“I Dune’t Believe it!” New Episode 2 Screens

Following on from yesterdays new trailer and announcement of ‘Episode Metal,’ the Japanese Sonic 4 website has updated and with it, lots of new screenshot’s including images of ‘Episode Metal.’

The website also confirms the new level to be named ‘Oil Desert Zone’

You can check out all the screens after the jump.

Source: Sonic 4 Japanese Website


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  1. there will be one more episode with knuckes youll see and have lock on tech where knuckles will play in all 3 eps so will metal sonic in ep3

  2. Wow these screens look awesome and the new desert zone looks good, there should be less boosters and springs though but this is really looking sweet it’s too bad I won’t be able to play this o_o

  3. awsome level, lame name i would’ve preferred Desert Refinery zone or Sand Refinery Zone

    1. Yeah, I guess they can’t ALL be as creative as classics like Chemical Plant Zone, Ice Cap Zone, Hill Top Zone, Lava Reef Zone, Sky Chase Zone, Casino Night Zone, Oil Ocean Zone, Aquatic Ruin Zone, Mushroom Hill Zone, or Carnival Night Zone.

  4. Now all we need is playable Eggman. That guy can really run fast when he needs to. Remember when Sonic chased Eggman in Death Egg Zone (Sonic 2).

    Seriously, playing as Metal Sonic sounds so exciting and what a great looking level.

  5. You and Jason must be great minds, because you know what they say about great minds. Just sayin’.

  6. I gotta question about the Metal Sonic feature. So you’ll be able to play him in Ep 1 & 2 but will he be alone in Ep 2? Because unless they change the lvl layout (like with Knuckles in 3&K) wouldn’t that mean Co-op wouldn’t be a necessity for Ep 2?

  7. Dudes, check the japanese site with internet explorer. it shows a lot of hidden content. More screens of Oil Desert, the story section with a flash animation and the price of the game. In Xbox it costs 1200 mp

  8. Maybe Metal will pull an ’06 and fly through the Lost Labyrinth instead…

    What!? You were all thinking it!

  9. Totally doesn’t remind me of Oil Ocean Zone…surprised i haven’t seen someone comment about it.

  10. haha, I just knew it was gonna be called that. it looked exactly like a dried up Oil Ocean in the first place, now a desert… lol

  11. Looks nice! But boy, the names of these levels are very unoriginal… with the exception of the Sylvania Castle Zone

  12. Cool desert level, it’s like a primitive version of Chemical Plant zone, but with oil. Anyone else look at this level and think it’s a level inspired by Iraq? I mean look, there’s sand and oil from the grounds.

    1. Due to the placement of those explanation marks after the word “NO!!” You have actually requested more puns.



  14. Oil Ocean…Oil Desert….next thing you know, we’re gonna get Oil Prairie Zone 😛

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