If Sonic Were a Power Ranger…

This would be his Zord…

And after that martial arts action, he would sit back, kick off his shoes and put his feet up.

These two custom figures were recently brought to our attention and we were blown away with how good they were.

The Sonic Mech is made by a one KodyKoala who specializes in customized collectibles. The Sonic sock statue is made by a one Shoppaaaa. Shoppaaaa has also produced two other Sonic figures, one wearing his classic shoe design, the other wearing the SA2 Soap shoes.

For more info on these figures and the type of work that these two talented individuals do, check out their websites/DA page for more information.

KodyKoala.com. Or check out Kody’s flickr page for more Sonic Mech images.

Shoppaaaa’s Devinat page.

Thanks to SSMB member Verte for bringing these to our attention.


      1. Not only that, but YOU try telling that robot it’s legs are colored wrong and see how well that turns out.

  1. Well, there goes THAT idea I had :/ XD

    Glad to know I’m not the only guy who wants a Power Rangers/Sonic crossover

  2. That Shoopppaaa, or whatever, person has an odd amount of pictures with Sonic in socks….I like the one where Chip is wearing Sonics shoes..erm I really liked that Santa outfit figure!

  3. The Shoppaaaa figures aren’t three figures – they’re one! It has interchangeable feet. Shoppaaaa sort of has a Sonic foot fetish…

  4. Sonic: Haha, what’s the matter Eggman. You look shocked…this is alil something Tails cooked up…the Sonic Mecha mach 7. Are you ready?!

    1. eggman why mrk 7 sonic oh the other mrk blew up when they destroyed 1000000000000 badniks eggman badniks attack 1 comes and gets destroyed eggman oh crap

  5. That top Zord thing is just too frickin awesome…now if that zord was going against emperor porky…it would be just epic but there’s plenty of ginormous monsters out there for that zord to go against but just a thought lmao.

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