London Gaming Con Brings the Sonic (and Mario) This Weekend

London Gaming Con Brings the Sonic (and Mario) This Weekend

You might be aware of the London Gaming Convention. If not, why not? It’s an annual event that takes place every December, that aims to bring people together in their love for computer games. This weekend, the LGC returns to the Rocket Complex Metropolitan University – and The Sonic Stadium is going to be there.

The convention is open on both Saturday and Sunday, with a large range of activities and events taking place across the venue. On Sunday, I will be hosting a special ‘Mario versus Sonic’ tournament, where two Sonic fans and two Mario fans will do epic battle for some nice prizes. What will these challenges be? Ah, you’ll have to wait and see.

I will also be representing the Sonic scene with a special Club Sonic taking place Sunday evening, from 7pm onwards. I will be hosting the afterparty with my good friends RadioSEGA, who will take over later in the evening. It promises to be a great time.

Fellow fansite Sonic Wrecks is also getting involved, having a large part to play in the organisation of the event on both days, so go and say hello to ArchAngelUK when he has a spare second.

Go to the LGC website for more information, including travel and ticket information. You can pay on the day by simply rocking up to the door, so don’t worry about pre-ordering tickets too late or anything. Entry is £10 on the door each day. See you there!

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  1. Awesome. I probably won’t be able but it’s looks quite good. Let’s just hope that the Mario fans and the sonic fans don’t get too aggressive 😀

  2. Darnit, too bad I’m just some teen in America, oh well, happy travels Sonic Stadium!

  3. This sucks!

    That’s two conventions I couldn’t go to because I’m underage by a few months!

  4. I can’t go, since all of my wages this month have got to go to Christmas and Birthday presents. I hope everyone has a great time, though 🙂

  5. weekend gaming conventions are pointless if you have to be 18, thy would have a point if it was for everybody

  6. My Bro wanted us to go to this but since hes 17 we cant go… i understand the whole must be 18 thing due to it being a pub area but i dont think it matters when most people just wanna go there to have fun instead of just drinking, i dont drink at all.

    1. That’s the same for me as I just wanna have a blast, not drink it all away. Plus I’m in New York so there’s zero chance of me going…oh well…hope there’s footage of the event though! ^^

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