RUMOUR: Chemical Plant Zone to Feature in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing 2?

Keen-eyed SSMB member Hogfather has spotted new listings at Amazon France for the upcoming Meccano Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing construction sets. The listings include the previously mentioned Green Hill and Casino Night sets, (though Casino Night is listed as Casino Street from Sonic 4: Episode 1 here), but most interesting is the listing for a Chemical Plant Zone set. If the toys are being tied-in with a Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing sequel, then it appears the Sonic franchise will be represented with a focus on the classic games this time around.

Links to the listing and screen-caps of them (in case they’re pulled) can be found after the jump.

Meccano – 775610 – Set Construction – Railing & Sonic Green Hill

Meccano – 775600 – Set Construction – Sonic Speed ​​Star

Meccano – 776600 – Set Construction – Sonic & Casino Street Circuit

Meccano – 778600 – Set Construction – Sonic & Knuckles Circuit Chemical Plant

Source: Amazon France

Thanks to SSMB member Hogfather for the heads up!

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  1. I would love this

    im wondering how the water and tunnels will turn out

    that was the same thing with generations i just couldent imagine modern sonic in it and then i saw it and was like OH MY GOD HOLY F THATS AMAZING

  2. Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Casino Night, Sky Sanctuary, Mushroom Hill, Emerald Coast, Speed Highway, Casino Park, Seaside Hill, Ocean Palace, Water Palace, Final Fortress, Bingo Highway, City Escape, Grand Metropolis, Rooftop Run, Planet Wisp, Crisis City, Windy Valley, Space Gadget, Radical Highway, and Tropical Resort have all been re-used within the last 2 years whether it be Generations, M&S, or S&SASR.

    How about some zones that haven’t been revisisted recently Sega? Ice Cap, Green Forest, Metal Harbor, Dragon Road, Twinklepark, Palmtree Panic, Sky Deck, Flying Battery, Music Plant, Sweet Mountain, Kingdom Valley, Egg Fleet, Lava Reef, Eggmanland?

      1. I’m a little worried too :U but let’s not panic there’s still time hopefully more levels that haven’t been used will be revealed soon doubt it though

        1. yeah, especially because those 3 Sonic stages might be the only ones used. In Racing 1, there were only 3 Sonic themed stages. So, GHZ, CPZ, and CNZ might be the only Sonic stages that will be used. :/

  3. Is probably see all or a lot of the generations stages in this game, you know, SEGA have already the HI-RES maps and textures, why dont use them.

  4. Huh, as I predicted, it looks like they’re taking the Generations courses and putting them here. I have a feeling that next we’ll see Mushroom Hill Zone and Sky Sanctuary Zone.

      1. True, true, I did hate that about the first Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. Actually, though, if Casino Street Zone is being put in instead of Casino Night Zone, that would mean we get one level per classic Sonic game, so…. maybe instead of Mushroom Hill, we’ll possibly get a Stardust Speedway? And then Sky Sanctuary?

  5. As much as I love Chemical Plant, I hope we get stages that haven’t been used recently instead. Lava Reef, Lost World, Aquatic Ruin, Pyramid Cave, and Hydrocity would be awesome choices in my opinion. Having CP in HD isn’t really a novelty if we just got that in a different game a few months ago.

  6. Im seriously hoping for some variety here! So far, (as the rumor goes) we have 100% variety, but these stages have been done already in Generations and/or Mario and Sonic :(. I want Metropolis(Heroes), Egg Fleet, Green Forest, IDK something, just not stages we’ve played a lot recently. :/

    1. Agreed but this is a rumor hopefully more tracks will be revealed once we have more deatils about ASR 2 from other games and levels which haven’t been reused as much a big variety would lvoe if Hang Castle was feature din the game 🙂

  7. I’m glad that at the very least not all the stages are from one game like last time. I never understood why there were three levels based off of Casino Park/Bingo Highway…

    I’m wondering if they’ll add any new characters from the Sonic side. Personally, I’m hoping for Rouge in her car from SA2, and Silver. I’m sure Silver could have a neat All-Star move.

      1. STUPID TABLET!!!!! I did not wanna post that. What I actually wanted to say was lol to the Rouge car. If it already looked phallic in SD, imagine what HD would do to it…

    1. You and me both brother. My fingers are tied for NiGHTS, Blaze, and while SEGA continues to ride the Miku band wagon, try to squeeze her in.

      Hopefully they don’t do what Mario Kart 7 did and replace good characters with crappy ones …I’m looking at you Queen Bee and Wiggler.

      1. They seriously did that with Mario Kart 7? I swear Nintendo gets dumber every year… Anyway, I’m also kinda hoping for characters like Silver and Blaze. Maybe a PlayStation exclusive character this time around as well. I heard that Ratchet and Clank were planned for the original S&SASR’s development, but were scrapped.

        1. PS3 exclusive Ratchet and clank, yeah i heard that too or if Jak and Daxter that would be cool

    1. yeah about that… I just hope they use Tokyo as Kazuma Kiryu’s track from the Yakuza series.

  8. I hope Vyse (from Skies of Arcadia) is in it i will be so happy and have a track like in Valua or around Sailors Island

  9. Wouldn’t be the first time Sonic has raced in a vehicle in Chemical Plant zone…

  10. This damn rehash again! WTF SEGA?!
    We’ve JUST had CP in Generations! Why not try something new instead?!

  11. MORE Casino levels? I mean, I like Casino levels as much as the next girl, but the last SaSASR had a ton of ’em!

    Hoping this about Chemical Plant is true, though.

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