Sonic CD Set For Release on Wednesday

Sonic CD Set For Release on Wednesday

UPDATE: SEGA’s adjusted the schedule on their blog. The game will be released on iOS December 15th and on Android December 14th. A date will be announced for the PC version soon.

Original story:
Sega today announced the release dates for Sonic CD on multiple formats. The rerelease is set to see its worldwide Xbox Live Arcade and iOS release on Wednesday, along with a PlayStation Network release in Europe.

It will be available for 400 Points (XBLA), Β£3.59 (PSN) and Β£2.99 (iOS), a real bargain for a game rebuilt with widescreen HD support, both soundtracks, Tails as a playable character, and achievements.

To mark the release, Sega of Europe have published a launch trailer on their YouTube account:


As seen with the second Sonic Generations demo earlier this year, the PlayStation Network outside of Europe will see its release later. The American PSN release is scheduled for Tuesday 20th December. Android and Windows Phone versions are set for the new year, likely for extra development time.

Source: SEGA Blog

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  1. 400 points is a great price for the game, seeing as I spend 400 on Sonic 3 a week ago. Looking forward to it.

  2. There’s also that contest I’m not sure if they’ve already sorted it out yet or not, though I guess it will be sometime this week, if the game’s released.

  3. Wow, 400 points, there’s no reason not to get the game, even if you already own in on several different formats

  4. I sent an email about the PSN release yesterday to the news email, dunno if you guys got it :U

    Anyway, does that mean that it will release in Steam the same day too?

    That’s great ^^

    1. I did get the e-mail, but I didn’t put the news up because SEGA responded to it via Twitter saying nothing had been officially announced yet. That, and that US PSN date turned out to be wrong, as it’s coming to Europe tomorrow, not the US.

    1. I don’t think so. Sonic CD appeared recently on the Steam registry, plus it appeared for pre-order on Gamersgate.
      I’m guessing they either forgot to put the release date for the PC version on the Press Release, or there’s no set release date for the PC version yet.

      1. I wouldn’t be so sure, everything else had a mention in the press release and PC doesn’t even appear on the trailers any more

        1. I’m sure because Ken Balough has said as much on the SEGA Forums. The Taxman (Christian Whitehead) also said about the same thing at Sonic Retro’s forums. SEGA’s also just updated their blog to say a date for the PC version will be announced soon.

          1. Thanks! I got worried over the PC release, I just got releaved right now. Hopefully it comes soon πŸ™‚

  5. When sonic charged his spin dash it went in to sonic 2 style
    normally it would not have any animation and just be a still roll

    beside’s that i am getting this on IOS and xperia play!

    one of my favorite games

  6. I know it says the release is later for US to allow for extra development time, but I think it’s just so GameStop and sea can suck more money outta people by having exclusivity on there tablets, seriously I’ve been playing the full version at GameStop for almost a month… Still. Can’t wait! Love sonic cd, you can tell there was a lotta love put into that game.

  7. (Please note that Fluttersoard is now called Ghostcape. Why? Because Ninjas.)

    SEGA, what’s with the HD FUTURE sign at the end?
    SOE: …We might be teasing something.


    1. You know that all the sprites in this remake can be switched to HD right? I think if this sign were for Sonic 4, it’d be designed a bit different, more plastic-toy-looking and bigger. lol

  8. I hope Amy appears in Sonic 4: Episode 2, she will be main character to hug Sonic, and kidnapped by Metal Sonic.
    Also, Tails and Knuckles will appear in Episode 2 as playable characters?

  9. Wait a second, Wednesday?! Todays Wednesday! And I finished school yesterday! I am going to look on PSN like crazy today! I live in Australia so it feels like a short time t wait.

    1. You and me both, I’m in New Zealand and its been Wednesday all day with no sign of it. I don’t think our PSN store will update till tomorrow since it won’t be Wednesday till then in the UK

  10. Does anyone know if I can buy this off of the UK account with an American Debit Card? I have a UK account, and I don’t wanna wait a week. I do have a XBOX, but I would rather play it on PS3.

    1. Probably not feasible, since I can’t update my US account with a UK credit card, unless you can find a site online that sells PSN codes. Probably the best you can do otherwise is to ask a UK friend to buy you a Β£5 PSN top-up code and pay them through Paypal or something.

  11. This is like a huge “We love you: from Sega. What a price!! I’m gonna show my support for them getting the The Taxman involved with this by buying it on 360, PS3 and iOS.

  12. As much as I’m really looking forward to getting this, it’s really ticked me off just now seeing that they’re postponing the game’s release another day on iOS. Means I’ve stayed up all last night for nothing. Thanks a lot Sega )X

    1. It’s not their fault you decided to stay up all night when it wasn’t required, even if it were released today.

      1. You have a good point there. But that wasn’t the only reason I stayed up, though. I’ve been full up with a cold all week as well, and last night it prevented me from sleeping a wink (more so than waiting for the game to come out, to be truthful). I didn’t know until this morning that it had been delayed until tomorrow, and I’m not proud of the way I reacted then to the news. I know it wasn’t the right thing, Axx, and for that I apologise.

  13. w00t! this will be my birthday present (next week – 20/12/2011) and I will download both XBOX 360 & PS3 it happened I beat this game before on Mega CD (Original Japanese/European Version) and beat again on Gamecube/PS2/XBOX (Sega PC Version “>.<")

    No w it see the changes for the Spin Dash (use Sonic 2 style or Sonic 1 Remix – Sonic Jam)
    it could more fun "if" it is Sonic & Tails in the gameplay (like Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles) oh well:3

    Note: it better have Time Attack (for Normal Stage & Special Stage), Hidden Special Stage (Requires Level Select with Hidden Artwork plus next game message that load debug mode and speical fetures with artwork, intro, good/bad ending, pencil test) maybe it should called "sonic the hedgehog cd (Sonic CD): 20th Anniversary Edition"
    lol πŸ˜€

    1. Doesn’t this ALWAYS happen when ppl wait for something to come out in an update on the precise spot as if nothing else in their lives exist? You shouldn’t be suprised.

  14. anyone who doesn’t have a iphone or smartphone and a xbox 360 but do have a ps3 in america, then you sir/madem are complete idiots. if u want sonic cd, then whipe that away cuz europe gets it 1st for psn πŸ˜€

    1. idiots? What if they just like PS3 but not the others enough to waste money on them? I mean hell it’s just Sonic CD.

    2. That was a dick move, dear Sonicwalter 😐

      Plus, let me tell you that Sonic CD isn’t just coming for PSN.

  15. ^v^ well the Full/Demo Game now on XBOX 360 Website (UK) so this will be fun ^v^ ^w^ ^.^ ^-^ ^^ :3

  16. I like how they make the trailer sound like it’s all exciting with the music and text and when they show Sonic and Metal racing it’s all slow and boring looking. lmfao

    The stages look weird. What’d they do? Recolor some things, zoom out a little and create new paths/layouts of the levels with merely the same sprites? Like Sonic CD remix or sumtin? lol

    Too bad they didn’t decide to use the Sonic 2 sprite. I always found Sonic 1/CD’s to look dull. The color is much smoother, sharp and vibrant in Sonic 2 imo. lol A silly nitpick. C:

  17. What a tease, I wish they’d stop holding back on the Sonic 4 Episode 2 info and just spill the beans already x.x

  18. somthing : if you plan on buying this YOU WILL NEED THE DEMO FIRST i said this because y’know some people dont read discriptions anymore -.-

  19. I wish I had XBLA I can’t get it this year arggh >_< I used to play CD on Gems Collection looking back at the trailer I actually kinda miss playing this game :/

    1. I thought someone already posted it in the coment section but I guess everyone play it now. Sorry for double post but I wanted to be FIRST!

  20. Yup, it’s up on the New Zealand PSN Store now, and it’s also on the New Zealand iPhone Store too. It’s $2.59 NZ on the iPhone store and clocks in at 258meg to download. Haven’t checked the PSN one yet for NZ price, but it’s 355meg for some reason.

  21. When will Steam ever show Sonic CD in their store to pick up after the release date is actually set?

    I’d like to try the new improvements to the game since I have played it on Gems Collection a long time.

  22. Really amazed with the amount of commentaries on this News Post. Seems that people really like Sonic CD.

    Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the Steam release ^^;

  23. *SPOILERS* uh i have finished the game and after the credits you see a tails picture with next to it see you next game ……sonic 4 anyone?

    1. I think it meant see you next time playing the Sonic CD, you know after clearing the game you unlock Tails and you can play as him.

  24. I Started Sonic CD for XBOX 360 the day it were released and I already beat with the cool ending (it took about a few hours to beat) and beat it again with tails:3 “Chao”

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