Freak Out Friday: Sanic… Hotdogs?

Freak Out Friday: Sanic… Hotdogs?

Wasn’t originally going to post a FOF this week… but I literally saw this 30 seconds ago. It’s 11:59pm – it must be a sign.

Warning: very loud.


I didn’t even know Colours hacking existed…

(Thanks to Professor Jackstraw PhD on the SSMB for linking this video-type thing.)

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  1. Where can I get a copy? XD
    Next time I play Colors and hit a ramp, I’m totally shouting out “gud! grape! kool! fucken kool! GOTTA GO faster faster faster Sonic X”…well maybe minus the faster faster but XD

  2. Haha, I laughed too hard at the gud, grape part. Mainly because to me it sounded as the announcer was saying them. xD

  3. You guy’s DO know the new Sonic 4 concept art is up now right? I am amazed you guys and retro haven’t posted it.

    1. I’m pretty sure that these guy’s DO know the new Sonic 4 concept art is up now, especially since forum exploded with activity on its subject from the very minute Fullboar and Steelion were revealed.

      But really, what point is there in posting it when it’s basically going to be just: “Yay. Artwork. Enjoy.”?

      I’m pretty sure that concept art doesn’t warrant its own full article here, especially since the SEGA Blog and the Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page don’t have much to say about them either. If you’ve got a problem with it, then too bad, just stick to the pictures you’ve already found. Maybe TSS will compile a load of them together by the end (and that’s a very big maybe), but there’s no point – and neither is the staff obligated – for them to do so.

      The most I would actually expect the staff to do, seeing that there isn’t much to hoorah in the first place save the fact that we have new Badniks, is update the original article, but even that would be getting repetitive. Leave Concept Art Friday to SEGA, don’t expect every fan community to follow their example.

  4. Wow…now that’s what I call dieting on the run baby…holy hell someone must have hit the windowpane a little too hard lately cause I’m seeing every day on planet wisp is good with just 2 scoops LMAO.

  5. Flying hotdogs…Eggman needs a sauerkraut moustache, which makes me kinda shudder of what Tails is going to look like in this hack.

    One more thing, shouldn’t Sonic get some kind of “chili” power up or something like that? Come on, you gotta love those old DIC cartoons (which I’m still not sure to this day if I really do).

  6. So no-one else laughed their hearts out during the grind part, where the planet in the background is replaced by a sun wearing sunglasses?

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