C-C-C-Combo Maker! Sonic 4’s Collaborative Play Explained


It’s no secret that the tag-team abilities of Sonic and Tails are going to be a major part of Sonic 4: Episode 2’s gameplay, and at last we have some official details on them. SEGA’s Mike Kebby took to the PlayStation Blog to tell us about what we can expect from the real super power of teamwork in the second episode of the Sonic 4 saga.

All three of the collaborative moves, which will be available to perform in both the single player and co-op modes, have now been given names – the Copter Combo, the Submarine Combo, and the Rolling Combo. That’s a lot of c-c-c-combos!

It is said that fans of the classic games will recognise the Copter Combo from Sonic 3 & Knuckles, in which Tails lifts Sonic up into the air using his flying ability to reach higher places or cross large gaps. If you’ve been following the Sonic 4 coverage, you’re also likely to have laid eyes on the Rolling Combo, a super-duper spin dash which can be used to plough through enemies at high speed and traverse parts of the environments that Sonic wouldn’t be able to get through alone. When these two friends combine their might, nothing can stand in their way!

Last but not least, we have the Submarine Combo, which is touted as being the move that will finally overcome Sonic’s inability to swim. At the push of a button, Tails will show his blue comrade how it’s done by dragging him through the water. You’ll still need to find air bubbles if you want to avoid hearing the drowning music from hell, but the extra speed this move grants you makes it easier and faster to get through underwater sections than ever before.

And if that’s not enough, Kebby teases there’ll be even more collaborative play in the game, to be revealed at a later date.

What do you think about Sonic and Tails’ new moves? Which one are you looking forward to trying out most when the game releases in May? Let us know in the comments!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  1. I’m certain that the Tornado is gonna be involved in a combo of some sort, though I’m not sure as to what other combos could entail…

    …something unique with Super Sonic maybe?

    1. Nice thinking 😛 I’m hoping that at least one of your two educated guesses will be correct lol.

    2. A Super Friends combo? My god. It would be awesome if, by some stroke of luck, Super Tails returned and there was some way to factor that into Episode 2.

  2. All sound brilliant!The awesome one is the rolling combo.I wanna try that one out,since I won’t get my favorite ‘Sonic Boost’ In the game.

  3. I wonder how the camera is going to work if you and a friend are playing side-by-side over online co-op. Cameras from games like Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One and even Marvel Ultimate Alliance always gave my brother and I camera control issues…

    On and first post? Nice…

    1. Yeah, but that would make the game too easy, and would somewhat kill the fun of the game. Besides, Sonic didn’t have the multi jump in Generations, sooo…..well i guess Colors had the multi jump because of the different water section designs, and also because of the yellow drill.

      1. Besides man, this is Sonic 4 we’re talking about! Sonic 1-3 did not have the multi jump, so why should Sonic 4?

        ….and if Sonic did have the multi jump in EP2, I can imagine the Sonic fanbase going insane, because “Classic Sonic” would have a “Modern Sonic” move. Ahh, the joys of hearing the unreasonable fans complain… 😛

        1. Sonic 1 & 2 didn’t have Sonics double tap shield jump, soooo ….

          Who’s talking about multi-jumping anyway? I’m just glad Sonic’s found a way to finally deal with water! (but I guess 4 came before Colours.. Which makes the green eyes even more.. inconclusive?)

    2. That technique was cheap cheating.
      Real Hedgehogs plunge in water.
      Only true real Hedgehogs.

  4. What ever happened to my insta-shield?

    But more importantly, WHY ARE HIS EYES GREEN!?
    Sega is dead to me. The first mistake they made was adding the dumb fox and then giving him blue eyes.

    1. You just made no sense. New characters, new settings, new ways to play. They all keep a series fresh and fun. If no new characters were ever introduced (or settings or no new moves and such) the Sonic series would already be only a distant memory. Literally.

    2. @Crippenstation – Now now, I’m sure that Jonah’s just joking. Either that, or he’s serious.

      ……Jonah, prepare to be served by 100 Sonic fans.

      Seriously though, who the heck still complains about green-eyed Sonic? I thought the Sonic fanbase got over that years ago….

      1. I’m just poking fun at certain “fans”. The only thing I was serious about was the insta-shield, and even that was a half joke.

    3. So ur saying you want games where there is only sonic? No others? Hah, now who is gonna start thinking of their fav character… Think before u say…

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