Sonic CD Developer Diary Video

Sonic CD Developer Diary Video


SEGA has just posted the above Sonic CD developer diary video on their blog. In the video Sonic Team Art Director Kazuyuki Hoshino gives an insight into the creation of Sonic CD‘s logo, characters, enemies, bosses and stages. It’s an interesting watch, and even features some never-before-seen concept sketches.

Source: SEGA Blog

Thanks to StrickerX-mas at the SSMB for the heads up!


  1. Fantastic insight, i really hope we get to see some more concept art.

    Also, makes me wish this had came out before i had done my contest picture. Ah well.

  2. Anyone know when this Sonic CD finally gets released? I can see it on the XBL dashboard on the Arcade section but there isn’t the option to highlight the download button, it’s like it was meant to come out on the 7th December but got held up because of the new update or something…

    1. Yes, that caught me by surprised as I thought she had 6.

      But it makes sense cause her Modern design has 5 head quills,

  3. Now that.. Was a very interesting commentary. Can’t wait for the Sonic CD download and the winners for the contest!

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