SEGA Releases Sonic 4: Episode 2 Concept Art, More Every Friday

SEGA has started a very familiar campaign called ‘Concept Art Friday’ which will see SEGA release concept art for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 every Friday on their blog and on Sonic’s Facebook page. To kick things off, SEGA has today released two images on their blog of what appears to be a wheel switch from Sonic the Hedgehog 3′s Marble Garden Zone and an image on Sonic’s Facebook page of a new badnik.

Check back next week for more. In the meantime, let us know what you think of SEGA reusing this marketing strategy in the comments section.

Sources: SEGA Blog & Sonic’s Facebook page

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  1. Wen Sega make an Epic japanse anime sonic game with epic fire swords >:DD

    This game is going be awesome 😀

    1. Didn’t sonic and the black knight have enough problems as is no, now if zero from megaman had that yes

      1. Zero from Megaman X DID have a flaming sword. Well, a flaming sword attack, at least. And in Megaman Zero you can have a flame element on your weapon, which allows for flaming sword attacks.


      2. Um… yes it did but what does that have to do with the sword? That’s like saying no game can be good with a sword. There is a such thing you know.

        Not that I’d ever come up with such an idea for Sonic or support it but I wouldn’t be against it if it happened as long as it was good. I’d just think “What the hell were they thinking?” lol

  2. it’s something to look forward to each week. just hope we don’t get a tree again one week.

  3. The badnik looks so cute! I don’t like how it has spikes, because that means we can only spindash them. Unless their spikes go on and off. 🙂

    1. They probably do, meaning that you gotta worry about timing too. Otherwise without the spikes what’s the point? He’s just some object you can pop for no true reason and no defense without them. UNLESS the shell is unbreakable and just happens to also be threatening now and then. lol

    1. Probably not marble garden, but something similar; in the first episode they made levels like splash hill, which are based on other levels but aren’t exactly the same.

  4. This sucks. They’re doing it again! Remaking Sonic CD and Sonic 3, just like how 4.1 remade sonic 1 and ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! if theres a 4.3 it’ll be S&K >:(

    1. Not quite. Tails is playable, which was introduced in Sonic 2. There’s also a new badnik never before seen.

      And lastly, ppl are thrilled to see this gimmick. Maybe you’re not, but since most are isn’t it more logical to assume it doesn’t suck rather you just aren’t impressed? Chill out. lol

  5. My gawsh! We’re getting all kinds of exiting news today! Hmmm… well, I really hated Marble Garden back in Sonic 3… but as long as it’s not nearly as gimmicky this time around…

    But wait, look at how the wheel actually LOOKS! It looks more techish! Hmmmm speculation shall now be processed…

    1. Oh yeah, and that Badnik also is foreshadowing that there will be a water level! And by how it looks, it might be a beach… interesting…

  6. oh my god…
    people… seriously…
    just because they have the switch thing doesnt mean its a marble garden re-hash, christ.

    1. The first concept art for Sonic 4 was a tree and flower based off the ones in Green Hill Zone, Splash Hill Zone is a rehash of Green Hill Zone and Emerald Hill Zone. The first art for Ep2 is the wheel from Marble Garden Zone, see a pattern here?

      1. A pattern? Not at all.

        The tree and flowers are part of the level design, which calling it a rehash of GHZ and EHZ refers to.

        The wheel is part of a gameplay mechanic, not enviroment. That means the wheel does not determine that the stage’s envirment will be like Marble Garden Zone’s the way flowers and palm trees determin a tropical grassy area.

        Even if it were similar to Marble Garden Zone in enviroment I can only imagine it still being at LEAST as significantly different as the stages in ep 1 were, and since it’s ep 2 I expect it to be more different. That said, plus the completely original layout, different name, different music and even the better gameplay compared to ep 1, wtf is the big deal with it being kinda similar to a stage you’ve played before in mere STYLE!? It doesn’t effect anything at ALL!

        It’s like changing the textures of Emerald Coast in Sonic Adventure to Seaside Hill’s! It doesn’t really change anything but the look and even then it’s still not quite like Seaside Hill! So it’s not a big deal. xD

  7. hey its the wheel-switch from Marble Garden. ITS DERIVATIVE OF SOMETHING! RUINED FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!11!1!1!1!one!!!111!!

  8. That switch worries me a bit, I would really like some original levels. I mean, I know it doesn’t mean anything, but after episode one (Which should have been called Sonic Two 2) I worry about this one. But hey, They say the physics will be improved which is good.

    It’s a little off the subject, but the “All new original music” also worries me in that, While I love the idea of new level music, I hope the theme song doesn’t change. The only reason I say this is that, with all the changes, that the theme song may be the only thing connecting it to episode one. I also hope that, after episode 1, you start episode two having all the Chaos Emeralds.

    1. Here is what will most likely happen:

      Episode 2 starts out with Sonic and Tails relaxing with the 7 chaos emeralds nearby. Suddenly, the sky becomes dark and the usual lightning and suspenseful music starts up. The player then sees a shadow go across the screen and not only kidnap Tails (or whatever it is that happens to him) but also steals all 7 chaos emeralds. You quickly figure out after the first 3 stages that it was Metal Sonic that stole the emeralds and kidnapped Tails. You then do a quick boss fight with Metal Sonic to free Tails; Metal Sonic escapes with at least 4 of the emeralds. Given that there are only 4-5 zones, the retrieved emeralds might need to be recovered in their own special stage.

      If we’re to believe that Sonic 4 is a tribute to the classic Sonic games, then it only makes sense that the storyline rehashes the stories together. Sonic and Tails may not be relaxing when Metal Sonic attacks, but rather flying on the Tornado until they are attacked.

      Essentially, expect Sonic to somehow lose all of the emeralds to team Eggman within the first 5 minutes of the game.

      1. Probably, so in the end, if you treat all the episodes of sonic 4 like one game, then you’ll be doing 14+ special stages. Unless something cool happens and we can collect Super Emeralds again!

        1. About that When your in the level select screen of sonic 4 epi 1 you see this gaint crack on the ground with green light coming out of it . so When you download epi 2 it probably will be a lock on so you can play trough sonic 4 epi 1 and 2 . plus if it is a lock on epi 3 ( if it comes ) will most likely be a lock on too . and yeah that way Sega dosent have to release a full game pack (well they might for the people who wanted to wait to buy all episodes and im sorry if this dosent make any sense )

          1. …why would be like that???…in every classic sonic game you have to collect every chaos emerald all over again…i see no reason for having some left over….

  9. cool a new badnik hope the levels will be original too. i wonder would there be some type of lock on to episode one, if they change the game as much as they say they did how will it work with ep 1?

    1. I thought it would be cool if they did three episodes and then released some sort of physical collectors edition that would be simply “Sonic 4”. But if they were going to do that, they’d have to brush up Sonic episode 1 to keep it concurrent, and I don’t see SEGA doing anything like that ever.

  10. The badnik kinda sorta reminds me of an enemy in Spring Yard Zone from Sonic 1, but it still isn’t exactly a copy or a recolor like what Ep1 did with its badniks. As for the wheel, I’d be fine with it as long as they don’t completely rip it off from Sonic 3.

  11. Why am I not surprised? THE SAME REHASH, AGAIN.

    Man, Iizuka must be doing work while drunk, it’s the only way he’s doing this.

  12. All Im hoping for is sonic 2 style special stages (my personal favorites) and nearly enough the sonic generations classic physics,though the physics wish may not com 🙁 still looking forward though!

    1. The physics in Generations were progression from the physics in Sonic 4, or at least the understanding of what’s expected. Dimps also did work on Generations for 3DS which had more accurate physics than on the HD console versions. This means ep 2 will likely have at LEAST physics as good as that. But then they themselves have already stated that ep 2’s physics should be advanced from Generations.

      So your physics wish may actually come true. Also, the graphics will be different as well.

  13. Loving the concept idea arts etc… but the wheelie ma-gig from Sonic 3? Does that mean no Episode 3? *sob*

    1. Well you never know.

      Sonic 4 ep 1 = Sonic 1 and 2 but different.
      Sonic 4 ep 2 = Sonic 3 & Knuckles but different.
      Sonic 4 ep 3 = Classic Sonic but different and new. (Only being made if ep 2 does well)

  14. Lets face it whatever new Badniks are designed we will always compare them to ones in previous games.

    It’s more important what the badnik does rather than what it looks like. If it is really hard to destroy then thats more of a challange.

    That mechanism makes me want to play Sonic 3&K. As for Marden Garden Zone, whilst not my favourite level, it is one of the best design levels ever created. Why? Well its huge. So many paths its easy to get lost or run out of time. Great for exploring (replay value). The boss (act 2) is awesome (very hard as Tails). Remeber how the level would shake or move shape slightly. As well as Robotnik ambushing Sonic.

    So S4 E2 would do well to deisgn a level with those concepts.

  15. yes sega thats a good sega now get back to making game consoles. emagine with the first 100 versions sold you got a mega drive version

    1. Neither did Sonic Colors or Generations. I believe other than Sonic Rivals, Sonic Adventure 1 is the last time we got a “new” badnik until now.

      1. I dont know if these count but
        sonic unleashed had the blue robots and the purple spina’s(the one that fly with blades on)

        1. Well. Foxboy ment ,,BADNIKS” and Egg Fighters aren’t badniks. Badniks are animal-like robots from Classic games (and some of the newer ones). I can’t really describe it but I can definitely say that Egg Fighters aren’t ones.

  16. I am not reading anymore comments, in relation to Episode 2.

    I’m sorry, but some of you are just horrible. Keep complaining, because that will get you nowhere in life.

    I’m serious, you guys are just as bad as most of the people at TSSZ! I like the site, but its filled with complainers.

    The Sonic Stadium should not be like this. We are all nice people. However, if you just want to complain or start a flame war, then be my guest and go to TSSZ. I quit commenting on that website a while ago, becauseit doesn’t have such a good rep.

    1. But isn’t that what comment boxes are for? So people can share ideas, concerns and hopes? And hey, I like to think that entertainment creating is an art. be it movies, games or books. and, with any art, the flaws need to be addressed just the same as the good part.

      Now, does excessive complaining get old? Yes it does! In fact, I think people are very hard on Sonic. You want an example? look at IGN.
      They release a review of Sonic adventure and praise it as a great game.
      They review Sonic Adventure 2 and praise it as an incredible game.
      They review Sonic heroes (gamecube) and praise it as a pretty good game.
      Then they review Shadow the Hedgehog and claim “Sonic has not had a verry good transition into 3D platforming”.

      Then, skip to 2010.
      They review Sonic 4 and praise it as a good game.
      They review Sonic Colors and claim that “The best game since 1992”
      Then they review Sonic Generations and say sonic hasn’t had a good Sonic game in over ten years.
      I repeat: WHAT!?

    2. From what I can see, some people are jumping to conclusion to early on the whole “re-hash” thing. I had played many Sonic games & I had seen many typical Zone Tropes that are similar to each other, but slightly different too – I don’t consider SHZ to be a “re-hash” of GHZ; the level layout is radically different to each other (GHZ was much more linear), SHZ zone had the swinging vine gimmicks used frequently in Act 2, & even the backdrop had slight differences (GHZ had Mountains covering the background). It’s just another take on simple typical green/plains/tropical Trope, but adjusted slightly to Apear similar to GHZ/EHZ (In fact, Leaf Forest Zone from Sonic Advance 2 comes to mind more when I play through SHZ, until Act 3 when it reminds me more on Sunset Park Zone & Sunset Hill Zone from both Sonic Triple Trouble & Sonic Advance 3).

      I’m surprised that I haven’t heard people complaining about Palmtree Panic, Tidal Tempest & Metalic Madness Zones being a re-hashof Green Hill, Labyrinth, & Scrap Brain Zones (yet say that Lost Labyrinth is a re-hash of Labyrinth Zone).

      Eitherway, they are typical tropes that are seen several times with slightly different appearances in each games, but has their own uniqueness or specialities in some ways (EHZ had the möbius strips & underground/cavern areas than GHZ). S4:E1 does exactly that, but seeing that E2 is supposedly have more original levels this time (& that S4:E1 didn’t originally start off as “Sonic The Hedgehog 4”) plus this new Badnik here, things are looking interesting here.

      Although I have to admit… I don’t know what type of level theme they haven’t tried yet, so it’s going be quite tough I suppose (or I’m just absolutely thick & there are a few themes new/unique themes out there that are common in other games..).

  17. I liked the references to classic stages in episode I. And if they include an ice stage, for example, wouldn’t you like to have references to ice cap?

    1. Hell YEAH! I was just saying how there should be an ice stage! Heck, in this case if it’s as similar looking to Ice Cap Zone as Casino Street was to Casino Night and Carnival Night Zones then I’ll actually be pleased, cuz the other ice/snow stages are cool and all but nothing beats Ice Cap Zone. 😀

  18. I won’t write it off as anything until I’ve seen some deccnt gameplay. I’m not one who’s quick to judge a product I haven’t even seen. Keeping expectations in check is not a bad idea at this point.

  19. If you didn’t like Sonic 4 Episode 1, chances are you won’t like Episode 2. Not that it matters because you’re still going to buy it with no refunds. Suck on that.

    1. You’re completely right. Sonic 2006, Sonic and the black knight and Sonic riders 2. What do these games have in common? They were bad games, but we bought them anyway. Why? look at that first word.


  20. Levels types that would be nice to see in Ep 2

    Underwater level (Tidal Tempest & Hydrocity being the bench mark)
    Desert Level (Sandopolis /Desert Dazzlle being the bench mark)
    Ice Level (Ice Cap being the bench mark)
    Lava Level (Lava Reef being the bench mark)
    Pinball level (Casino Night/Collision Chaos/Spring Yard/Sonic Spinball lol being the bench mark)
    Ancient level (Rusty Ruin being the bench mark)
    Night time level (Star light/Stardust Speedway being the bench mark)

  21. Okay, as glad as I am that Sonic’s in a good upswing right now, I can’t say I’m really wowed by Sonic 4 so far. : /

    Granted, I haven’t actually played it myself, kinda wanting some sort of full-release version before shucking out the money for it, but really…..what is NEW? So far, all I’ve seen is the same ol’, same ol’ level themes from Sonic 1-S3&K, and even the final boss is just the same thing from Sonic 2.

    Reusing old levels was nice for Generations, as that was just a big celebration of the entire series, but where’s the imagination for the next “classic” game? I love seeing what kind of insane environments Sonic can be thrown into, and can only take “Green Hill”, “water level”, and “mechanical wasteland” so many times before it gets old.

    So c’mon, Sega/Sonic Team; go buck-wild! Remember that toy level in one of the Advance games? Throw another curve ball like that!

  22. Okay everybody… Here is something that will hopefully shut up your re-hash theories…

    Let me direct your attention to the recent *(Super Mario)* video games.

    *(Pulls out Mario Galaxy – Mario Galaxy 2 – New Mario Bros. DS – New Mario bros Wii – Mario 3D Land)*

    Let me tell you ALL something about re-hash. In all of these Mario games we can see that every enemy looks and acts the same. Every enemy can be defeated the same. All of the levels look and are designed the same. Bowser stages still play the same and beating Bowser is still the same. All of the bosses are his kids and are still the same and are defeated the same. The flying ships and powers are still the same. New moves have been taken away and the original moves are still the same. The multi-player features are still the same. The outfits are the same as well as Tanuki Mario making a comeback is still the same outfit as old Mario games. EXACT same music in every game such as over world and cave and boss and flying ship music and theme song.

    Now let’s compare Sonic shall we?

    *(Pulls Out Sonic 1 – 2 – 3 – Knuckles – Adventure 1 – 2 – Generations – Sonic Colors – Sonic 4 Ep 1 – 2)*

    All new stages. Resembling gameplay and level layout. Resembling enemies and bosses. Completely re-designed and altered in actions and looks and how you defeat them. Main character changes and new abilities and old abilities used in new ways. Returning cast with new abilities and combo abilities. New music in every stage. Re-used music from classic game Sonic 3D but made new through alteration/remixing. Returning rivals with all new story and new ways to battle and defeat. All new logos and gimicks used in all new ways.

    Now why don’t all of you read this, learn the lesson and point, and shut up?

  23. I swear I need to pull out my *(tails bush)* and beat you people with it.

    *(ZZZZzzzziiiiiip – BLAM!!!)*

    How is THAT for original?

  24. I´m i the only one who think it would be awsome if ep 2 had a sprite mode(that looked like the sprites from advance 1) or a mode that lett you play the game in graphics that looks like rayman origins!

  25. Donkey Kong Country Returns has a lot of rehash, and the music is just remixes of the original trilogy.

  26. It’s already Friday, Frida- ugh… not gonna start with that shitty song… and well, still no new concept art… I’ll just wait.

  27. If there was an episode 3, I would expect Knuckles and Shadow come into the game. Good chance of Amy too

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