1. the realism reminds me of Sonic 06. i must say I did enjoy some of the locals in that game. But I do prefer this sort of design where there is still a lot of cartoony vibes.

    1. I wouldn’t say “cartoony”. Maybe video game….y?

      idk. Many of Sonic’s earlier games felt semi-cartoony, semi-realiztic. Sonic’s world always had detail and balanced structure. This stage is based on Aquatic Ruin and Marble Garden, both of which looks somewhat realistic but in an unrealistic set up. Sonic’s world is unique that way. I like it.


  2. This is probably the Opening of game, in which Sonic and Tails touchdown on the new level, and Sonic goes Super Sonic, then Metal Sonic comes out of nowhere, and takes the Emeralds, as Knuckles did before.

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