Time to Face This Week’s Sonic 4-2 Concept Art

"Got some gum-gum, dumb-dumb?"

This mystical statue has a familiar face to it. Yup, taken pretty much directly from the Marble Garden zone, it’s the “Strange Relief”. Why that name? Well, besides it’s red jewel flashing as you get near which triggers arrows to shoot at you from it’s mouth, it also doubles as a toilet. Just don’t ask me how.

A little birdie told me about the next piece of art. Read on on to see it.

"Why won't any of the birds in the Tiki Room flirt back?"

He bops around his zone all day long.

Attacking Sonic while a-singin’ his song.

All the little flicky’s livin’ on his street.

Know that this badnik ain’t filled with bird meat.

Zoomin’ Zoomer. (Tweet! Tweet! Tweet) A-zoomin’ Zoomer. (Tweet. Tweedle-dee-deet!)

Go zoomin’ Zoomer and attack ol’ Sonic tonight!

Next week will see no new concept art, but Sega is planning something else instead. So be back here in two weeks for more bad jokes.

Source [Sega]


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  1. next thing you know, SEGA may start TWEETing these images on twitter, i dont think we can face off against 2 weeks without bad jokes and concept art

  2. Most of the concept art I’ve seen thus far seems to be minor re-designs of stuff we’ve already seen in Sonic 1-3&K. This face is like the one that shot arrows in Marble Garden.

  3. Lets face it this piece of art is a real humdinger of a tweet. There’s this humming noice in my head that makes we want to fly to a little planet.

    Jason what has been your favourite piece of concept art so far for Ep2?

    1. Probably Snowy the polar Bear. Although I loved the Tree and Ice blocks for their pun material.

  4. Hmmmmmm, I hope next we get another gameplay trailer with a release date… and maybe some more real gameplay. Yeah, I know the last trailer was fitting into the awesome Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing beat, but seriously… maybe we might also get a reveal on the 4th zone with more screenshots of it.

    1. That depends on whether you can face these puns. If not they’ll send you into a flap, and make you facepalm and want to fly away.

      …yeah, I’m done. No wait, one more…that Badnik is looking fly.

      K, now I’m done.

  5. Yes, that first one does look a bit like Sonic 2, but y’know what they say… birds of a feather…

  6. I’d just like to say I love the “Rockin’ Robin” Song referance… I loved that song 14 years ago… (I’m young but I loved it anyways)

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