Water Palace Revealed as Final 3DS Level. Not Apotos.

Despite what we told you earlier in the month, it appears Apotos is not the final level reveal for Sonic Generations. According to a review from the Spanish official Nintendo Magazine, it is in fact Water PalaceΒ from Sonic Rush. Easy mistake to make given the backgrounds look very similar. Not to mention that this is the only portable Sonic Game represented and every other Sonic game shown is from the console versions.

In more good news, the magazine revealed that there will be over 100 missions that you can partake in the game. Also, they gave the game a high score of 90. We’ll see if the game lives up to that score as Sonic Generations releases on 3DS next week.

[Source: Sonic Paradise]


  1. whaat, sonic generations 3ds has a higher score than the console versions?
    eggman voice:no way, I can’t believe thiss

  2. Oh…well in that case YAY! for a Rush level πŸ˜€ I would of preferred Deadline but still I’m glad a Rush level is in this version πŸ™‚

    It’s such a shame other levels from other Sonic handheld games couldn’t make it…

    1. multiplayer has more of a greater chance of having handheld stages now that a handheld level is confirmed to be part of the main story line of the generations 3ds verison. Plus it also brings back the possiblity of a rush/rush adventure modern era Boss.

    1. I really LOVE this fan base first they B**** about Apotos’ inclusion and now that its not they want it in rather than a level that represents the first true recognition of a handheld game other than green hill

      1. Actually, I’m not bitching. I have no problem with this news. I’m just saying I prefer Apotos. Sonic Unleashed is one of my favourite games, after all. In fact, there aren’t many Sonic games that I can actually say I “hate”. I even think the Werehog and Sonic ’06 are wonderful.

        Everytime I leave a comment on any site, I get bad responses. Can’t anyone be nice these days?

        1. Hey I’m nice πŸ™‚ but seriously yeah I love Apotos too and Unleashed is also one of my favourite Sonic games much better than recent ones IMO (Colors etc) but the thing is I’m actually glad Apotos isn’t appearing πŸ˜€ would of preffered it on the other versions of Generations but still then again it would of been interesting to see how Apotos would look in the 3DS oh well I’m happy with Water Palace. I’m so happy a Rush level is appearing I said before I would of preferred Deadline but still seems good πŸ˜›

          1. I didn’t really like Colours, either. Don’t see why everyone thinks it’s so amazing. >< I'm hoping more levels will be made for the 360/PS3 versions as DLC. That'd be cool.

          2. >think that sonic 06 is wonderful
            >dislike colours


            Eh, I’m not critizing you, I like Sonic 06 too.

          3. @SonicBoom0
            I actually enjoyed colors. It had a nice chnge to it. It got away from just blast through the level and not do anything even if you wanted to.

            @Blue Wisp
            You know, for a guy that doesn’t like Sonic Colors, your username is kind of questioning that.

  3. ONE portable level? ONE?! Still good choice, nice to have a water based level in one of the games πŸ™‚

    1. Just realised what the song is for that level! Back 2 Back!!! Love that song, can’t wait to hear the mixes

      1. Yeah, I like it too! It took me a while to get used to the so different style of soundtrack from Sonic Rush, but after I did, I started appreciating the songs. Personally, I love Blaze’s version of Back to Back, but I think they’ll remix Sonic’s. It only makes sense.

    2. I agree that it is a good choice, not only will it silence the HISTORY OF THE FIRST STAGE people, but like you said its a water based level.

  4. I kind of wondered to myself if it would turn out to be Water Palace.

    So, now we know all the 3DS levels right?

    Still a little disappointing.

    1. nope. Silver is a rival for modern.

      This kind of miffs me a bit. If a Rush level was included why can’t blaze be a friend that sonic has to save in the 3ds version as well.

          1. read better. I was answering C.J claim of two modern rivals in the other verison ala console. I’m well aware that Silver is a rival for both versions thank you very much

  5. YESSSSSSSS! A handheld exclusive level! Haha! Huh? A better rating than the console version…. O_O Woah. This is all so suprising… hmmm, how many handheld levels is that? Green Hill, Water Palace, and Tropical Resort? Nice.

      1. Yeah agreed I’m not too disappointed as before…Though I’ll admit a few months before Generations release I wanted Kingdom Valley on the Xbox/PS3 version but little did I know that Crisis City was chosen instead still Kingdom Valley would of been so much better than Crisis City I wouldn’t want KV to be on the 3DS version though so I’m glad it’s not there it’s shame it couldn’t make it on the other versions oh well.

        I would of liked Twinkle Snow, Haunted Ship or SKy babylon for the 3DS and many more to be on but oh well…

    1. Water Palace is the only handheld level. Green Hill Zone is based on the Mega Drive version of Sonic 1 and Tropical Resort is based on the Wii version of Sonic Colours.

  6. Oh good, not only does this mean they’ll bring back “Back 2 Back” but it’s honestly a better choice than Apotos IMO. I mean Apotos didn’t really have anything TOO spectacular. Not only that, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the first Rush. (Though I would’ve liked to hear “Jeh Jeh Rocket” again too. XD

  7. Yayyy Im Back Guys (no welcome backs Ok)
    Anyway We Can cut out the history of the 1st stage bullcrap
    MushroomHill: Not counting the start of Sonic and Knuckles.
    RadicalHighway: Cant really call it a 1st stage since Sonics never been there.
    WaterPalace Lol i personally love this level reminds me of Sonics Dream House with all the blue expect with water
    I noticed people called this the Handheld Era. Not Quite. Tropical Resort Is Representing a Ds Exclusive Wisp aka the Red Burst wisp, but at the same time representing the Wii Versions Graphics and Level Design.

  8. Water Palace…
    Oh god Back 2 Back. YES.

    Would’ve prefered Huge Crisis though, but I’m okay with this.

    JEH JEH.

  9. I saw the picture for the article and thought: wow, the Sonic Generations graphics look a lot like Sonic Rush all of a sudden. Early build?

    Yes, by about 6 years. Derp.

    Water Palace? It’s an okay choice. I can’t complain. Anything with Rush music is bound to be enjoyable anyhow.

  10. Wow. Having another look at that “Trick them into thinking it’s Apotos” video, it’s still hard to believe this is Water Palace! It looks SO MUCH LIKE APOTOS in that video.

  11. A Back 2 Back Classic and Modern Remix? Prodigious!!! Besides, Windmill Isle is on the OST from what I heard.

    1. That wasn’t the OST, that was a compilation of tracks from first stages in various games. They announced the OST about a week ago in Japan.

  12. That explains the bubbles in the stage!
    But I’m confused. After I accept the 3DS version will feature console stages too, A Sonic Rush stage comes out of nowhere…
    **sigh** whatever. They must have their reasons.

  13. I feel a little cheated :l I remember reading someone say the 3DS version was going to focus on Sonic’s handheld history, and here we only get one handheld level… le sigh..

  14. Honestly though, because Water Palace is so similar to Apotos, it could just be like playing Apotos to better music, coz I love the tunes for water palace πŸ˜€
    (Don’t get me wrong, I like Apotos music, but not as mush as Water Palace)

  15. I have to admit, I find it very amusing that the people who were intent on seeing some stages from portable games in the 3DS version failed to recognise a portable stage.

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