RUMOUR: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Sequel/Remix in the Works?

We have received word from a tipster, who wishes to remain anonymous, that a new Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing game could be on the way. Our tipster recently spoke to a high ranking staff member at development studio Sumo Digital, and when queried about new projects, the developer gave the below reply.

“Now working on another title for Sega on 3DS, VITA and WiiU. [The] title we are working on is top secret but the last game we did for them was Sonic And Sega All-Star Racing, so the logical conclusion would be… :)”

While the game could be a sequel to 2010’s Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, there is also a possibility, given the platforms, that it could be a remixed version of the first game with new characters & courses specifically tailored to Wii U, 3DS & Vita. But having said that, the tipster informs us that the developer told them months ago that they will be doing no more additional work on the first game.

The Sonic Stadium has received proof of the discussion and the Sumo Digital source in question and have confirmed the authenticity of both. But, as the game has not been officially announced by SEGA and things can often change dramatically behind the scenes, we’re posting this up as rumour for now.

Would you like to see a new Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing game, or a remixed version of the first one? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Many thanks toΒ our tipster for passing the information on to us. If you wish to send in any news tips to The Sonic Stadium, you can do so via the contact page.

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      1. and PC. WTF this is stupid! just limit to these consoles that very (literally) little amount of people have. Bad move.

        1. @Hyperstar96
          Well it stops a lot of sonic and sega fans who would like to play the game from playing it; they would have to buy a vita, 3ds or wii u

  1. If they are making a sequel, I hope Sega put more variety in Sonic levels. Not just Sonic Heroes clones.

    1. I’d like to see Angle island, Speed Highway, Hydrocity (or any other water level) and a couple more and this game will be the mo-fo-ing best.

    1. I’d rather they drop Sonic from the name and focus on all of the series instead of mostly on Sonic. Too bad it won’t happen.

    2. Thirded, less Sonic and more general SEGA please. Some of my favorite characters still need to make their playable debut in a Superstars game, namely Wonder Boy, Space Harrier and Ecco the Dolphin.

  2. Guys, just because their last game was SASASR doesn’t mean it’ll be another racer.

    Personally, I’m shooting for a fighter in the same vein as Smash Bros.

    With Chuck D. Head as a playable character. Come on Sumo, make it happen.

    1. This is what I was thinking. And they could use a bunch of guys who weren’t in the racing game, who might make a better fit here: Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Shinobi…

    2. Looks at cartoon network punchtime explosion answer: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! unless SORA and HAL help make the game, or namco bandai.

  3. If it’s just SASASR for more platforms, and it probably will be, it’ll probably be the same ol game.

    I’d hope if they add courses and racers, they make them available to XBOX/PS3 owners via DLC.

  4. I hope it’s not another racing game. Two of them in a row is not what I’d like to have. Remake of Sasasr is even worse.
    Just give us a brand new game. A fighting game would be the best choice, IMO.

  5. Remember on TSSZ (Sonic Wiki) someone from SEGA teased three new Sonic games? He said one would be a new Sonic/SEGA game. This could be true. πŸ™‚

    1. I remember that too! They also said something about a new storybook game and some sort of Sonic Adventure game for the 3DS, likely a 3D remake of the original.

      1. If they do a 3D remake of the original Sonic Adventure, I’d hope they update the graphics to modern standards. I’d love to see Unleashed graphics Big and Gamma. I almost said “I’d rather get Sonic Adventure 3” and then I remembered that would be better on consoles. I swear to god if they make a Sonic Adventure 3 and it doesn’t play like 1 and 2, SEGA will lose all my respect.

      2. @Penguin – The Sonic Adventure 3/ 3D/ 3DS was mistaken. The SEGA person said that his words were NOT meant to be taken seriously. It stinks, I really wanted a Sonic Adventure 3 / Sonic Adventure 3DS. By Sonic Adventure 3DS, I do not mean remake Sonic Adventure for it, but make an entirely new adventure for the 3DS, called Sonic Adventure 3D. πŸ™‚

        The Storybook and Sonic and SEGA All Stars is the only thing that sounds legitimate.

        If anyone is wondering, Sonic and SEGA might only be for Wii U, and not PS360, in order for the Wii U to sell. Also, the Wii is not getting Sonic Generations, Sonic 06, or Episode 2, so maybe SEGA is trying to make up for that, idk. If there’s one thing I do know, it’s that SEGA has an intense relationship with Nintendo, and that is not going to go away anytime soon.

  6. It IS true BTW.

    SASASR was a BIG sucess, financial logic dictates a sequel. The reason for no Xbox or PS3 could be purely as the consoles are nearing the end of their lifespan & Sega want to jump on-board new technologies such as WiiU, Vita & 3DS, with the next gen of Sony & Microsoft consoles to be tackled at a later stage.

    PS – Sumo are well known for racers & Bizarre Creations lead programmer joined recently to. (Project Gotham Racing/MSR)

  7. What happened to the original and all the fuss about it being made especially for DLC.. no one did anything with it πŸ™ So much wasted potential. Great game thou, blows Mario Kart Wii out of the water (but then again, that isn’t hard to do)

  8. When the Sumo Digital person said “Our last game was SaSASR, so the logical conclusion would be…:)”

    It could either mean SaSASR 2, or a new Sonic and SEGA title.

    I’m going to have to go with a new title, but it could go either way. I’ll still be happy with whatever we get, just as long as it’s something enjoable, and not nerve wrecking —> (Sonic and SEGA golf, Ice hockey, Olympics, Wrestling, etc.)

  9. Alright, I might actually get to play this one, on account of me getting a Vita in a few months!

  10. Not sure. I’d kinda like a new one with characters not in the first one. Personally I’d like to see Gamma in in some way because I love Gamma. Also some more JSR/JSRF characters and some Space Channel 5. Space Jackson, maybe? Oh, and for kicks, the fishers from SEGA Bass Fishing. They drive boats on wheels. Their All-Star Attack is they cast their fishing line and toss the other racers behind them. Oh, and Vectorman.

      1. I’d rather all owners of Wii, PS3 and Xbox etc etc get a chance tbh but maybe the next main Sonic game will fit in for both those consoles? to fit in time for the new ones for this? but for now let’s wait to hear if this is true BEFORE a war begins πŸ™‚

        1. I’m sure SEGA does not want to give the PS360 downgraded graphics though.

          No one is starting a war. Is coo man is coo πŸ™‚

          1. @Truesonic @Ricardo

            Haven’t seen you here in ages πŸ™‚ where have you been?

            I actually hope your both right about exclusives…I so HOPE this is true though I wouldn’t mind if it was different πŸ™‚

  11. That’d be AWESOME if this is true!

    Ristar, Astal, Tempo, GET YOUR ASSES IN THOSE CARS!! >8D

  12. And the battle against Mario Kart begins.

    Clone Sonic R with the latest graphics and you’ve got all my money.
    Make the fourth Sonic Drift sequel and you’ve lost me.

  13. That’s awesome! I loved the first game! πŸ˜€ The only problem is… now I gotta pay for that too…

  14. I’ll be honest. When I first saw Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, I thought nothing of it but a Mario Kart clone attempting to cash in on Nintendo’s success.

    When I played the demo on 360, I was blown away. I absolutely loved the controls and drifting was easy to accomplish but at the same time required skill on how long you had to hold it. In Mario Kart you have to jump into a drift while waggling the d-pad or control stick to obtain a boost. In S&SA-SR, all I had to do was hold L trigger and see how long I can hold it to the 3rd grade without crashing into walls or hitting obstacle. Not the mention the fact that you don’t have to “jump” into a drift makes it so much easier and fun to use. Another reason I liked the game is the fact that items do “help” but the game mostly requires skill.

    The tracks were amazing, lots of variety and overall a blast to play on. God knows how many hours I spent racing online and playing with my buddies. I really welcome a sequel to the game. However i do wanna see a SEGA Superstars fighting game….

  15. All-stars tennis, All-stars racing, the next logical game is obviously “All-stars Proctology!” join Sonic, Aiai, Ulala and the rest of the crew as they explore Eggman’s colon and sphincter to cure his manic egg induced constipation. Brilliant! Sumo’s done it again!

  16. Oh boy the rage for being on Wii U and no PS3/360.

    My body is ready.

    It better has a character with all the Wisps.

  17. You know howhow the 360 version came with Banjo-Kazoiee?

    It would be SO COOL if the Wii U version came with Mario and Luigi! πŸ˜€

      1. Why not the Mega Mushroom, where he jumps out of his Kart, and grows giant, and stomps all over the competition?

  18. If its so, I hope it’ll be even better, I think s&sar has a chance at rivaling Mario kart, also nights being playyable would be friggin awesome

  19. Hopefully some representation for Valkyria Chronicles, Skies of Arcadia, Golden Axe and Alpha Protocol.

  20. Can Vyse from “Skies of Arcadia” actually make it in next time? He could ride a car that looks like the Delphinus, or something.

    I can dream. I can dream…

  21. I hope this is true I’d love a sequel to ASR πŸ™‚ more levels, more characters, more music and this would be sweet πŸ™‚ I’m praying for this to be true I’d also love if all versions could get an exclusive character each πŸ˜€

  22. Why don’t they just make a game like Sonic R, on foot, only with the boost and stuff. It doesn’t even have to be a stand alone console release, it can be DLC , A mode for the next game, a downloadable title, something.

  23. I’d like to see A Wii U,3DS, And PS Vita version! or sonic and sega all-stars racing 2! either way i’m satisfied (:
    I would like to see both if I could.

  24. How interesting…The problem is, I don’t think I’ll get a Wii U.

    Thing is, I doubt this is a sequel. The prequel was made for all systems, why would they limit it for the sequel, which would undoubtedly sell even better? :/ It just doesn’t make sense…

    So, I am banking on something else, but I can’t say for sure what it is. Maybe another sports game?

    1. Its probably only for Wii U so the Wii U can sell. Besides, maybe SEGA feels sorry for the Wii owners, how they have been missing out on recent Sonic games, and wants to show them that they care.

      I want Sonic Racing 2, or a fighting game similar to the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Series. Imagine that. JUST WOW! :O

      1. Maybe, but something tells me SEGA wouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to sell on all consoles. And the Wii did get All-Stars Racing, so it’s not a case of it “missing out” on that game. DLC, yes, but not the game itself.

        A fighting game WOULD be interesting, though.

  25. You guys don’t seem to realize that making a fighting game is without a doubt the ABSOLUTE HARDEST thing you can possibly do as a game designer. You have to develop an engine that detects hits on every character, you have to make sure that all the hitboxes work and don’t suffer any game breaking glitches, you have to make sure that the roster is balanced from the get-go and not have any characters that seem absurdly powerful, you have to be aware of tons of glitches and exploits… it’s the tallest order in the game industry. Especially making one like Naruto. It would take years to develop a fighting game that works. Racing games are MUCH easier to make.

    It probably won’t be a fighting game, all things considered.

    1. But….but…

      Those japanese game designers are super smart! XD Jk. I guess you’re right. Unless Sega gets Cyber Connect 2, we probably won’t see a chance of a fighting at all.

      Is there a difference between SSB and Naruto, in terms of making the game? I think Naruto is harder.

  26. I want my promised DLC for the first one before a sequel.

    but a Sega All-stars Fighting would be great, Ristar needs to be playable.

  27. Fighting game would seem like a great option, but as PsycoJosh pointed out, there are loads of things that could go horribly wrong…

  28. Hopefully they get permission from ToeJam & Earls creator to put them in the sequel in time unlike the first Sega racing.

  29. I was thinking if silver and blaze were in SASASR and Silver’s allstar could be Super Silver like in sonic 06 and blaze’s allstar could be Burning Blaze from sonic rush and Silver’s allstar icon could be the ring he has on his gloves and Blaze’s allstar icon could be the 7 Sol emeralds

  30. It would be great!!!, SASAR an MNR are the only 2 Mario Kart Clones I like

    But this time putt more famous SEGA character in it like ristar, nights etc. Sonic, Tails,Knuckles,Amy,Shadow and Eggman are enough as Sonic characters SCREW BIG :P,

    And also putt more variety in the tracks,
    The different tracks of one theme was okay, But i better like to see a track of more than just 5 games

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