This weeks Sonic 4: Episode 2 Concept Art is…Something, Something Bad Pun.

I would like to apologize (or make some of you happy) on the lack of bad puns in this weeks post. I mean, last week gave us ice cubes and a snowman. I coulda gone on for days just on that! But this weeks art is hard to write around as far as puns go. Here we have…A Ring Shooter. Yup. That’s what it is alright. Ummm… I guess Sonic won’t have to worry about ring around the tube? It’s totally tubular? “SIGH!” Sorry. That’s the best I got. Read on for…a floating platform.


Yup, this is a floating platform. Told ya. Hey, how is it floating anyway? There’s no jets making it hover and I can’t see anything that would accommodate and anti-gravity field. At least with floating lands you can just say there’s some mystical properties or something. This is a big, hunk of metal just floating there. Floating, mechanical platforms are bullcrap!!

…And very hard to write puns for!


Source: [Sega]

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  1. One might say your “something something bad pun” has a nice RING to it? 😛

  2. When Sonic touches the shooter he better not use his RING finger, or he could end up FLOATING in space and hit by a SHOOTING star.

  3. hello? mario & sonic at the london 2012 olympic games demo in europe now? just wanted to let ya know

  4. I don’t understand the point of ‘This Machine’, why would they even ‘pipe’ up about it?

    It looks like something from Portal.

  5. I’m curious about the colour scheme they seem to like using Cubots colours alot recently. maybe they’re like his ancestors or something…

  6. You know the Sonic 4 Episode II website just went live a few days ago. The US-Europe one. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a post on this.

  7. Even red sketch Sonic looks disappointed with how underwhelming this concept art is. Well drawn, but… did we need to see this? It’s something, though.

  8. A floating platform so this might be part of the Sky Fortress Zone? The ring shooter I imagine will propel Sonic a distance. So if this is all part of Sky Fortress Zone I get the impression of maybe a mixture between Sky Chase, Wing Fortress and Sky Sanctuary. Just a thought…

    1. It took a bad pun to make me realize that Sonic the Sketchog 2.0 has no nose

      Thank you puns, you taught me something.

  9. Has anyone thought about what this ring shooter could be?
    What about those ring transport things in the death egg zone from sonic and knuckles. Maybe they’re making a return.

  10. “Hey, how is it floating anyway? There’s no jets making it hover and I can’t see anything that would accommodate and anti-gravity field.”

    Magnets. Duh.

  11. 1st very random art last week
    second; your S.O.P.A banner is back, is S.O.P.A back?

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