An Hour of Eggman: Interview with Mike Pollock

An Hour of Eggman: Interview with Mike Pollock


We love Mike Pollock, the voice of Doctor Eggman and many other characters throughout the world of animation; some of you may have spotted Mike wandering around at Summer of Sonic last year and will know how awesome this guy is!

The guys over at DeNomHat caught up with Mike recently in this hour-long interview, where they talk everything from inspirations to voice acting and careers in animation.

Check it out above!

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    1. I highly suggest that you do watch it, as it was certainly a pleasure to speak to Mr. Pollock and is even fun for me to listen back on it. It’s only audio, so it’s worth it to have it on in the background 🙂

    2. No, that was Deem Bristow, who died sometime after doing voice work for Sonic Heroes. Mike Pollock started voicing Eggman in Shadow the Hedgehog, when the 4kids cast took over (and all the other voice actors got fired suddenly without warning).

  1. I saw it, and it gave me many laughs, and it was great to hear how many characters the man has actually done! And those impressions of the Gerald, Eggman, and Nega were great too! Deem Bristow will always remain my favorite Eggman voice actor… but Mike Pollock, you have ALWAYS been fantastic as Eggman! So fantastic that you remained in the games! I salute you, Mike Pollock! And as for Deem Bristow… continue to rest in peace… like an egg… man…

    1. (Without racism)*Tries to imagine a black guy with a deep voice voicing Eggman* xD That would be hilarious! 😛

  2. Utterly hilarious.

    I’m the “Jack” mentioned near the end of the video, by the way. 😛

  3. interesting to know Mike Pollock does other voice work also, finally got a gravatar, and it was safe and easy

  4. Mike Pollock is an incredible Eggman and incredible voice actor in general, but we must not forget Deem Bristow, the man who gave us: GET A LOAD OF THIS!

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