Freak-Out Friday: Chariots of Sonic

In 1981, a film was released about two British athletes who ran in the Olympics – one for the glory of God, the other to overcome prejudice.

Now in 2012, a lone hedgehog also runs, in hope of saving his world from tyranny.

Through green hills and spring yards, against all odds, against everything, he must run… for running is all he knows, and running is all he shall ever know…

(Please note: this video ends with quite a literal Sonic boom)


Made by 3noneTwo!

Published by

Doctor MK

Tally-ho! Doctor MK is a writer and English Language enthusiast with a love of gaming, especially when it comes to Sonic! He's known for being fond of puns, so provide opportunities for wordplay at your peril. Founder of the Sonic Relief fundraising campaigns (2009-2011).


  1. ;_; so beautiful….i think i know the true meaning of life RUNNING while fighting waves of robot’s with animals inside and going to a fortress of a fat man and collect all 7 emeralds………..then turn golden

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