You’ll FLIP Over These New Pieces of Sonic 4: Episode 2 Concept Art

The bad puns continue as Sega gives us our first look at a non-badnik piece of concept art. This flipping platform hides a spring underneath that Sonic should be able to take advantage of if timed right. Read on to see a very familiar badnik who’s neither a Skylander nor a rapping kung-fu onion, but shares the same name.

"Pray I bite your head off before Jason does another bad pun!"

This underwater underling should be familiar to most of you from Sonic 2. The name’s Chop-Chop and if Sonic is not careful, this pesky piranha may (Aquatic) ruin his day! (I’m so sorry. They make me write these at gunpoint I swear!)


Source: Sega


  1. Hmmmm, this is really forming many ideas as to what stages they’ll add, I do hope it will be more than 4.

  2. I agree, I like the jungle water level ideas long as the water is blue, that sonic 2 stage was one of my favorites… But I don want a rehash…

    1. It’s not going to be a rehash. SEGA is just giving us some nostalgia.

      As for that platform, it looks like it is going to be used the same way as Sonic 3’s. That’s my guess.

  3. well i hope its a mix of jungle zone and aquatic ruin because sega just take my money now naw mabye wonce 2 zones are confurmed

  4. Skeelion in a jungle water level? I doubt it.

    More likely an ice water level and a seperate biotanic garden type level.

  5. Hmmmm, I also thought of something, didn’t we see something similar to those flipping platforms in Sonic and the Secret Rings?

  6. XD Nice puns.
    But this isn’t our first look at non-Badnik concept art. Remember the blue Marble Garden wheelie-doo?

  7. Hmmm, that platform reminds me a little more of the spinning tops from Marble Garden. I liked Aquatic Ruin too I must admit.

  8. Ken has announced that a big reveal of Sonic 4 Episode 2 is coming later this month. Go to tssz to learn more about when to expect our first big glimpse at the next title in the saga!

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