The Sonic 4: Episode 2 Gameplay Trailer is Here!

The Sonic 4: Episode 2 Gameplay Trailer is Here!

From Gamespot comes the exclusive trailer for Sonic 4: Episode 2 with full gameplay video! Here, you can plainly see the new graphics engine that seems to give the game more of a “Donkey Kong Country Returns” style to it. As far as the game play engine goes, it’s hard to say. Outside of the tag teaming Sonic and Tails are doing, it looks like it hasn’t changed too much. The homing attack has returned and they are using it on my polar pal Smokey! I can’t bear to watch! Hopefully, they have fixed some of the more major physics issues that plagued the first game but outside of uncurling being gone, it’s hard to tell from this video.

Sonic 4:Episode 2 will be available this spring for 360, Ps3, iOS and Android devices.

Source: Gamespot


  1. So were people talking out their ASS when they said it will be released around November? well I guess it was a rumour after all..

    1. Yeah, I never doubted it, with how it looks right now, it seems good enough for spring. πŸ™‚

  2. I hope they are going with a different approach with the music I loved that nod to sonic and sega all stars racing there !!

  3. Prepare ze can o’ butthurt me hardy.
    But being serious, it looks pretty good….odd, I was playing Sonic 3 and Knuckles just last night and I can see a little of it in episode 2 but I will gladly start dancing because the homing attack is included. PRAISE ARCEUS!

  4. Sonic’s running animation has dissapointed me. Why is he slanted, and not straight up? Also, Sonic’s running animation does not go faster when Sonic goes downhill.

    Sorry, im not trying to troll, but SEGA has got some stuff to fix between now and May. Still loking foward to this though.

    The gameplay looks promising, the the trailer is crap. The people who made this trailer really only showed auto-gameplay.

    I just hope SEGA recongnizes some of these problems.

      1. @F1Krazy – By auto-gameplay, i meant that SEGA only showed parts where basically the game plays itself, aka springs, etc.

        This game will have cutscenes. Didn’t you see that one Sonic 4 Ep2 picture where Sonic and Tails were on the tornado?

    1. I also hope there is at least an option to turn the botomless pit signs off. Those will get annoying at one point. Besides, I want this game to be hardcore, not easy. πŸ˜›

      1. Really?? Your complaining about a SIGN, a god damn freaking sign. Dude, signs are only there to point out for a bottomless pit and your complaining about that?? Why, no seriously why? It doesn’t do anything to harm you or annoy you. Just lame man…

        1. He’s not necessarily whining about the signs, he’s just saying he’d like the option to turn them off like Sonic Generations in order to not make the game too easy.

          1. @CRAPZ – Just read Jeb the Hedgefox’s comment. He is 100% correct. I just loved when I would explore zones, and think that something is below, when it’s really a botomless pit. xD I just don’t want Episode 2 to be really easy, that’s all. πŸ™‚

            @Lunar – Hahahaha πŸ™‚

  5. Enough of the bear puns! Sonic and Tails are the polar express! Poor Snowy. When I think of Snowy I think of Tin Tin’s dog, lol.

    Yeah the game looks nice. Seems better than Ep1. Will have to wait for the game to judge. A three or four month wait, that sounds cool!

    1. it’s actually only a one month wait! if you look on the sega site it says March 23, 2012 (ps3). ONE MORE MONTH!!:D

  6. They better make a Episode 3 with Knuckles playable in it after this, or I’ll rage. It’s bad enough that they created a clone of both Sonic and Knuckles to replace him as Sonic’s rival, turned Knuckles into a bumbling idiot and a parody of himself, and removed him from the main series games. But making a Sonic 4 without Knuckles in it is just ridiculous. I mean, I would expect a Sonic 4 to be an actual Sonic 4, not a Sonic 2.5.

    1. That’s why I’m hoping that mostly every Sonic fan buys Episode 2. Iizuka has had some hard hits from the fans because of Episode 1, and I’m guessing that influenced his mind to maybe stop continuing the episodes.

      All I know is that if Episode 2 doesn’t sell well, then it’s bye-bye Episode 3. πŸ™

    2. well it would make sense in the story considering knuckles stayed on angle island at the end of S3K but then again why isn’t there a classic sonic in sonic 4 when the Sonic Team pretty much c0nfirmed that classic is “younger” and modern is “older”.(PS I’m not whinnying about no classic sonic I’m just trying to make a point)

    3. Dude you sound like a 12 year old kid. If you’re a true Sonic fan you don’t care about his gay friends. However, i guess if you’re a true Sonic fan you have to rage on everything he does so…continue.

    1. It’s supposed to come out this spring. The date for this game was leaked, and this game is supposed to come out in May. I forgot what day though.

      Besides, from what I’m looking at, this game looks almost completed!

      1. I think it’s certainly going to come out in Spring. Why? All those pointless springs in the gameplay video (ah, bad puns).

    1. From Kung-Fu-Panda?! NO WAY!

      Jk, lol.

      And that’s Aquatic Ruin Zone, not Marble Garden. Though i must say, it’s a mix of both ARZ and MGZ.

    1. …’Hear, hear!’ Beau. It IS an awesome trailer. especially the music. Loved the part when the big coloumn fell onto the zipper part on the to the beat of the background music.

  7. Hmm I don’t know… Looks like they really gave focus on the combined characters gameplay, if it is too present and necessary on the stages, it may let the gameplay very different from the classics. And it let me afraid he will have to move using speed boosters and homing attacks all the time again, instead of running normally.

    This video shows some problems from episode I well (I still liked the game, just did not like the physics thing):

  8. I like the way he runs. Not that it matters – you should technically be concentrating on what’s in front of him, not what he’s doing. That’s how you run into baddies and lose all your rings.

    Loving that dual-spin attack, the way Tails can now carry Sonic while swimming which shows he’s grown a little from Sonic 3, hoping there’s over 50 rings in that Metal Sonic battle for you-know-what.

    Also, the whole team-attack thing kinda looks promising for a possible Super Tails or powered-up Tails.

    No option to play as just Tails? Ah well.

  9. this trailer excited me alot πŸ™‚ but when i saw spring 2012 i was like….”wait its febuary and this mounths almost over…so there only march and april left….OMG FUCK YEH!” pardon my laugange

  10. Tails is wearing a sheild as well as sonic…. if they get the emeralds… Is anyone thinking what I’m thinking?

  11. Ok let’s see what the whinny fans will complain about let’s see I know they will bitch about sonic and tails linking for that move they will bitch about physics that’s a givin and the will bitch about the graphics sometimes I wonder why fans like that even play sonic games if they just bitch all the time but me I love all sonic games a true fan

      1. They bitched last time too, sonics body was straight in episode 1 and his legs span in an oval shape now they trying to get a circular spinning effect and everyone is crying about it

  12. The momentum in the physics (ie sonic running down the hill) don’t look like they’ve changed that much… still looks promising tho.

  13. Well, instead of giving the trailer praise which I’m sure many of you will criticise, I’m going to sit down with a coffee and laugh at all the negative comments πŸ™‚

  14. Its coming out in March you guys, thats the same time when the new Sonic Super Special releases

  15. im afraid this will suck. HOMING ATTACK FFS WHY SEGA!!!! Boost pads everywhere, too many springs = automation so basically a rehash of Ep. 1. So what if the physics and graphics are improved, those two things do not make a game good. It is the level design that counts above all else in this respectand this trailer shows that it still sucks and lessons have not been learned.

    1. Above all else? Really? its the broke ass physics that ruined ep.1.. Level design is EXTREMELY imporant, but who cares what the level design is like if the core physics that facilitate gameplay are broken.

      Me? I’m satisfied as hell with this trailer, and what I’ve seen of the game so far:

      -New engine, physics are supposed to be fixed.
      -No talking animals with baby voices
      -Classic “friends” only.

      It’s just like the old days! A legit Sonic game!
      FUCK YES.

    2. ….excuse me? Physics dont matter in a game? OF COURSE THEY MATTER. If im running for a jump in mario and suddenly he shoots back about 5 feet, yeah thats an issue

  16. As I have said elsewhere, I will continue to support the game, no matter what the naysayers say of how terrible the trailer was (which i thought was an awesome trailer for the game btw)

  17. The trailer looks awesome πŸ™‚ I like Sonic’s running animation though it looks sloppy they can still work and improve on it plently of time too bad I won’t be able to play this πŸ˜›

  18. OMG this games awesome they should call it SONIC 4 CHIMPS EDITION i mean DIMPS EDITION idk u guys discuss..o_O

  19. I’m sorry, people are complaining about the homing attack?
    Sonic creators can’t win here. people complain when they rehash things from the past, and then they complain when they get something different. Granted, homing attack isn’t new, but that brings to mind another thing: The homing attack is thirteen years old. It does nothing but make Sonic better, why must he revert to the way he was in 1992?

    But if you listen to any of the so called Sonic fans, you basically here SEGA should have released the same game over and over and over. I personally admire a company willing to grow. And this clearly shows they are; They are taking what they had in episode one and improving it. This is still Sonic 4 after all.

  20. looks like they slowed down Sonic’s feet animation when he runs. i actually liked it from the episode 1. game still looks awesome though. cant wait!!

  21. I really love the trailer, and I was pumped hearing that techno Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing remix! I mean, the teamwork with Tails looks like it will be fun, the zones and overall looks are gorgeous, and the new level designs and gimmicks really stop it from being another rehash game like Sonic Pocket Adventure and Sonic 4: Episode I. And that Snowy badnik looks so beastly and I can’t wait to fight one of those beasts! The only thing that I find disappointing in the trailer is that they mostly only showcased Sonic flying with Tails and Sonic running through boost pads, the only glimpse of how the physics work is one ramp in the carnival to show us that there is no uncurling, still a great trailer, and I really want to see more.

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