Has Yuji Naka Confirmed A Sonic Movie in the Works?

Both Sonic Wrecks and TSSZ News recently reported that Yuji Naka may have spilled the beans on an upcoming Sonic movie. On his latest Facebook and Twitter posts, he mentions visiting the Marza Animation Studios (Night of The Werehog, and most Sonic game CGI) and that they are in the process of making a Sonic movie. Whether it’s just more CGI for an upcoming Sonic Game or a full blown movie is yet to be known. Until we get more confirmation, treat this as rumor.

Sources: Sonic Wrecks, TSSZ News


  1. After i saw the intro of Sonic Unleashed, I always thought someone of SEGA will come up with a Sonic Movie, It will be great, if they have just a great story like unleashed and make it like a movie

  2. Ooooh! Exciting!

    I really hope this is true. would be awesome to see sonic on the big screen. I just hope they don’t have a lame ‘3-D’ gimmick attached to it if it does go ahead.

    Here’s hoping!

  3. Having seen Kung Fu Panda 2 I think a Sonic movie is entirely possible if done in a similar vein – enthusiastic, slightly over-the top action with a firm lively tone.

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    let the movie be real

  5. It would be cute if it was a short between Classic and Modern during Generations…because we were seriously stripped of cute times between them in the game…but a movie would be so much more epic πŸ˜€

    1. Actually, it wouldn’t. That I think would be a killer. It either has to be Classic or Modern; having both is just beyond any logic (though it is hard to find logic with a talking blue hedgehog who can run faster than anything that moves across land). If it is to be a movie of any kind I think it would be best for Yuji Naka to try and make it as logical as possible within the Sonic world. With a greater foundation of logic comes epicness and will not only make it more enjoyable to Sonic fans, but to the older audience who grew up playing the games. Something along the lines like Sonic Unleashed without the Werehog is what I would prefer. It was heartfelt, funny and dramatic; no more of this lame kiddy comedy of Sonic and Tails vs. Eggman. Like I’ve said to my friends, that plot has been used like a wedding cake and the layers are just getting old–no more can be done with it, as we have pretty much seen it ALL. Something new and original would be nice.

      1. I was agreeing with you completely until you reminded me about the kiddy comedy they’ve began to recently use…now thinking of how they made Sonic act in Colours, and the new voices and everything, I think voice-wise…we’re too late =(

        If they managed to change Sonic’s attitude back to Unleashed style then it could be good

  6. After seeing NOTWH and especially the Unleashed Intro CGI in terms of action scenes, I’d be psyched for a CGI movie. That is, As long as they Come up with a really good storyline. I’d personally die of happiness if they returned Dark Sonic from Sonic X, or even Hyper Sonic from S3&K. And I’d love it if they used some Linkin Park tracks for some of the Score. I listen to them all the time when playing Unleashed/Colors/Generations. lol

    1. They really should have had more Dark Sonic.
      I love seeing him angry for some reason πŸ˜›

  7. No, this was confirmed to be incorrect yesterday! Yuji Naka was talking about cut-scenes! keep up Sonic Stadium!

  8. I don’t mean to rain on anyones parade but I’m not exactly excited for a Sonic moive. The story, charaterisation and narrative tone of Sonic games over the last decade as been naff, while the Sonic OVA, Sonic X and other Sonic cartoons have been largely average. The chances of a Sonic moving being great are slim and even if someone outside Sega was directing I’d imagine Sega would keep a close leash on their beloved character; meaning no expirimentation or risk taking.

    I’m sure the film would LOOK great but I can’t really get excited for a series whose stories are bland. And if there ever was one, Dakota Jones, NOOO you do not even think of suggesting Linkin Park music for it. I have no real qualms with the band but it would never suit an epic like we’d want.

  9. Huh. If it’s a full movie, then awesome. If it’s a short, then cool. No big deal but cool. If it’s like Night Of The WereHog then nice, but nothing special. (I wouldn’t really want to see more shorts or a film with no talking the entire time unless they’re just short skits where it fits in. But I’m more interesting in you know.. a MOVIE.)

  10. @ProjectZuel: Hm. Actually I can picture Linkin Park to Sonic. It’d be pretty fitting. Only problem is Linkin Park aren’t really that big on Sonic. (As in they’re not that interested, at least that’s what they’ve once said.)

    As for the story, it’s not really raining on anyone’s parade to express your opinion. A lot of people liked those stories. And while I don’t like the modern style of plots as much, I think they’re alright and wouldn’t mind, and others like them as well. So really that wouldn’t be a problem except for ppl like you. Not saying that in an insulting way, just meaning that even if you’re not thrilled for a Sonic movie that at least it still has a chance to please others. You never know. o0

  11. Why would Yuji Naka be involved in a Sonic movie when he hasn’t been involved in the franchise for nearly half a decade is my question.

    1. He is not involved in it. He visited Marza Animations, and tweeted that they are working on Sonic animations, but we don’t know for sure if its for a movie or a Sonic game.

  12. @ProjectZuel
    It’s just my opinion dude. Just because you dont like it doesnt mean you need to bring me down.

  13. Sonic needs to get back into the gaming world before jumping to a big screen for a film (he’s only getting attention back now), even though its been said due to copyright issues sonic cant grace the big screen, unless this is changed now.
    besides i dont think the public and movie goers would wanna see sonic in a full film, it would flop because you need a good story full of emotion and sonic in the games front doesn’t have that, and most likely fans would demand for every character to be in it and would just want action from start to finish……

    Plus Games to films always fail, and i don’t think sega would wanna risk there money and let sonic go down again.

    If a company like Pixar were to do it, then you have a chance for a great film.

    1. But Pixar wouldn’t do it though. All thier movies are based on something like a topic of somekind and put the movie in their perspective like toys, super heroes, bugs, fish, robots. They’d have to do a movie on hedgehogs. Plus then Sonic would become a Disney figure.

      1. i said a company “Like” Pixar, i didn’t mean Pixar to do it, even though that would be awesome if they did. and at ricardo Night of the werehog was bad, it wasn’t even a sonic cartoon, they just made something else and then copied and pasted sonic on it to make people watch it.

  14. Anything would be appreciated, I enjoyed Night of the Werehog, watched it again just the other day.

    It’s just kind of weird to hear this from Naka instead of Iizuka

    1. technically those rumors are true man. Eddie LeBron, the guy behind the Mega Man live-action fan-film, is in the final stages of creating the first live-action Sonic short film. sonicfanfilm.com

  15. NO. HUMAN. LEADS. That is ALL I ask for (well, that and no Sonic Underground-style musical numbers).

    A Sonic movie done by the same guys behind the cgi cutscenes could be good, though; the animation for Unleashed up to today has been great. Just hope they got the story to back it up.

  16. No. I don’t want a movie be made. Sonic’s already a huge cash-cow, he should not be milked more to death.

    Why is it so important for Sonic to have a new movie or animated TV series be made? Sonic is a video game franchise, not a movie/TV show/cartoon one. Seriously, I’d much rather see a new game be made instead of a movie or a new TV series.

    1. It could be decent, you never really know. Heck, Earthworm Jim got a cartoon and it was freaking fantastic.

    2. Well, it’s not like a cartoon or movie would take talent away from a game development team; separate talents at work here.

      And besides, we see a new Sonic game just about every year (sure, half of them are spin-offs or that Olympics nonsense with Mario, but they still count). It’s been a while since we had some good Sonic animation.

  17. I think it’s interesting that Yuji naka is doing something with sonic again (that is if the rumor is true) I’d love a short/long film on sonic now that he’s recovering

  18. Short or long film will not matter to me as long as it looks just as nice as the intro to Unleashed. I hope this is true because I will be very excited.

  19. Ummmm, was’t Sonic OVA the Sonic movie? Oh well, it’s kind of forgotten, I will freaking LOVE an actual Next-Gen Sonic Movie! It’d be GREAT! This is making me quite exited!

  20. Oh I hope this is true!!! If it’s an official film, or a short like “Night of the Werehog” I’ll be happy either way! πŸ˜€

  21. It’s probably just something for a new game. Nothing to suggest it’s a full movie. While it is a possibility, and would be pretty cool.

  22. Guys this is a game! theres were a bunch rumors saying sega doing a sonic game! Finally Sonic team! This is what we fans want out of a story! CGI!

  23. I can see it now…


  24. A few years ago i was on wiki and i know this might not b correct, but blue sky studios, the guys who made ice age and rio, r in the makes of making a spore and sonic movie. Well they now removed the fact about the sonic movie but im on to them.

  25. Probably just cutscenes, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull out another short, a la “Night of the Werehog”, as a tie-in to the next major game.

  26. if thers really gun be a movi than it shud explain the origins of the chaos emeralds and show sonic and eggmans frst encounter also how sonic obtained his speed

  27. This might be a long shot, (I haven’t read the comments so I don’t know if people talked about this yet) but they might be helping with the Sonic Fan FIlm. But a full-length animated Sonic Movie would be incredible! Used with the awesome CGI that was in Unleashed/Night of the Werehog would be great! I would be able to die happy πŸ™‚

  28. If this happens, my mother will never let me hear the end of it. She teases me relentlessly, and I don’t know why…*Hides Sonic throw* Erhem.

    It will certainly be interesting. However, methinks Yuji is trolling the fanbase a little bit XD

    They have to make a Sonic movie, THEY MUST!!!!
    The last one wasn’t that great :/
    Plus it means more merchandise C=

  30. hopefully it wasn’t quite as meh as the last one. nor as cheesy as the tv series. wooooooooooo CGI! if it’s real. πŸ˜€

  31. I’d love to see the Sonic franchise go into the back into animation world,it’s actually something I’d hope they do for the longest.Being honest though Sega has proven that their character design is great I mean the Sonic world is so full of great art.The most important thing for Sega is a better character development maybe like the Sly cooper series.If they hire great writers we could have a great TV series!

  32. I just read on Sonic Paradise that the company had split up and the Sonic movie was cancelled. Pllllleeeeeaaaasssseee tell me that’s not true D:>

  33. I actually hope it’s true If so i hope it’s like Night Of The Werehog but longer with more characters, intense action and thrill πŸ˜€

  34. When I read it I was like…

    “A MOVIE?!” and I shouted it…

    I hope that, if they decided to do it, they do it with effort, because saying “Oh a movie :D” is not that simple.. it can be the good step or a fatal step..

  35. Nice to hear good news today. After the anime ova, and the long running X series. Its great that us fans are treated to something special. Plus Marza Animation did an awesome job with Night of the Werehog. I wonder what they will base this film’s story on. Or if its part of a game, that’s even better news.

    I think Naka-sama still carries influence somehow. Something about Generations felt like his spirit was part of it. Even though its in another teams’ hands. Hope we’ll hear more soon. Or even a teaser trailer!

    (Btw the Progressive ad has been popping up more on tv!) O.o

  36. Cool! I’ve always expected sega to crete another sonic movie(even if this is just a “rumor”).

  37. As a Sonic fan, I’ am not that impress. Well, I think it’ll turn out like the 3d mover version of Astro Boy.

    I think it’s better if it’s based on the SatAM series, if Naka ever wacth the SatAM series.

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