Mash-Up Monday: Michael’s Mansion

Woah, hey! Halloween came early!

This week’s Mash-Up Monday provides you with yet another Michael Jackson/Sonic mash-up… through an interesting combination that hasn’t even been tried until now! MJ’s “Thriller” meets Mystic Mansion from Sonic Heroes in “Michael’s Mansion”!

Quite fitting, I’d have to say! Makes sense considering the tropes of both songs!


Mashed and sent in by TrueBluefuse!

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  1. “Michael’s Mansion has a great ring to it! 😀 Sega! You should totally do this! ^-^

    1. I think Mystic Thriller or Thriller Mansion would make better names than Michael’s Mansion.

  2. mmmm ahhh rule 34 for my ears. Thriller was an already fav…and in late 2009 I totally fell in love with that mystic mansion…so yes…A HUGE shout out for this remix buddy! I hope some day this song gets slightly remixed/redone in a future sonic game.

        1. another good keen eye you have….your definitely right…Something we’ll have to ask the creators if they ever based that off that LOLZ.

          1. Yes, and please keep me informed if anyone find out!

            Also, this is off topic (but slightly related to my first sentence) but how do I sign in to TSS? The wordpress login always says my login is wrong, but I can log into the forum. Are the logins for the site and the forum two different things?

          2. @VizardJeffhog Well, do you know how I can get notified when people reply to comments here? Right now I have to just keep coming back and checking.

            Also, how does one become staff? Just wondering 🙂

          3. @Chad: …I’m… not entirely sure, actually. I’ll talk this up with bmn next time he’s online.
            As for staff, TSS needed more writers and we already got the new manpower now, including myself; that was announced recently. ^^; At the moment, we’re not accepting anybody.

          4. @VizardJeffhog Ok, well if you figure this out I would be very interested! : )

            I’m sure there’s something I could help out with! Also, I am very good at programming and video game development (I own a small video game company!). So I could help out with analyzing why a bug in one of the sonic games exists and give detailed explanations or something. Just an idea!

    1. It definitely was inspired (and actually made by Koshiro himself). During Heroes production, a lot of old friends came together to work on the OST. However YK did it under a pseudonym so there’s an easter egg very few fans know about.

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