More Sonic 4: Episode 2 Concept Art Arrives Like A Boss!

Hedgehog day continues with some more peeks at Sonic 4-2 concept art. This time in the form of the first Eggman boss reveal! This one is called “Serpentleaf” and besides sounding like a Pokemon, this giant plant mech seems to house a laser-firing Eggman within it’s pedals. The rest of the concept art shows that this first image is just the tip of the mecha-monster. He’s a quite a big boss for our blue blur to tackle. Now I want to say he’s an original creation for this game, but I know someone in the comments will prove me wrong and he appeared in like, Sonic Blast on Game Gear or something so forget it! Read on for more images of this budding, blossoming bad boy.

Source: Sega


  1. Someone, apart from me, will comment on how Classic Robotnik is in the concept art but we all know that Eggman will be in the final product.

    1. Yup, and so will the they are going to have the classic’s back. People hopefully realize that its easier to draw a “Classic Robotnik” ***that a fully detailed Eggman.

      Classic Robotnik says” They don’t call me that any more”

    2. That’s not classic Robotnik that’s just Robotnik. No specifications. Modern Eggman with no goggles or stripes in concept = Classic Robotnik with no color in concept.

  2. A big boss (no not MGS).

    While the front of the boss will probabaly open allowing you to hit Robotnik, what about that tail it looks lethal.

            THINK YOU’RE FAST ENOUGH TO DODGE THIS?!? Oh wait, the boss doesn’t look very mobile.

      1. ALL SYSTEMS FULL POWER HARA hes not going to get a way with this i will flaten you frezee burn time for a change of pace

      1. @TwoPoint – Cmon, man. Don’t turn this page into a page full of spam comments. :/

        Btw, I thought it was “All systems, FULL POWER!” ?

  3. The one on the top looks like the last boss from CD
    but i can see where people get the egg viper idea
    maybe tails helps out in the boss like the marble garden boss but not in constant air (Hated marble garden boss)

  4. Its actually from Sonic The Hedgehog 5. Since time travel is involved in this game probably they decided it would be cool to rehash something from the future and put it in this game…


  5. This Boss looks awesome, one of the best designed bosses in Sonic’s history if you ask me.

    But only time will tell how the fight will be.

    Personally, I’m more interested in what trope the level would be, some type of greenhouse level?

  6. Now this is pretty original in terms of design! And DAMN, that is a big boss compared to the last episodes bosses. =D

    So far with all the concept art shown, it sounds like we’re getting both a Jungle level and a Marine level in this episode.

  7. Perhaps the level is set in the Amazon. Endless Forests and water. A bit like Angel Island Zone?

    @Jonah – Poison Ivy lol. Lets hope the new boss is not as annoying as Posion Ivy. Pretty wacky design for a first level boss.

  8. Yeah, It most likely wll be the obligatory-green-first level. But if I’m to guess, a mix of Aquatic Ruin Zone, Angel Island Zone and Plant Kingdom (yeamodernsonicumadloljk)

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  10. A jungle level, hmm, time to pull out both a mario and a sonic reference at once, “that pink water makes me really nervous for some reason”

  11. Now THIS is the concept art I wanna see! I assume by this that we’re getting a flower or jungle place. (Please give us the lost Wood Zone.) The boss itself just looks… well… BOSS! It looks original, but yet it borrows elements from Egg Viper, it’s genius! So far, Sonic 4 Episode II looks awesome… but yeah…

  12. That’s not a tail… That’s a tendril! Or vine, or what have you! Very original for a Sonic boss to me, and gives me Biollante vibes… (Hey, a Godzilla fan was going to mention it sooner or later.) And by the looks of it, it’ll have at least three tendrils it can use. Whether it’ll be at any given time remains to be seen. But I’ll be flabbergasted if it doesn’t use all of it’s tendrils at one point in the battle.

  13. I’m surprised no one has mentioned that under Eggman’s pod or whatever it is called there seems to be a blue lighted area and a yellow one. HMMMM I think this might have something to do with these “New surprises” and maybe Sonic and Tails will be attacking together eh?

  14. I CAN’T BELIEEVVVEE THIS! So many people quoting me! >:(


    Egg Serpentleaf, FULL POWER!

    1. I was just about to post that and i looked up and there was your comment! I agree BTW. I think it’s bull that this isnt a remake; theres this oil ocean boss, the spinn wheels from sonic 3, the hermit crab from spring yard zone…just dont screw this up SEGA.

  15. It does look pretty badass, but really, another rehash? Sega, you guys already got Sonic Generations; remake stuff for that! If you call something “Sonic 4” you really gotta come up with all-new stuff for it.

    1. You have NO IDEA how the Boss will play out, and you’re already calling it a rehash? What the fuck is wrong with you people (including Tim) ?

  16. I’m guessing the zone the name of the zone this boss will be in will be named…
    Swinging Forest Zone.

  17. lol, Eggman must be trying to impress Poison Ivy or something.

    But seriously, that’s an awesome boss design, and pretty dag big looking too. No doubt Sonic will be going through some kind of forest, swamp, jungle or botanical garden stage of some kind.


  19. Ummmm, is anybody aware that they just released two more badnik concepts by the names of “Sandworm” and “Scarabesque” ? This looks like it suggests a Greenhouse Zone and a Sand Zone, pretty much… but yeah, go on the Sonic Wikia for the pics…

  20. How interesting. Looks pretty awesome to me.

    Gotta love the people who think “it’s a rehash!” just from looking at CONCEPT ART. Lol. It’s a CONCEPT. Things are bound to be a little different, and the game play hasn’t been seen. Seriously 😛

  21. I have to admit it looks pretty cool and interesting this is definitely NOT a rehash the concept looks fresh & original to me 🙂 besides we haven’t seen the boss yet…or the gameplay itself.

  22. Let me guess:

    Egg Serpent= Green House Zone, Jungle Rush Zone, Ivy Tangle Zone or Temple Trap Zone.

    Full Boar = Sandy Dunes Zone, Wild Canyon Zone or Mild Field Zone.

    Scarabesque = (Same as Egg Serpent)

    Sandworm= Sandy Dunes Zone, Quick Sand Zone or Dark Cave Zone.

    Steelion= Marine Depths Zone, Frost Chill Zone or Sunshine Resort Zone.

  23. *(First Half Of Boss)*

    Implanted into the ground, Dr. Eggman uses the cannon attatched under his pod to blast at Sonic and uses the attatchments to thrash at him as well as fire lazer shots. Some rapid fire, some beam by beam, and some as just a continuous beam that aims for you.

    *(Pinch Mode)*

    It reveals itself to be more than just a machine stuck in the ground. Pulling itself up and using its four attatchments as feet, Dr. Robotnik will try to stomp and kick at Sonic as well as firing shots from his main cannon and attatchments. Randomly he will try to run away leading the fight into a new area each with it’s own traps and obstacles.

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