RUMOUR: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing 2 to Feature Green Hill & Casino Night Tracks?

In January we brought you word of a possible Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing sequel, then earlier this month Kotaku also heard about it at a Toy Fair in New York where toys based on the game were on show. Well, it appears those toys were also on private show at the London Toy Fair in January and are from the same toy range Meccano announced that month.

Toyworld Magazine reports that Meccano’s Sonic toy collection features Sonic and Knuckles alongside their respective vehicles from Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing with Green Hill Zone and Casino Night Zone added value play-sets also revealed to be on the way. Could this mean that these two levels will be included as tracks in the game’s sequel? SEGA often tie-in merchandise with their games to maximise sales, so it would be odd for them to not continue that trend.

Meccano’s Sonic the Hedgehog collection includes Sonic and Speedstar and Knuckles and Landbreaker, plus a range of added value play-sets; Sonic and Ramp Green Hill Play-set and Sonic and Casino Night Environment Play-set.

Source: Toyworld Magazine

Thanks to Hogfather at the SSMB for the heads up!


  1. Im more happy that Knuckles is a featured part of the toy. Atleast some people see that he deserves priority over gay characters like Silver and Shadow.

    1. Oh, give me a break. Shadow and Silver are 2 very important Sonic characters. Heck, if SEGA were to stop putting Shadow in Sonic games, I bet you that over 1/3 of the people who buy Sonic’s games will NOT buy them anymore, because of 1 character. You should be more concerned that SEGA would choose Amy over Knuckles anyday.

      1. As much as I like Shadow and especially Silver, Knuckles just doesn’t get enough respect. I mean, the guy got completely taken out by Amy in Generations lol. I respect ur opinion, but Knuckles is THE classic rival and doesnt get nearly enough screen time as he deserves. I don’t have a problem with Shadow or Silver, but Knuckles has just been around longer. And Shadow wasnt in Colors, and that game sold waaay better than Sonic 06 or Shadow the Hedgehog, just sayin

        Anyway, really hoping these will come to the U.S. If not, these would be one of the few pieces of Sonic merchandise that I would actually import for lol

        1. @Theantiguardian – For Sonic Colors, I wan’t talking about how much better it sold than Shadow the Hedgehog, I just mean Shadow has a high reputation as a Sonic character.The reason I believe Shadow has a lot of fans, is because he took the spotlight in SA2. Shadow’s dramatic story, and the fact that he “died”, in his first appearance, made fans go wild, and beg for Shadow to come back. Point is, there are probably not many Sonic fans who didn’t play SA2, and recongnize Shadow’s glory. Ahh, where am I going w/this? Lol, I think you get my point.

          As for Knuckles, I agree with you. I wouldn’t say Knuckles is THE classic rival, especially because he was only tricked, but Knuckles stubborness+Sonic’s cocky attitude= eventual fighting. Knuckles is an important character, and I like him more than Shadow, and you’re right about Knuckles not being respected by SEGA. Like I said before, SEGA cares more for Amy, than they ever would for Knuckles. These days, Knuckles is a big, fat joke. 🙁

          1. He should have stayed dead. Let the fans be a little upset. Imagine how cool it would have been to bring Shadow back for Generations.

          2. No i see ur point, after I played SA 2 for the first time, Shadow was the coolest Sonic character to me for the longest time. I just think his self-titled game turned alot of people off to the character, making him a character u either love or hate (I’m not one that hates him, he’s still an awesome character).
            And Knuckles just really needs a starting role in a main game, get some respect back. Really hoping Sonic 4 Ep 2 sells well enough for Episode 3, that way hopefully Knuckles willl be playable!

        2. Agreed. I mean, they scrapped Knux from Unleashed and excluded Classic Knuckles from Generations(would have been the perfect rival for Classic Sonic on the 3DS)…then again they also excluded Classic Amy.

          1. Well Amy wasnt even really that big of a deal to the series as Knuckles was. The series could have gone on FINE without Amy until her appearance in Adventure.

          2. Knuckles needs another Sonic game,more respect, and we need less respect for Shadow
            He should have been in unleashed,espcially seeing that amy made it(even though she was in CD which was before him).Sonic Heros 2,or Sonic the hedgehog 4 episode III comes out, it would boost his reputations which is being stolen by Shadow.And Silver is being considered the biggest joke!He didn’t even make it to black knight!But blaze needed to though -_-,He would have been way more epic.Knuckles is also considersd a serious joke. They made him try susicde because he lost to sonic in that game.I know knuckles is a better character then Shadow
            Sonic’s cocky attitude+Shadow’s emoness= Not much fighting and bad relationship
            Sonic’s Cocky attitude+Knuckle’s being gulible and Stubborness=Funny Rivalry and a pure

  2. I hope that Casino Night, Green Hill, and ??? won’t be the new Bingo Highway, Seaside Hill, and Final Fortress :/

    I actually want variety in Sonic’s levels this time. 🙂

    1. Yeah it would be really nice to have levels from different Sonic games. Or possibly the levels from Generations?

        1. Even if they just went with Green Hill, Casino Night and either Mushroom Hill or Sky Sanctuary, I’d be happy! Or even a Planet Wisp or Crisis City course!! While i like the Heroes levels, that would b completely epic in comparison to the first SASASR!!!

          1. I’m acutally putting my money on Crisis City or even Skyscraper Scamper, would be nice to have some road like levels actually being used by cars for once.

  3. cool green hill zone, not too sure about casino tracks, it may turn up to be a bingo highway looking zone, hopefully levels from sonic colors sonic adventure 2 and sonic unleashed. and maybe some levels from the sonic riders series
    (metropolis speedway)

  4. I’ll probably be biting myself in the ass later for saying this cause well what would we do if we had to do a rerun through Eggmanland lolz. Sorry kids to me that place WAS HELL! Fun but hell cause I couldn’t keep up with the visuals…too much stuff on the screen at once LMAO. I’ll vote for it though or perhaps a Night Palace level too…that would just be freaky if you think about it lol..I dunno….hell level choices are like rummaging thru a liquor store…too many choices LMAO. Ah well just get out the dart board and tape a bunch of names of levels on it and see where the darts end up lolz.

  5. As long as they don’t re-use the same freaking track over and over again and use it from the same exact game, like they did last game, I don’t care what the stage selection is. The previous game severly lacked in variety for the most part.

  6. O man I can’t wait to see what new levels they have sonic & sega all star ricing 2! Pleace no more sonic heroes levels (seaside hill, casino park, final fortress):)

  7. Wow thats completely different from the Seaside Hill and Casino Park tracks from the first one!

    Seriously though, I loved Sonic Sega Racing. Want the sequel.

  8. Good news: Not every level will be from Sonic Heroes
    Bad news: Seaside Hill and Casino Park were basically rip-offs of Green Hill and Casino Night.

    Just put in Windy Valley, City Escape, Flame Core and Eggman Land. They’ll work perfectly

  9. How do we know they just haven’t confused both Seaside Hill and Casino Park with Green Hill and Casino Night? I mean I’m praying beyond hope that we will get more than Sonic Heroes levels, even if they are the same themes as the stages in the first game, but I’m worried that they’ve just ended up confusing level names and we’ll just end up with more Heroes representation.

  10. Depends, alot of figures get bonus play sets that have nothing to do with anything, look at film toys they sometimes came with packs of bad guys that weren’t even in the films, example thous TMNT Alien hunter sets, there was no aliens in the TMNT film.

  11. Well, if it IS Zero Creativity, then the Default Music for Green Hill Zone Racetrack might as well be the MODERN Green Hill Zone, and the same for Casino Night Zone. Both of them lifted from Sonic Generations. As for Guest Characters, Sony gets to use Ratchet and Clank, because they’re the Superstars of Playstation, XBox 360 will STILL use Banjo-Kazooie, and Nintendo might as well use either Super Mario, or troll us by using Captain Falcon in the Blue Falcon! And his All-Star Move is BOOST POWER with added FALCON PUNCH!

  12. They must use some of de last generations stages, they have HD textures of that.
    Like chemical plant, space colony ark, speed highway, sky sanctuary, planet wisp

  13. i hope they were not mistaken for seaside hill and casino park
    But if not bring on the tracks baby!

  14. Green Hill and Casino Park? Good choices…I think Speed Highway, Twinkle Park or City Escape would make pretty good tracks (city street racing ftw ^^)

  15. Hmmm I don’t think I want Green hill to appear…kinda hoping this isn’t true but I wouldn’t mind for Night carnival they should have a variety of levels I just don’t want GH for some reason :/

    1. Yeah, I got a set for Christmas, I built a tank and had it destroy something else I built… and it was great!

  16. just the same toys in a different box but this probably means that us britsh can finaly get a amy figure (not for £49.99)and maybe a silver(its no use!)

  17. This sounds promising, much better than places entirely from Sonic Heroes… so, do you guys think we might get Mushroom Hill or Sky Sanctuary next?

  18. I think Green Hill has been done to death now. I only hope from Sonic Generations we can move onto a new era with more iconic levels that will become world renown aside from Green blooming hill…

  19. I wanted this sort of thing from the Sega All-Stars Racing toys. I want to have the cars, but with diecast construction, made from metal and boasting a high-quality appearance. Think like Hot Wheels collectible cars, only with the Sega Racing cars. Thinking of this got me excited back when I first heard that Sega All-Stars Racing would have toys, but then I was disappointed to find out that they were crappy-looking plastic toys.

    I’d love a high quality diecast rendition of Sonic’s car to play around with, or any of the cars, they all look perfect for diecasting. As for the character figurines themselves, they can be plastic, who cares? I just want the car to be made from metal and look awesome. I hope these toys fulfill that desire and don’t just look like baby toys.

  20. @PsychoJosh: Thats basically what Jazwares was trying to do with the smaller scaled racers. I’m suprised nobodys made a comment about Jazwares yet. I doubt these Meccano guys will do the job right…

  21. Isn’t anyone else fucking tired of Green Hill?! SERIOUSLY?! We’ve seen it a billion BAJILLION TIMES!

    Even Casino Night’s starting to get stale.

    C’mon, Sega, where’s Angel Island, Hydrocity, Mystic Cave, Hidden Palace (2 and K mixed together), Wing Fortress, Starlight, Marble Garden, etc.?

  22. Well to tell you the truth im really excited for this game ever since i got it like roughly a year and a half ago i wanted a sequel. The things i found lacking in the game though was the amount of weapons and to a lesser extent the number of characters (but that’s not really that much of a concern to me).

    What i would like to see though is stage wise is something like radical highway i mean it is a highway it seems pretty fitting to me. Chu-nan, I don’t know i just thing it would be a pretty visual level if done right. Water palace from the ds game, i still think it’s a pretty weird idea but through the sonic games it has been one of my favorite level and i was really looking forward to it being in generations but then i heard about the platform exclusive thing.

    One other thing between the cars i really didn’t fell that their was really much of a difference between them i felt like i was looping through the same cycled stats.

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