GamesMaster Presents: Mario Vs Sonic Out Now

Last year, GamesMaster’s spin off magazine ‘GamesMaster Presents’ did a special Sonic 20th Anniversary issue, despite the high price, many who bought that magazine were amazed by the level of detail which went into it as well as well as the quality of the articles and even how the magazine had contributions from the Sonic community.

According to Bisylizzie at the Sonic Stadium Message Board, the newest issue of GamesMaster Presents is now a Mario Vs Sonic special. The magazine costs £7.99 and comes with two very large double sided posters as well as a selection of stickers.

Minichapman over at Sonic Retro managed to get a copy of the magazine and took a few photos of it. He also had this to say about the publication.

For those of you have bought the Gamesmaster presents issue on the Sonic 20th anniversary then you’re not exactly missing out on too much. It’s basically a cut down of that with some minor alterations.

That said, there is some nice additions to the magazine too with Mario on side and Sonic on the other.

A nice and interesting 4 page article on Sonic Xtreme, a section discussing the early development of Sonic 1. […] no article on Sonic 4: Episode 2 though.

If you fancy buying it, you can find it at most branches of WHSmith or if you want to order online check out this store for prices, whilst they do ship abroad, it’s very expensive, you might be best asking someone at SSMB’s market place to get you a copy.

Stay tuned for more info as we get it.


  1. I bought the 20th anniversary magazine, and that History of Sonic poster is currently hanging in my room! 😀

    1. I have the other side xD
      I was so lucky to get it, I’m Spanish and went to Ireland for a month, one of my last days there I found it and bought it without thinking it twice jaja

  2. Also bought the 20th Anniversary issue.. I was hyped over it, received it in the mail and never opened it *shrugs*
    Same with the CE Sonic Generations.. .. I should watch that DVD one day

    I hope they’re hinting at a proper crossover or something

  3. Sonic= Werehog, Elise kiss, I’m ok with that.
    Mario= Super Mario Land/2, too weird for me.
    Sonic wins!

    1. What the heck are you talkin’ about? I’m no big mario fan but i believe Super Mario Land is Mario’s game title and i really really enjoyed it you can’t even compare it to the stupid Beast-Era sonic. Yes i do prefer sonic in most ways but the love between sonic and that bitch that i don’t even recall the name of is rather weird as fuck.

  4. I say that ScrewAttack’s Sonic vs. Mario video is accurate (Sonic wins due to superior natural ability).

  5. Sonic is to Mario as Burger King is to McDonalds. One has always been in the shadow of the other, even though the one is better in every possible way.

  6. Being honest with myself as a Sonic fan,Mario is clearly the more succesful franchise and more commerical well received.On the other hand the Sonic world offers itself to more fun creativness,the cast of characters,the stories,the rich colors and fun designs of the characters.Sadly though Sonic hasn’t made the great tranistion into his modern games like Mario has.I hope Sega/Nintendo recgonizes that if they made a full platformer game with these two that it would bring in a lot of cash.

  7. A Mario vs. Sonic magazine? Oh, I’m sorry. I thought it was 2012. 😛

    But really… things like this are a bit pointless. You can prefer Sonic over Mario, sure, but it’s hard to argue that the Sonic franchise is better than the Mario franchise. The Mario franchise is far more successful in terms of sales and reception… that’s pretty much a fact. It’s almost like comparing Gamera to Godzilla (Sonic being Gamera, obviously).

    With that said, though, I prefer Sonic as a *character*. If they meant “Mario vs. Sonic”, as in, like, a fight or something, I think Sonic would be the obvious choice if you ask me!

  8. what interests me about this is the that theres gonna be an article on sonic xtreme… thats gonna be intresting. maybe theyll finally tell us what the game was gonna be like and what the REAL story to the game wouldve been… to bad i cant buy this

  9. lol This magazine came out way too late. Nowadays, only fanboys think that Sonic would be the “better” franchise. Even though I think it is, it simply isn´t in terms of reception and more importantly, sales.

    But back in the 90´s, Sonic surely WAS some serious competition for Mario and Nintendo, apparently having even overcome Mario´s popularity for a short time, but at least managed to hold the same level as the red fat-ass.

    I really hope SEGA manages to bring Sonic back to his old good days. I can hope…
    Oh and btw.: I can´t stand Mario, even though Mario Bros. 3 is one of the best games ever made =3

    Sonic > Mario. Fullstop.

  10. The 20th Anniversary issue was quite good though it did have a few mistakes here and there. For example, ss I recall, it said Coconuts was in Sonic 4 Ep. 1 even though he wasn’t. It was still a great magazine. One thing that I noticed is that the final page about cameo appearances seems to of been taken straight from the Sonic Cameos page that we put together on the Sonic News Network. Some of the pictures were the exact screenshots that I captured myself.

    I am quite excited for this Mario vs Sonic edition. It looks quite interesting.

  11. The link above to My Favourite says the magazine is gamemaster presents Mario, is that both sonic & mario or just the Mario one? Truthfully id like both as im a fan of Mario and sonic, loved all their games ^_^

      1. thanks man, wasnt sure if it was or not it mainly just showed the mario side picture and talked mainly bout marios

  12. Classic Sonic and Modern Mario on the cover? A bit sloppy buy whatever.

    Anyway, I don’t know what I prefer anymore.

    Mario releases tons of garbage sports spinoffs and puts restrictions on what will appear in mainstream games ( No Wario, Daisy, DK, Ect. ) But the RPGS and Platformers that are released are pure gold, even the ones mercilessly criticized for being a Rehash.

    Sonic is now doing the same thing with character restrictions, And until Colors, I had a hard time enjoying Any of the games released after Sonic Riders.

  13. I’ve tried all the book stores in my area and none of them carry this. Does anyone know of a site where I can order this specific issue and it will ship the U.S.?

  14. Always liked 2D Sonic games and 3d Mario games more.

    I’d take the originals, Advance series, and Rush games over 2D Mario games any day.

    I’d take Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1/2 over Sonic Heroes, 06, Unleashed(Werehog stages), and the Black Knight. Truthfully, I have only really liked (some of) Adventure 1/2, Unleashed (Daytime stages), Colors, and Generations when it comes to 3D Sonic.

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