Doctor Eggman To Cameo In Disney Movie “Wreck-It Ralph”

There have been whispers for well over a month now, but in a report from Entertainment Weekly, it looks like our favourite villain, Doctor Eggman, is set to feature in Disney’s up-and-coming videogame homage “Wreck-It Ralph”, a story of a videogame antagonist looking to change his ways.

Eggman will be making a cameo appearance alongside other videogame villains such as Street Fighter’s M.Bison and Super Mario Brothers’ Bowser in at least one confirmed scene during the film set for release later this year.

Earlier this month Mike Pollock alluded to a major announcement; while these two announcements are likely to be connected, it is unconfirmed as to whether Pollock will be providing the voice for the Doctor in this feature film – it is also unknown as to whether or not the spiky blue protagonist will also feature in this movie in any capacity.

Although there is little media circulating at the moment, you can check out some footage of the mock 8-bit game cabinet and animation sequence created to advertise the movie.


Read the full details of Eggman’s involvement in the film at!

Stay tuned for more on this!

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  1. It’d be cool if this sort of became the Who Framed Roger Rabbit of video games. Get a bunch of iconic video game characters all to appear in the same movie and get them to represent games as a whole!

  2. Just waiting for Fox to say something about how horrible he thinks this movie is…

      1. I’m talking about the commentor here, not the anthropomorphic barrel rolling video game character.

        1. There’s a commenter who goes by Fox?

          Or do you mean me? I’ve been reading and not commenting for a while if so, and I don’t have a problem with this. C: lol

          1. Then it isn’t you.
            There’s somebody who goes by the name of Fox that posted nothing but a flurry of hate comments about this movie on the post that hinted at this.

  3. What an awesome idea for a movie! I’ll really be looking forward to this. If it was anyone other than Disney behind it, I’d be sceptical, but yeah, I think this will not only be very entertaining but culturally significant too!

  4. I thought it was Zangeif of Street Fighter instead of M. Bison. I mean, it WOULD make more sense if it were M. Bison…

    1. If anything, I’m hoping this means they changed it. It was Zangief back in those shots Sonic Retro posted, but it would be MUCH better with Bison.

    1. dude where have you been there is a screen shot of the movie and there is Eggman with Zangeif, Bowser and Dr. Wily. So YES Shadowbane2009 Eggman is in this movie, the only thing we don’t know is if Mike Pollock will be providing the voice of Eggman. Though it would be epic if he did.

  5. This…is old news. Sonic Retro covered this MONTHS ago, with screenshots even. It was Bowser, Wily, Robotnik, and for some reason Zangief, all sitting at a villain self-help meeting.

  6. *starts to build a time machine destined for March 2013*

    im gonna try and snag a copy of this in it’s highest forms

  7. Pretty sweet to see some villains from different video games in it. I hope they have some protagonist like Mario and Sonic at least make a cameo. 🙂

  8. I was looking up this movie and man this has such a cool concept.It reall fits the whole 80s/90s nostalgia vibe that everyone is into now.

    1. Aw, I hope “seems” isn’t confirmation of that though. Would be awesome to see some of their personality shine a bit in the film itself, even if it’s for a short period 🙂

  9. Why do I get the feeling that we’ll only see Robotnik for a few seconds……screw it! This is gonna be promising!

  10. Don’t forget that Mega Man’s own Dr. Wiley is making a cameo appearance in the movie as well. 😀

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