Sonic PC Digital Downloads Galore! Sonic CD, Sonic 4, Generations DLC and…Spiral Knights?!


What a huge morning for Sonic fans! Sega has just announced a bucketload of PC Sonic digital content available now. Sonic CD is now on steam! For a limited time, purchase Sonic CD and you get DLC for Spiral Knights that lets you dress your knight as Metal Sonic. Want more Sonic in your spiral Knights game? You can also purchase a Tails Knight! Also, Sonic 4: Episode 1 finally arrives on your PC as well as the DLC content for Sonic Generations. Talking about my Generations, there’s a demo available for that as well. Happy Sonic PC DLC day!

Source: Sega


  1. I bought ’em all. Oh and about the sprial knight sonic knights thing, they sould’ve made tf2 items (hats/weapons) ’cause sprial knights kinda suck.

  2. I downloaded Sonic 4 Episode 1 on my Steam and when i click the play button on Steam it wont start.

  3. I could complain about them being late, but since there’s a hog load of PC content to be had I’m going to say: Thank you SEGA.

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