Smash Blue Monday With This Energetic Sonic Dubstep


We might not have a Mash-Up Monday for you today, but we have something just as awesome – a pair of YouTubing music artists, NoneLikeJoshua (Josh) and Boyinaband (Dave), have gone and fused Sonic the Hedgehog with this crazy Dubstep trend that’s going around.

The result? Pretty incredible. I particularly like the remix of the Sonic & Knuckles title screen – that’s just been dying for some Dubstep. The rap lyrics might not be all that, but to be fair they’re writing lyrics about a cartoon blue hedgehog.

Today also happens to be that phony ‘unholiday’ that they call Blue Monday (which is not only false but annoying as well – cheer up!), so let’s use this video to turn the meaning of Blue Monday into something more Sonic-oriented! Yeah. We’re taking it back. Bitch.

Thanks to Elson ‘Darkspeeds’ Wong who made us aware of the video.

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  1. Damn, that’s pretty good! Just goes to show ya how creative people can get with all the SFX in the old games.

  2. ‘Today also happens to be that phony ‘unholiday’ that they call Blue Monday’

    Wait, I thought it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and that man was not phony. C’mon Dread!

  3. There’s a reason why it’s called “Mash-Up Monday” and not “Dubstep Monday”. This sucks.

  4. Hey Dreadknux I’ve sent Sonic Stadium a vid for Mash-up Monday wayyyyyy back in October and was never posted. it was a Mash-up for Ghostbusters Theme and Escape From the City. What gives?

      1. damn it musta been something else I sent and forgot about it. anywho are you going to post info on that Co CEO fight over control of Archie Comics?

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