Crush 40 Live In Tokyo: Pictures, Setlist and Review!

A lucky handful of Japanese fans got to experience the full tenacious force of Crush 40 in Toyko over the weekend just gone, with two shows over two nights at the Shibuya GUILTY venue followed by a meet and greet session on Sunday night. Johnny Gioeli and Jun Senoue were joined by Takashi Kaneda and Toru Kawamura to create a full-bodied ensemble to present a history of Crush 40 tracks covering three decades.

Inside Games Japan were on the scene to cover the events, snapping a host of photos over the course of the night (so a big thank you to them!). The site reports a fantastic time had by the entire audience, which also comprised of Takeshi Iizuka (Head of Sonic Team) and Tomoya Ohtani (Sonic Team Sound Director, Composer) who were watching from the balcony.

Check out the monstrous 24-song setlist below (including Crush 40’s three new tracks), along with a heap of photos from the night.

01. Sonic Youth
02. Free
03. His World
04. Sonic Heroes
05. Open Your Heart
06. Un-gravitify
07. Seven Rings In Hand
08. Fight The Knight
09. Knight Of The Wind
10. Song Of Hope
11. Everything
12. I Am.. All Of Me
13. With Me
14. Never Turn Back
15. Fire Woman
16. Revvin’ Up
17. Watch Me Fly
18. Into The Wind
19. Rise Again
20. Sonic Boom
21. All Hail Shadow
22. Live & Learn
23. One Of Those Days
24. What I’m Made Of

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      1. Oh wait, didn’t they say they were playing some Hardline tracks at previous concert. Think it was just that off Double Eclipse?

  1. I remember seeing Jun post the list on twitter. I really hope they could come over to the UK sometime and play a big playlist like that. D;

  2. So, there is a song called “Everything” on that list that I do not think I have heard. Interesting…

    Say, I wonder if, and when they’ll release these news songs in the form of a CD track or something?

  3. How jealous am I right now?!?! I’ve seen them the once but it was beyond awesome! I so SOOOOOO hope they’re playing at SoS this year, I really wanna see em perform the new tracks especially!
    *Crosses fingers, legs, eyes, nose… *

  4. Were all the songs full length? If so, what a concert!!

    Everything is an amazing Hardline song, but then again anything off Double Eclipse is anyway. Taking Me Down would go down well as would Change Of Heart.

  5. My God. I would KILL to see these guys live. Shame I live in England, and no-where near London. 🙁

  6. Congrats to those lucky people who got a chance to hear them back in action!
    Wonder what they have in store for Sonic Boom 2012?!

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