New Sonic 4 Episode 2 Video, Releasing in May?

Not happy with the quality of the first Sonic 4 video? No worries, we found another one! This one is from as they talk with a SEGA rep demonstrating the game at the event. There isn’t much new information in the video itself, aside from one somewhat disappointing piece of news: despite earlier claims from Phandroid that SEGA had told them the game was coming out in April, the SEGA rep in the video claims the game is in fact still being released in May. He also says that Tegra platforms will be getting the game a few weeks before other platforms.

So, which is it, an April release or a May release? Only time will tell, but I am pretty sure that either way, this only effects users of Tegra chip powered platforms.



    1. I Also noticed he kept mentioning the Tegra 3, never the Tegra 2, however he did keep correcting himself to refer to all Tegra devices. Even so I think it’s stupid that we’re now seeing developers tailoring software to specific chipsets. Also the only tablet device available to buy at the moment that has Tegra 3 is the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, and if you want to play a game with a game pad (as in the demo) you need to make sure the tablet has a full sized USB port and USB hosting capabilities, which not all Android devices do.

  1. I think we’ll only know the game, its physics and everything else when we play it… But I’m sold too, and the sonic and tails artworks are so beautiful. Sega could release this demo on PSN and XLive some weeks before the release to help us handle with the anxiety.

    And I really hope Sonic 4 will have at least 4 episodes and not only 3, because only 12 zones is too few.

  2. Even with this video, I still can’t see much of the “changes” in the momentum whenever they’re going downhill and junk… hopefully it will actually play better than at first glance.

      1. You know, after thoroughly looking back at the videos a couple of times, I can now see some of the changes.

        Yeah the momentum portion of the physics STILL look like they’ve been barely fixed, but I can see that Sonic DOES now keep his speed that he gains whenever he gets going (looking at the areas where the player is having trouble between 2:00 and 2:10 where Sonic gets “pulled” back whenever he changes directions)
        It’s also cool that they got rid of the uncurling whenever he flies off a ramp.

    1. it’s probably referring to 17 acts. which is probably also including the special stages. this is just my opinion though, i HIGHLY doubt it has 17 zones..

      1. I think he means 4 zones with 3 acts each and a boss act plus the final zone with the final boss. I think that’s how it went in Ep.1

        Not too impressed with these playthroughs, but I’ll wait until the demo comes out.

  3. – This still looks like its heavily influenced by S4:E1. Automated springs everywhere and the physics seem to not be that much different. I’m highly disappointed. Tips to Sega: Ditch Takashi Iizuka and Dimps.

    1. You Know, the man made Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, and good portion of Sonic Unleashed, so, yeah, SEGA, Ditch the genius behind Sonic’s comeback after 06… And Dimps isn’t working alone in Sonic 4, Sonic Team is too, and, you know, they made Sonic Generations 3DS that had even better classic physics…
      You need to learn that this game isn’t supposed to be all classic physics, no, its supposed to be BASED around classic physics, but with the modern style, so really everyone needs to stop with ”ITS NOT CLASSIC PHYSICS SEGA U SUX! THE LEVEL DESIGN ISN’T LIKE I WANTED IT TO BE”

      1. The only reason I was expecting something different because of how Sega was going on and on about they’re brand new physics engine. The game still looks fun, its just not what Sega has been painting it out to be to me.

      2. Ugh… I’m starting to get REALLY sick of this. RK, people are going to either be satisfied or not with the gameplay footage, it’s always going to be this way, whether you like it or not. I, for one, liked Dimps for Sonic Rush. Ever since Episode 1, however, it’s become clear that they’re level design is poor. Do you realize how many spring bounces and speed pads there are? Both of them even being automated sections of the level in which you do nothing but hold right? You act like we’re criticizing Dimps for no reason. I just stated perfectly legitimate excuses for not liking their level design and poor decisions (“Oh wow look we improved physics! Better animations! Those make the game better, right?) They had a chance to improve themselves by fixing their stupid level design problems, but nope, they miss the entire point and change things that weren’t even a problem in the first place. Just look at how many times the guy in the video mentions the graphics and physics, but never the flawed level design.

        If you agree with me, then that’s fine. If you disagree with me, regardless of all of the evidence I’ve mentioned, that’s also fine. Just stop being immature and mocking people who are giving constructive criticism.

        Otherwise if you’re just gonna keep wasting your time whining about people giving negative feedback on a video game, then seriously, get a life.

  4. Hmm. Only downer I can see is that they’re still shoehorning in those stupid spring + speed-booster segments, as well as the damn homing attack. Just…let me run through the stages and destroy the badniks by myself, geeze.

    It’s offset by the cool looking co-op stuff with Sonic and Tails though. That looks to be a genuinely good call, as do a lot of the new/revamped badnik designs. Definitely a step in the right direction there.

  5. Wow, this helps me recognize the game’s content, I really do wish we could see past that water segment but oh well… the game looks fantastic and the Sonic and Tails flying artwork we saw at the end was amazing! The only bad things about the game so far are the over usage of springs and dash pads… again… but the game is fantastic from what I’ve seen, it’s… it’s… Good, Great, Awesome, Outstanding, AMAZING!

  6. Sonic Fan Remix is stale bread compared to this.
    In fact, no fan-made Sonic game can compare, this is Sega and they’re here to show us how it’s done 😀

    Welcome back, Sonic.

  7. When the game was leaked on XBL, they said the game was slated for a May release. So I think that might be the case.

  8. I smell some delays coming this way x-( Even though I have only a Wii I would love to see the rest of the game!

  9. I’d rather a proper d-pad like the 3DS or the Vita instead of this. :/

    Homing attack aside, the game does look very fun.

    1. 4 Zones
      3 acts per zone and a boss fight = 4 “levels” per zone.
      Final boss fight.

      4 x 4 = 16 + 1 = 17 “levels”.

  10. If co-op play proves a success then I think co-op will made available in every new Sonic game let alone Ep3.

  11. Everything looks good except the amount of springs and speed boosters. Not a big complaint, but it’s still a little irritating. I’m VERY happy with the physics this time around so overall, it looks great! 😀

  12. This doesn’t look different than Sonic 4 Episode 1 really at all. What a downer :/ Im not complaining or bitching, Im just disappointed. You know, I’m pretty sure the only reason Sonic fans bitch is because we get crappy games, and then you look over at Nintendo fans and they are happy as can be. Just face it, Sonic is never going to go back to the way it used to be. Read it and weep

  13. I really don’t get why Sonic 4’s physics bother some people so much; Sonic is in his…modern form after all…don’t kill me, just sayin’.

    Better video than the last one; I think I’ll want to actually buy this one right out rather than EP I (waited about half a year to play after the release).

    I’ll be happier when this game comes out on PC…so anyone see it on the Steam Registry yet?

  14. the sunset background looks gorgeous. great job sega.! with no wii release i’m wondering where i’m going to check this out at though.. does anyone think this game will lose sales off the bat by limiting itself from the wii? while i’m willing to look else wear ie: pc release, i wonder if the casual fan would?

    seriously does sega employees even play there own games if he played like that?

  16. Everything looks good so far They’ve done a great job big improvement from Ep 1. The physics look like they handle well in this one which is great really happy with them 🙂 sadly I won’t won’t be able to play this when it’s released 🙁 guess for now I’ll enjoy viewing screens, trailers and gameplay videos 🙂

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