Mash-Up and Monday with Garterbelt

“Champion”, from the anime series Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, is thrown together with the four introductory Sonic levels from the Genesis era for this week’s Mash-Up Monday! I have to say, the mash-up does quite well in weaving Green Hill, Emerald Hill, Angel Island, and Palmtree Panic together. They all fit quite seamlessly!

Keep in mind that, although the song involved isn’t the case, the source material is very NSFW as it contains adult themes and the like. You were warned, readers!

Ladies and gents, “Green Panty Zone”!

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  1. Is this song available to buy? It sounds pretty radical and like to buy it for my iTouch if at all possible? :3

  2. Sonic and Panty & Stocking! Two of my favourite things mixed together! This is awesome. I have a feeling Brief and Tails would get along very well.

  3. This mash up works pretty well. I’m a Panty and Stocking fan and own the soundtrack to boot so more mix ups with Sonic music would be cool.

  4. i just finished watching psg yesterday and i was thinking if sonic was in now im like WTF

    1. Weird, since I always thought that Shadow would be an interesting character on psg. Have him take on the insanity and see what happens. LOL

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