“Dung” Miss Some More Sonic 4: Episode 2 Concept Art

My dung is made up of pure Sonic 4-1 data code! (Just kidding folks.)

If you thought yesterday was the only day for new Sonic 4-2 concept art, you were wrong! Today, Sega has released another pair of badniks to show off. The first one is “Scarabesque”. A scarab dung beetle badnik who’s much cuter than the rabble of badniks we’ve been getting of late. Maybe this is to make up for the fact that he’s rolling a soccerball of electronic poop. I’m betting said dung is also a bomb in disguise.  Read on to find another badnik who’s less of a stinker.

Does he remind you guys of Battra or is it just me?

This spikey fella bears the more-descriptive-less-creative moniker of “Sandworm”. He’s a mean looking one. You’d be looking that mean too if Sega gave all your badnik buddies a unique name and you got stuck with your description. To me, these badniks seem to hint at a desert level not unlike Sandopolis.


Source: Sega


  1. This may be off subject, but heed me! you know how SEGA had “no plans to bring back classic sonic”? well, I have a great idea! how about we “request” sega to remake the good old classic sonic games into 3D (or sonic generations style) graphics and add a few more details!

    1. We would get a Sonic 2 multiplayer that actually works! (Unless they fixed it on one of the later ports)

    2. I was thinking that when i played Generations lol it would be cool to play the 4 classics all re-mastered, i wanna play Ice Cap in Generations style DX

    3. Or, we could take Sonic off of his life support and stop playing the freaking nostalgia card! 😀

  2. I sent this on an email to news@sonicstadium.org, guess I was late (or it was too obvious). Oh well~

    Sandworm kind of reminds me to Sonic when he transforms with the Frenzy Wisp.

    The Scarabesque is so cute.

    Hm… Now that we’ve got a beetle and a sandworm. I was playing in Sonic CD (2011)’s Sound Test and got that Desert Dazzle picture by mistake.

    This makes me wonder if they are using Desert Dazzle in Sonic 4 Episode 2 after all…

  3. So I would almost say SANDworm + beatle thing = Desert level? Maybe, maybe,

    A rehash of sonic 3 & Knuckles! Because Sega doesn’t know how to make an original game and I as a Sonic fan will never be happy! Did I say that out loud? oops…

    But in all seriousness, Sonic 4 is looking good.
    My speculations are (as many of you) That there will be a Water/beach (Maybe ice please?) level, a jungle/greenhouse level, and a desert level.
    Maybe next week we’ll get a sneek peak at a fourth level! (Or a tree, I’m still waiting for concept art of a tree.)

    Personally, I would like to see a level similar (But not copy cat similar, just similar in the way that speed highway and empire city are similar in that they have similar environments but different gimmicks.) To spring yard zone.

  4. So far its looking nice, i hope it gives everything that i wanted from the first episode, so far it has, Playable Tails, Metal sonic included. got high hopes for this.

    If it does turn out great i hope it sells well because if u wanna know Sonic generations apparently sold poorly according to sega which is a shame because that some of the best sonic in years, oh and sadly Rayman Origins failed to sell too according to ubi soft, what is this the end of cartoony mascots?

  5. Scarabesque reminds me of that Egg Scarab boss (or whatever it was called) from Sonic Rush.

    …what? Everyone’s already done that with the other concept art 😛

  6. I Hope they put the super-peel out in episode 2. I loved that move even though it’s been made redundant by the spin dash. 🙁

  7. I hope episode 2 features the super-peel out move. I miss that move even though Sonic CD came out a few months ago.

  8. that sandworm thing looks like the final boss to sonic colors. Mecha Wisp I think. (can somebody tell me what it’s actually called?)

  9. You know, I’ve been playing episode one these past few days, and it really wasn’t as bad as aal that. It did have too many unoriginal parts, but it was really great in places like Road of Cards or World of Darkness. Also aspects like the cannons in Casino street and the rock-running provided some new fun things. If they had just been more prominent with the new stuff, (Badnicks, bosses, and Mad gear) then it wouldn’t have the terrible reputation it’s gotten. But I suppose one bad = four good, and that’s the hard part when working on media.

  10. Sacrab beatle + Sandworm = Egyptian stage. Im also having flashbacks to the Sonic Rush boss, anyone else?

  11. *(Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1)*

    During the game’s… Rather slow and irritating revealing… Only 11 pieces of concept art were revealed before the main releases such as trailers and the official site.

    *(Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 2)*

    With that in mind, we have already seen 6 pieces of artwork. Based on how much more is revealed each week, should it become just 1 picture each Friday, we could be 5 weeks away before a new trailer or information about an upcoming website. Or should they continue with the 2 pieces of art each Friday, a mere 2 to 3 weeks.

    It’s just a thought but at least it gives hope.

  12. And as far as the “Super Peel Out” move is concerned the way sonic runs in the first part already looks like the effects used for the “Super Peel Out” ability in Sonic CD and I believe that was where the concept of how to make Sonic’s running animation look in Episode 4 came from. It would be very difficult to make the ove work considering that since with or without the ability Sonic still looks as though he is running in “super peel out” form.

  13. Notice, in the classics, Sonic’s blur was circular, and the “Super Peel Out” was oval and stretched.

    Now in the modern game, he always run in a blurry oval and stretched form. So… To make “Super Peel Out” they would have to reverse it and make his legs run in a circular blur during the moves execution. Which would not look right by any mean’s i’m sure.

  14. The first bot reminds Me of something you’d see in Knuckles Chaotix or Sonic CD. The second one kind of reminds Me of the Caterkillers Marble Zone and Scrap Brain Zone and the Crawltons in Mystic Cave Zone.

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