Pix’N Love’s ‘History of Sonic the Hedgehog’ out… Now?

Late last year, publisher Pix’N Love surprised everyone when they announced a ‘history of Sonic the Hedgehog’ book would be printed for release near to the start of 2012. However due to various problems at the publisher this ended up being delayed, but now Pix’N Love have finally revealed the final product… and what a product it is too!


The book is a collection of 20 years of Sonic games and it’s history, by the looks of it, there’s even a small section on early Sega. Many games have already undergone a real coffee table/art book treatment, from the pages Pix’N Love have shown off, this certainly looks like it’s one of the better ones.

From what we can make out, there are pages dedicated to specific games as well as sections dedicated to the original concept art of Sonic including the Sonic the Hedgehog Band and even the ‘Madonna’ concept art makes it in.

Pix’N Love have said that the book is out now. However several people (including myself) have reported that their order hasn’t yet been dispatched despite ordering from Pix’N Love’s own website. So we’re not sure whats going on there since it’s quite obvious that the book is ready. They do post worldwide but check your own region before ordering if you fancy one.

Now for the bad news. The book is in French, which is bad if you can’t read French… but the bad news doesn’t end there. Pix’N Love’s English Facebook site has claimed repeatedly that there is an English translation on the way. However, recently they have since claimed that despite the translation of the book being complete, it may not get published. The reason being is that ‘the Nintendo Game & Watch book didn’t sell as many copies as they hoped, so the English translation of the Sonic book may not get released.’ We will let you decide in the comments if you think that decision makes sense.

They have however said that this decision might be reversed if they get enough support on their Facebook page. Which you can find here. So if you want an English version of this book, better get posting on their wall.

UPDATE: Pix’n Love has contacted TSS to clarify some points in this article. Click here to read the updated story – including a release date for the English version of the book!

Source: Pix’N Love’s French website

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  1. That’s a real bummer on the translation issue. If they didn’t make enough for them to feel there’s a sizable enough English market it makes sense, but I’d love to see it released.

    1. The thing is though… it doesn’t make any sense.

      The book in question that didn’t sell well is their Nintendo Game & Watch volume 2. So it’s a different company, which content is about the Game and watch product… A product which is not very popular at all, certainly not when you compare it to Sonic.

      Sonic would easilly outsell that several times over.

      1. Your right.Game & Watch is not that popular when you compare it to Mario, MegaMan ,or even Sonic,the cool blue guy with sweet moves.In fact,I think I heard that they gave them away with corn flakes a long time ago.I dont know one guy who can remember ALL of his breakfast prizes.So Sonic should give them money instead of Game & Watch.

  2. I don’t normally criticize Company’s, but do they really think comparing Game and Watch’s popularity to Sonic’s is a good business idea? *coughstupidcough*

    I’ll be a sad noodle if it doesn’t get translated.

  3. Looks like a beautiful book. Too bad the only French I know is “Je me rends”. (hidden bad joke alert)

    Hopefully they will translate so I can import. I just can’t resist art books…

    1. It’s completely translated, which is why I’m confused. Ignoring the ‘Game and Watch isn’t Sonic’ argument for a second (because so many people are somehow using ‘G&W is Nintendo and Sonic is SEGA’ as a reason the Sonic book will sell more), why produce a full English translation if you don’t intend to release it? There are multiple markets that can be accessed with an English version of the book, too.

  4. I’ve complained about this at the forums, but I’ll complain here too: I am very pissed off at how Pix N’ Love is handling the English version. They promise one months back, people hold off on pre-ordering the French version, then they give zero replies to fans, then the translator of all people breaks the news that the English version is held off. Then that same guy gets access to Pix N Love’s English facebook page and asks fans to start requesting the book. I’d rather not beg. They’re a competent company (I’d hope) who should see that there is a large audience happy to buy the book. But instead, they based sales of a NINTENDO book off of wether they release a SONIC book. Not to mention that the Nintendo book was very niche, it was Game & Watch. It’s just stupid. Release the English version.

    1. Except for the fact that I must now annoy the f*ck out of them to make them release that english version!!!

  5. I can understand there are many many game and watch collectors around the world.. but making a nice book based on them compared to one any video game series is a little baffling to begin with.
    Sure it’s an actual book (remember those?) but I’m certain it would sell fairly well if released properly

  6. Um, a Game & Watch book wouldn’t sell because no one gives a shit about Game & Watch except Club Nintendo. Sonic is a wildly different franchise, and considering that last year was the 20th anniversary, his popularity is booming. Now would be a PERFECT time to make an English translation.

  7. Dude, I didn’t even know what Game and Watch was until I read the comments O3o
    How could they compare!!
    Lol someone should get them to look at this page, then they’ll see that an English version is a good idea 😛
    However, if they do make a translation and it comes to the UK, please announce it so I can get my purse ready :3
    I mostly follow Sonic updates from this website.

      1. Tbh I still don’t know what it was. All I know is that it must be a different kind of game or something lol

  8. Wait…wait……they’re comparing the Game and Watch, an old handheld only die hard gamers really remember (and even less truely care enough about to buy a book) to Sonic who is still in the gaming eye and has a huge fan of followers, many of which would kill to own anything Sonic related. Ok, yes, these guys are nuts.

  9. They could just make the English version only obtainable by pre-order so that they don’t have any extra copies not selling. And maybe if they see how much more people will read this instead of Game and Watch then they might normally release it.

  10. However several people (including myself) have reported that their order hasn’t yet been dispatched despite ordering from Pix’N Love’s own website. So we’re not sure whats going on there since it’s quite obvious that the book is ready. They do post worldwide but check your own region before ordering if you fancy one.

    I saw on the french page that the orders are being packed up and will be sent by Wednesday morning, May 2nd (for those who preordered in late 2011, I don’t know if they got the regular edition printed or not)

  11. Hmmm….I think I have an idea to help get this book published in English, I will use all in my power to help make that happen. More on this soon…

  12. Could they not produce a “one off” order of English books via thier website with payment in advance. That way we all get a book (yay!) and they don’t over produce and lose money…everyone is happy then!

    1. Yeah, I’d gladly pre-order for a sort of “made to order” deal, where if they hit X amount of pre-orders, they put it into production. I’d rather speak with my wallet then hit all the social network sites.

  13. If they don’t release the english translation, I am going to rip my hair out, and name my backscratcher “ted”!!!

  14. Hey everyone , just wanted to tell you all that I just received an E-mail from Pix N Love , telling me that the shippments will begin tomorrow ! 🙂

  15. Perhaps they should do a usual poll…POLL US PIX ‘N’ LOVE see how many votes you get on english wants! Now fun part though…how many “I WANTS” do you have to have for them to publish it? That’s the bigger? I hate QUOTAS!

  16. I wonder if this is a ploy for them to just get more likes on fb and follows on twitter. Because they’re not making much sense.

  17. hearing that music makes me wanna dance and download them 2. ME WANT MUSIC LINK!!! and the book 😛

  18. Soooooooo let me get this straight some poor guy spent hours upon hours translating the book to english, gotten the go-ahead from SEGA & SONIC TEAM made numerous copies in english ready to sell then BOOM! nope not until we have enough numbers from fans. Listen It’s SONIC! you sell that book as an exclusive in GAME or TOYS R US, AMAZO, PLAY.COM etc and it’ll sell. Look at the GAMESMASTER 20th Anniversary book that had SONIC on itit by all accounts sold out! and that by comparision only has a quarter of pages to whats on offer in that big ass bible they made.

  19. Holy crap! The one time my nationality actually pays off! *is shot*

    In all seriousness though, I dun care if it’s in French, I’ll get it and learn and make my mother proud and once again prove how video games enhances my learning and exposure to other cultures.

  20. Hi guys!

    Just a few things I’d like to correct:

    – Yes the book is available in French. We started shipping orders on Monday so it’s only logical that no one has received it yet. For all worldwide orders, you should receive it next week .

    – The History of Nintendo vol. 2 is doing well. Granted the first month was a bit slow, but we’re very happy with how the book is doing.

    – Therefore, and that’s probably the big news here: we can confirm that the History of Sonic WILL be published. I’ve sent an email to the admins so there should be news about this pretty soon… 😉

    Thanks for your support, we hope you’ll love the book.

  21. Also, for those of you who don’t know what the Game & Watch are: if you’re hardcore gamers, then it’s a piece of video gaming history you just can’t ignore.

    And just to make things clear: we are aware of the huge following for Sonic and we do know that Game & Watch are a little more “niche”. But we wanted to focus on the G&W book first before launching something as huge as The History of Sonic.

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