constipated Inbred Chicken Trying Desperately to be a Hawk but Failing Miserably…
        100 internet points which may be redeemed for virtual cookies to you.


    Sonic will stop Dr. Eggman’s ultimate plans to capture Wisps again, this time Sonic brought his friends, Tails and Amy.
    So they will find seven Chaos Emeralds to free Wisps.

    Metal Sonic

    Other Characters:

    Wisp Factory Zone
    Hot Desert Zone
    Snow Valley Zone
    Eggmanland Zone
    Jungle Rush Zone
    Lava Mountain Zone
    Space Galaxy Zone
    Carnival Paradise Zone
    Emerald Cavern Zone
    Grass Hill Zone
    Egg Space Station Zone

    Metal Sonic

  6. ^ *sigh*
    just when i thought comments like that had stopped, haven’t seen one in a while now. Oh well lol
    OT: Would love SA2 on XBLA and would equally love an All Stars Racing 2, providing its on xbox haha

  7. How interesting…Certainly something to wonder about, but don’t hold your breath too long. In our case, turning blue is NOT a good thing!

  8. All Stars 2 – That’ll be fun for a few weeks
    SA2 – eh, couldn’t bare it the first time around
    new toys – Who isn’t releasing something Sonic related nowadays 😀

  9. Man i’m grateful for TSS and other Sonic news sites!!!
    This is exciting… I wonder what it is…

  10. if it is a giveaway for the sonic statue or a new game then LET ME THROUGH! I GOTTA GET FIRST DIBS ON TEH NEWS!

  11. Has anyone even thought of considering Sonic Adventure 3 besides me, because as I recall, Mr. Yuji Naka and all of Sega did say they’d be interested in making it if the fans wanted it so. Well I suggest all the true fans go out and beg for it. But either way I’m fine with any type of Sonic related announcement.


      I’m so sick of hearing about people saying “oh come on everyone let’s beg sonic team to make SA3” and even if they do make it, all sonic fanboys will complain about it, because “it’s not as good as SA2” or “It doesn’t deserve to be called SA3”. Exactly what happened with Sonic 4.

  12. while it’s clearly Sonic & Sega all stars racing 2, that games been leaked/hinted loads of times, in fact Sega once said way back they wanna do a sequel due to the first one’s success.

    Characters i would love to see included would be:

    Sonic franchise : Espio, Vector, Charmy bee, Blaze the cat and Classic Sonic in the sonic drift Kart

    I would say Mighty but hes less likely

    other characters:

    victor man
    ecco the dolphin
    toejam and earl

  13. Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing 2 – What I want from the game.

    Sonic Franchise: Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat (Maybe duo with Silver), Classic Sonic and Tails (in the Drift Kart, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Style) and 80’s Trouser’s Mode Mighty.

    Nights: Nights being promoted to a racer, maybe Reala could be the Flagman.

    Toejam and Earl. I know they weren’t in the previous game due to copyright, but recently Toejam and Earl’s sequel has been released on Steam. So maybe they worked something out?

    Ristar: Because. It’s Ristar!

    Jet Set Radioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo- *cough*

    Shinobi: Because.. Ninjas are awesome.


    Sonic Franchise: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II Special Stage. Nuff’ said.

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