BlueTube: Sonic the Sound Cartoon (Again)


Some fans always complain about how Sonic should go back to the ‘classic’ style. Well, what if that was taken literally? Today (in 2011), animator Mr Stupes has released a cute little cartoon presenting the blue blur as the hero of a silent movie!

It’s a great effort, as short as it is, and it’s undeniably funny in its simplicity. It seems Mr Stupes has fallen foul of the YouTube commenter, however, with the video description mentioning hate comments referring to the quality of his work. Let me be one of the many to say, that YouTube doesn’t have a bloody clue what it’s talking about.

“You kids are pretty scary,” Mr Stupes writes in his video description. Mix YouTube with teenage Sonic fans, and you pretty much have the recipe for a social molotov, mate.

Watch the damn video already.

Edit: As a lot of people have pointed out, this video was actually released last year. Don’t blame my HERP-A-DERP, it’s only the first day back at work! 😉 Erm… just consider this a bonus repeat or something. <3

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  1. I think SEGA on facebook showed this off last year , but it’s still awesome… wish it were longer

  2. At first when I read BlueTube I thought you were talking about Blue Wisps 😛

    Anyway, I’ve never seen this video before. I had a good laugh.

    But the “Watch the damn video already.” killed me.

  3. This will probably be the storyline for the next game if the current trend in the series’ writing keeps going.

    *Half-joking-but-still-kinda-means-it trollface*

  4. I first saw this at the Sega Blog a loooooooong time ago. I was thinking of sending the link in to The Sonic Stadium, but I never got around to it. Too late now I guess. 😛

  5. This is the most awesome cartoon ever! It’s better than all the Sonic TV shows made combined!

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