New Sonic Merchandise: Head Danglers

These Sonic head danglers are kinda neat for $1 American each, but there’s something off about them. Something bulbous. Something I can’t quite put my finger up-ON! I mean on. Hmmmm I guess I’ll really have to put my nose to the grindstone to figure this out. Man, even Metal has a huge schnoz.

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  1. I have a few of these… they really are strange, you can’t appreciate how strange they are until you see one in the flesh.

  2. Just the nose kills it but, other than that its cool:) I think ill still buy it lol

  3. I grabbed a couple of these little guys a week or two ago. I got Silver and Super Sonic. They look a LOT better in the flesh, especially Silver’s quills… though yeah, the noses are huge. But man, they are TINY. I’m baffled as to just what I’m supposed to do with them, besides practice the Heimlich maneuver.

    1. They’re just for decoration really. You’re supposed to hang them from your phone. I’ve got mine on my bags zipper.

  4. New? These things have been out ages in England! I have two Robotniks (this is what you get from a Gatcha machine :P) and a Silver.

  5. heres a bit of news. mario & sonic at the london 2012 olympic games demo is in europe now

  6. Tails looks a bit like Gromit. Knuckles doesn’t look too bad as I think his nose is naturally a little wider, what with his more pointed face.

  7. Castle Mall in Norwich has a gatcha machine with these in and one with the SegaRiders mini vehicles/character. You can find it near the exit, 3rd floor on the food court level. £1 each I believe.

  8. someone tried selling me one of these last week! One for 2 dollars along with other danglers…I wanted to buy but i didn’t know if they were official or not and i had no cash on me 🙁

  9. These look cool, but for $1? That’s pretty expensive for a capsule toy. Not to mention there’s no guarantee you’ll get the one you want.

    I haven’t seen any of these around? Where in the US can they be found?

  10. I got some at Crystal Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. I got a Silver and a Super Sonic. I could see the machine from 50 feet away!!! I’m a HUGE Sonic fan, so I have this “feeling” in my stomach when something “Sonic-ish” is nearby. I saw the machine even closer, and I screamed. After that, I started asking random people if they had change for a dollar. I finally got 4 quarters, and I was squealing in delight when I got them out and hung them on my purse! 😀

  11. I got the knukls one. He doesn’t seem to suffer too badly from this bulbous nose infection and the model is pretty good.

    Hung him from my bags zipper

  12. I’ve got Shadow, Silver and Super. They all look better in the flesh, so to speak.

    The weird part is the cardboard decoration thing on top on the Gacha machine. Sonic’s spikes look more like Amy’s in STC.

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