Sonic Stars in New Progressive Insurance Ad

Sonic Stars in New Progressive Insurance Ad

Take note, guys, as this’ll probably be in some Summer of Sonic trivia one day: Sonic’s insurance rate with Progressive is $380. Definitely the most surprising crossover I’ve seen Sonic involved in in years!

Source: SEGAbits

Update: Progressive’s people have got in touch to say they’ve got a page dedicated to Sonic. If you really need a transcript of the ad above, you know where to go.

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  1. haha omg that’s pretty awesome. I live in the U.S, do you guys know if that’s airing over here, or is this strictly a UK commercial?

    1. Why would this only be a UK commercial? I say release it worldwide! Besides, why would SEGA not want this in the US too? We speak English too…unless they do it for specific reasons or something.

    2. It can’t be UK only… the prices are in dollars. It’ll only get broadcast on TV where the company opperates.

          1. Make that rape, then kills, and then dismembers his corpse and I would pay the Go Compare people myself to make that ad. I think Mario did something like that to Howard the Halifax man a few years back.

  2. Aw that’s awesome, I’m also in the U.S. so I hope it airs over here too. I’d love to see this commercial air during one of my mother’s shows, that would be hilarious. XD

  3. That was sick! Sonic is really picking himself up fast! I don’t remember seeing a Sonic commercial since the MC Donalds one!

    It is awesome to see Sonic in a commercial that isn’t even game-related! GO SONIC! ๐Ÿ˜€ I would LOVE to see more non-related Sonic commercials! Whoo! Man, this is some good nostalgia!

    Reminds me of the old days when Sonic was popping up everywhere on TV and in Magazines!
    Is he really back for good? ^-^
    Wow. I feel so old saying that. ^^;

  5. I’ve seen some Sonic Generations commercials in Canada also, we get these progressive commercials here too so I won’t be surprised if I see this one soon

    It’s so good to see the blue guy back in the mainstream, hopefully his influence will outdo these COD and GTA type of games again one day. Return of the mascots!!!

      1. My mom wants me to dress in my Sonic costume and pose in front of one of their logos.


        I’m a fan, but I’m not insane O.o’ I have a nerdy reputation to ke- You know what, I’ll do it.

  6. Sonic’s rate is in $, so it’s American.
    This is guaranteed to show up on G4.. there isn’t an insurance company in the US that doesn’t advertise on them.

  7. Aww, this is somehow extremely adorable… I’d love to see this over here, but I doubt it.

  8. You never know, this commercial might be Australian I’ve seen 2 progressive commercial and no sonic, and we use the dollar sign too.

  9. HEHEHE I caught this today when I was done taking a nap lol…been sick but lol I woke up to this and I bout shit myself when I saw this…H@H@H@H@ I was like SAHWEET!!! it was aired on fox news channel today that’s for sure in the USA lolz

  10. if it is gonna be in the summer of sonic trivia, then they’re might be a summer of sonic 12

  11. Best Crossover Ever! …. Until the next one. I’m actually glad Sonic’s not speaking. If they couldn’t get Roger to reprise his role and hired a voice-a-like, it would be chaos!

    In the UK, it’s a sure bet he’d team up with Churchill or Alexandr Orlov, if only for the pure epicness that would entail.

  12. AWWWW!!! this is so cute for some strange reason ^^ … but im glad to see Sonic in adverts again

  13. Can’t fault the animation lol, if humans are to return to the games, I want them looking like the one Gurihiru made!

  14. These Progressive commercials are among the most annoying things I’ve ever seen or heard in my entire life, and now they’re even finding a way to annoy me where I least expect it. First ModNation Racers and now this? SHAME.

    1. *ahem. I beg to differ. Flo is HOT.

      Really though, just after seeing your comment, now you made me hate Progressive commercials. Thanks. Thanks for now giving me more hate. >:( Can’t you just watch the damn commercial? You must have some issues if you get annoyed at those ads every time.

      Thank you for helping me break down to impatience and hating, you’ve made me a worse person. >:( You’re a real friend >:(

          1. I suggest we both just get on with our lives and forget this. I don’t have time to argue with random people on the internet.

          2. I was just about to say something like that too, lol. I am going to confession soon, so I also want to drop this. I mistook you, and I’m sorry. Hope we’re cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. so you didn’tlike the funny squirrel and chipmunk one. (I think NauseousPenguin is the squirrel)

  15. *stereotype tv seller voice*
    Save the world in the new game Sonic Insurance.
    In stores Summer 2012 – Only for Wii U, Xbox 720, PS4, 3DS, PSVITA, Atari, SNES, NES, PS1, PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox and Virtual Boy.

    1. Why does he need a car if he can outrun one? And does this mean he’s legally old enough to drive now?

    2. Since he can move faster than a car and is prone to kill someone with such force, he definitely needs insurance…

      Just saying.

  16. i been watching tv for a week and the only progressive commercial i seen is the one with the guy giving free gas. still this is strange marketing indeed, glad to see he back in pop culture, i feel old remembering the cheerios one -__

    now my question, if thats how humans look through sonic eyes, then explain there look in next gen

    1. Well if that’s humans in his eyes, maybe aliens look like humans to him? Elise’s legs would make sense if she were one.

    1. I don’t think this ad will be shown internationally because there were U.S. dollar signs in the thing. Does Progressive have their own people over in Europe?

      Another thing, is anyone sensing Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing had something to do with this? XD

      1. With a sweet car like his, you need to have good insurance.

        Lord knows he’ll crash it often…

  17. i noticed at the beginning it said fox news so i switched to fox news every 2 minutes for commercials and i only saw the one with the flo bot. WHY CANT I FIND IT?!?!?!?!

  18. LOL that’s awesome! now if only they can make one with Tails there too buying insurance for the Tornado then maybe advertising Progressive on the side of it in a new game?

  19. I have a bad feeling that this might milk the franchise’s popularity too much. But I’m glad this “crossover” is just a Progressive Insurance ad and not something cartoon-related.

  20. Adorable. Absolutely adorable.

    Not only do I love the Progressive commercials (Flo is a good actor – she really gets into character and is believable. That, and she probably chugged a lot of coffee before going in for recording XD), but I liked to see the cartoon humans. They reminded me of Sonic Unleashed, honestly.

    So, does this mean Sonic has trouble seeing, due to the warping of the shelves when in his point of view? I’m surprised he doesn’t run into things all the time…He’ll be on an eye doctor commercial next XD

  21. WOW. Totally was not expecting this. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see it during my breaks at work lol. Reminds me of the good old 90s where he was truly everywhere. He even had his own Spaghetti-O’s and Ice Cream!

  22. would love to see this in live tv.

    Sadly there are so many Progressive commercials that the chances of seeing this one would be so slim x.x

  23. Sorry Sonic, progressive doesn’t have Plane insurance. You’ll need to find insurance for the Tornado some where else. ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. Awesome commercial! Also loved that they used the 1up and Invincibility/Super Sonic sound-clip from Sonic 3!

  25. Uhh… SEGA pertnered with Progressive to make a commercial instead of Sonic… The fast food nation wide… Maybe world wide market? I mean… Come on… Make a permanent partnership with the fast food chain. Sonic will then be everywhere. The food menu’s, the signs, the logos, the comercials… I say partner up with americas favorite drive in!

  26. My only hope is that this provides them with a ton of new budget room to use for Sonic 4 Episode 2… But be the ironic luck of it all SEGA probably only made enough if that to pay for making the commercial and airing it… Without any real profit… *(Sighs)*

  27. This is actually a TV ad for the new Sonic Insurance game.

    In stores Summer 2012.

    Only for PS4, Xbox 720, Wii U, PSP, PSVITA, 3DS, DS, Visual Boy, Atari, and SEGA Genesis.

  28. 3D Sonic; No speech; Sonic 3 BGM and Sound effects?

    Sega, are you teasing a remake HD version :v?

    If only ):

  29. Next Progressive commercial: Tails repairs the Flobot that broke in the ad that came before this one.

    And I agree with Preston. It’s a shock Sonic Drive-In hasn’t partnered with SEGA with something like this.

  30. I was thinking about changing insurance companies, but now I will forever stick with Progressive!

  31. Why is a character who in modern gameplay crashes a lot featured in a commercial about car insurance?

  32. Haha this is inredible never expected this whoa…It’s good this happened wow just brings a smile to my face ๐Ÿ™‚ Sonic hasn’t been in a TV ad not ever since the Macdonald ones which takes me way back years ago ๐Ÿ˜€ Sonic needs to appear in more adverts!

  33. If you use the Shazam app while the commercial is playing it’ll give you extra information on progressive but then you can press “Free Downloads” n’ you can download wallpapers of Sonic n’ Flo. They’reโ€ฆ..interestingโ€ฆ…

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