Sonic Talk’s Interview With Ken Balough Now Up

Hi guys. Like what you read in the little tease yesterday? Well the main course is now up! Here we have a roughly 40 minute interview with Ken Balough where we ask him every question we can possibly think of in regards to Sonic 4 Episode 2. Want details on what’s been changed with the physics? How Sonic CD fits into the series? Why the trailer was so springeriffic? Why Tails isn’t playable? Then click the link below. Just keep in mind, we also did a regular podcast in addition to the interview. The podcast is in the middle.

Sonic Talk #4 Episode 2 No Cursing Edition


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Nuckles87 has been an editor at Sonic Stadium since 2007, and has been covering events like E3, PAX, and SDCC since 2010. An avid retro gamer, he runs a monthly stream on Twitch where he explores obscure Sonic oddities, and how aspects of the franchise have evolved over the decades.


  1. Sometimes I think those physics and the homming attack were included there to make things easier to the casual/noob players… Maybe sega asked for it, like a lot of publishers did in this vg generation.

  2. Welp might as well get my rant over with before people come on and start complaining on how that certain little two tailed Fox Boy wasnt able to be playable in solo like I did at Tssz, hence the reason WHY they couldn’t but him in like that. HERE WE GO….*takes in a heavy breath*
    aaaaaaand, Here we showcase the prime example of the sonic fanbase(mostly the genesis era), as usual, bitching, moaning, and complaining about the most pointless and idiotic things that they got from this interview saying “why cant tails be playable”, even though they have been given a reasonable explanation on why you cant do this, or you cant do that.
    To be honest, Tails IS like easy mode on a sonic game(classic wise), and if you REALLY need him to just beat the game(solo mode) that does question my thoughts on how you play a sonic game. I thought when people thought of sonic games, they usually think, you guessed it, SONIC, you’d be wanting to play as SONIC, Id be happy to play as Sonic alone, no problem….not tails…when you here tails, you DO hear the words, sidekick, player2, right hand man. Like Mario, when you think luigi, he is the brother, not as so often the main guy . I dont get people with this. Now if you just want to play as tails “as though he had the same abilities as sonic” then what exactly would be the complete point of this its just skin texture, too me…thats such a waste of valuable time….nothing changes, just like in S3&K and/or S2, played like sonic, but had an option to “fly” or “glide”. POINTLESS
    The fact you guys point out the fact that Sega FAILS is that they dont want make tails available in solo mode, then classify the EP 2 as a bad game, is just complete whine. I soooo glad you guys have nothing else to point out to this. they have an excuse to why they cant do so, you got your answer…stfu. Be GLAD, that they are going back into trying to do the genesis engine right….Sonic 4 is something different, NOT the case to where its like “S4E1=S1,S4E=2″ even though you see them going that way. NO.
    Y’know…..If your certain Sonic fans that just sits around WAITING to see what you don’t like, and then try classify them as doing worse as possible….go fuck yourself man….seriously, I could imagine people from sega telling you this.that’ll be one less idiot gone.
    I just WANT to PLAY this damn game, rather than having people bitch about tails not being able to play by himself. I dont want the game to be delayed by this stupid ass complaint to this. If you say Tails is not playable, Why don’t you just get a friend(if you have one) to play with you, and YOU can be tails. Problem solved.
    I really hate being associated with other sonic fans “those certain ones” because then you never hear the end of being made fun off by other fanbases(even though you can do the same, but we are worse). If your goin to complain and get mad…..about not being able to play as tails….why are you a sonic fan then….THIS…THIS is why this was a bad idea to move back alittle into the genesis era….cause then you’ll have this problem Sega.
    Honestly, why dont you guys do what you did in Generations and PUT a skin texture over Sonic, problem solved??? OR…OR….you can learn, and MAKE your OWN sonic game and see how hard/easy it is to do so…….

    1. Im just glad he’s in it for co-op, gives me a chance to play with my little bro in a new sonic game, but agreed fans complain about well everything these days. Im fine with sonic being the only playable in fact the games were going down hill because of his friends were taking the limelight, ever since sonic is now back as the only playable the games have been picking up and becoming great again. the franchise is called Sonic the Hedgehog and sonic should remain as the only main playable character with the other cast only being playable if they fit in that certain game and if it works with them in it.

    2. I’m fine with Tails not being playable. But, it still confuses me at the fact of, one of the achievements is to play as Tails 50 times…unless they mean either by doing that special tag action, or two-player wise, not sure.

    3. Aww, Tails isn’t playable 🙁 Oh well haha.

      ^ That is my response to this talk show. Is it a complaint? No, i’m just sad that I cannot play as Tails, but its cool because you can play as him in co-op. 🙂 I agree w/most of what you said, but layyy back a little. Sure, most Sonic fans WILL complain about this, but there are others that DON’T, like me. Just because a lot of Sonic fans complain, doesn’t mean that every Sonic fan complains.

      Here’s a tip for the future: If you don’t like what you see, then ignore it or move on. <— I'm talking to you about the commentary. If you see some usual fan that says something that could make you think differently about a Sonic game, then ignore it. Better yet, maybe you should also just NOT read any comments, being cautious whether someone may influence your mind about the game before the final product is out.

      Like I said, I agree w/most of what you said, but you made it look like as if every Sonic fan complains. :/

      Rants also do nothing. Just because a troll reads your comment, doesn't mean that they will stop. Yes, maybe we can still save younger kids from becoming trolls, but there will always be "those" people that just don't stop, and you cannot do anything about it. Just take out your anger on something else, like your pillow 🙂 Trying to deal w/Sonic trolls is virtually impossible, and the number of Sonic trolls will only increase through time. Well, I think I've made my point here 😛 See ya.

      1. Ok, maybe i went off the road, ALITTLE. But I understand what you were saying, I just get tired of the same old crap Sega has to put up with, and to be honest, in my eyes, thats hurting the company. they dont really get expend on their ideas because they keep trying to impress or give the fans what they want. so with most of the sonic fanbase( not that I was talking about YOU or anyone else really complain about idiotic things,but im talking about more of the retro fans that want sega to go back to what they did with sonic, tried to make that as clear as possible), they just complain and nag and its just UGH!!!
        y’know Sega…you can just say…NO.
        *sigh*……I know I cant do anything about stopping people from complaining….but god it will feel good to just do so….
        anyway mate, Cheers to ya. 🙂

    4. “You people are asking for a feature I’m not interested in!? WAAAAHHH, you’re a bunch of whiners who aren’t real Sonic fans!!!”

      Oh, get off your high horse.

      About Knuckles being a pointless Sonic clone with glide – BULLSHIT. He a slower character who couldn’t jump as high and had different abilities, like gliding, climbing walls and breaking rocks, and his gameplay and paths were pretty different from Sonic, and if you took that stick out of your ass you would realize this fact.

    5. I was with you until you claimed that Tails and Knuckles were pointless in S3&K. At that point, you became a pathetic troll who doesn’t deserve to be taken serious.

  3. lol I think I love this show, now i gotta check out the older episodes. But very informative interview I think I have a bit more faith in the game now (but still holding final thoughts till I actually play it)

  4. I listened to it last night, I was hoping a little more would be answered like whether Super Tails would appear or if we could get some more real gameplay like the Aaron Webber interview, but eh, but it was quite the nice interview. Oh yeah, and P.S…. Tails Adventure is awesome, come at me fanbase. :3

  5. Still hearing the interview, having a tough time understanding a few things though. I’d love to have a script. 😛

    Despite that, it’s really good so far.

  6. Well, at least co-op is avaliable. I will miss having someone playing as Tails in single player like for Sonic 2. I just wanna do the special stages with a couple of friends! Seem fun enough and brings back memories of my childhood. :3

  7. Having listened to the interview with Ken Balough I have got say that I am a lot more happy.

    Why? well first of all Ken balough as cleared a few things up. The budget is limiting what they can do, so they are sticking with the linear level design mainly for the benefit of Sonic gameplay. So yes its not good news for mega drive/genesis fans but at least we now know. The music from Ep1 will be the same quality in Ep2, Fair enough.

    A digital download for £40.00 won’t sell as well as £15.00 game so smaller budget, smaller game. Ken talking about the processes of the Trailers and the marketing was actually really interesting.
    Oh and they to mention the puns!!!!!!!

    Perhaps its time for a Miles ‘Tails’ Prower/ Knuckles Echidna spin off – digital download?

  8. Ugh, they’re keeping the music the way it was in Ep. 1. I LOVE Jun Senoue, but that was a pretty weak soundtrack

  9. Y’know, you CAN still play as Tails..Unless you’re not online or have no friends. XP

  10. Still haven’t watched the interview but, I wonder if Amy will be in it. I mean her first appearance was in CD and the story in Ep.2 is connected to CD so….

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