Freak-Out Friday: Nega-Wisp is Credit to Team!

I spy with my little eye… the Egg Nega-Wisp from Sonic Colours…in Team Fortress 2!? This is delicious!

It truly is an amazing thing what some people can engineer in their computer machines in this day and age. Would you not say the same, gentlemen?


Ported by lilrobot959! Special thanks to Sweecrue for the find!

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  1. FIRST, ehhh no feeling, anyway back to the subject at hand this is great and wierd, although i have also seen Super Mario bros 1-1 in l4d and gmod, not sure about team fortress though, oh ps its 5:56 in the US on Friday, so shouldn’t we be unable to see this video, or was it posted early?

  2. …all I can say is DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNN!!! EPIC…that is just EPIC on so many new levels….but oh bother now I gotta get this one too…I can’t keep up with all these mods lmao.

  3. That was very, VERY cool. I don’t know how Team Fortress 2 modding works, but that is really awesome. Great job to the maker!

  4. Too bad it never worked on Sonic Paradox’s server, even with a clean install. The author also stopped assisting with troubleshooting.

    Quite frankly, it’s not worth it. It only worked on single player on Offline practice, and even that mode had a couple of issues.

  5. author here. know im late, but pretty sweet I got a mention.

    also, I couldnt figure out why it wasnt working on the paradox server-it works on my own server. I tried adding the same plugins etc, it worked. this is the first error report ive gotten.

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