Johnny Gioeli Speaks About New Crush 40 Songs

Crush 40 gave us a sneaky peak at some of the track titles of the songs the band are currently working on last month, named “Rise Again”, “One of Those Days” and “Sonic Youth”. A post today on the Crush 40 facebook page confirmed these songs have now been recorded, with commentary from Johnny Gioeli on the themes of these songs.

Rise Again:
… We’ve all known people who hit what I call “lows” in their life. This song is about crawling out of the dark and into the light…because just when you feel you are in the worst place in your life, there is always an opportunity to “Rise Again”

Sonic Youth:
This song is about the dedicated Crush40 fans who believe in our music every year. We live for the music, we live for the thrill of the game….we are the “Sonic Youth”.

One Of Those Days:
Sometimes you wake up and start the day walking into walls….everything you do is wrong! You trip on your own feet…you drop your cell phone in the toilet…no matter what you do, it keeps happening….!!! There’s only one way to fix it all and thats for the day to just end… when it happens to you, “write it off for one of those aw aw awful days….One of those days…..”

Crush 40 will be performing at two live dates at the end of March in Tokyo, which will likely see performances of these new songs. Check out the wavemaster site for more details.

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          1. i guess “sonsilv 2” just needs to live and learn. You guys really need to open your heart to this guy!

  1. Wonder if Rise Again will sound anything like Seether’s Rise Above This and One of Those Days will sound anything like Fuel’s Bad Day XD
    overall can’t wait to hear more from these guys aside from their Sonic music I’ve really enjoyed their own stuff and Johnny was good in Hardline so I’m sure I’ll like these.

  2. Sounds good, but where’s the song about turning yellow and beating the sh!t out of a giant monster

  3. Sonic Youth sounds like a wonderful idea. Trust someone as awesome as Jun to record a song dedicated to the fans since he started coming to SoS.

  4. Crush 40 you rule, i’ll listen to anything that you play. I’ve been an avid fan for years and I’ve been waiting for some new material for ages, these new songs from what you wrote about them sound great, I can’t wait to hear them 😀

  5. I thought Sonic Youth was gonna be the theme song for the next Sonic game. Now I’m not so sure. 🙁

    1. plus it was a freakin dead giveaway. SEGA wouldn’t even released the title of the theme song of the next sonic game even to these guys. not that they have came up with a song cuz that’s really early. let alone write. and you didn’t get any of that. oh well.

  6. I think “One Of Those Days” will be my favourite, today has certainly been “One Of Those Days” for me.

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