US Soundtrack Option Confirmed for Sonic CD Port


Three new videos of the Xbox Live Arcade version of the upcoming Sonic CD port have hit the net courtesy of YouTube user The360Preview. In the above gameplay preview video we can see an option for the US soundtrack, which is kind of odd considering SEGA had previously stated that there were copyright issues with those tracks, but Christian Whitehead has confirmed over at Sonic Retro under his online tag ‘The Taxman’ that the US soundtrack is indeed present in this port.

Haha far out, not exactly sure how this was filmed and by who (PartnerNET strikes again)?

But yes, oh ye of little faith. US soundtrack is in, and also loops seamlessly like the JP version in this game.



Sources: The360Preview YouTube channel and Christian Whitehead @ Sonic Retro

Thanks to Blue Blood at the SSMB for the heads up!

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      Sonic Warrior – Watched the opening. 5G
      Options – Used the options menu. 5G
      Outta Here! – Got a Game Over by remaining idle for 3 minutes. 5G
      Sound Barrier – Toggled between both soundtracks. 5G

  1. Shut up and take my Hyper-Go-On Power (*rimshot*)

    Okay SEGA, I’ll get this game, stop it, I’m gonna buy it you’ll get my money D:

  2. I was doubtful about this “port” at first, but this.. Sega just shut up and take my money!

  3. Now, if only SEGA would let us choose which song we want for past, future, and present…That would be smart of SEGA.

    For those who didn’t understand me, here, for example:

    1. I want to use Palmtree Panic US music for the present and past, but I want to use PP JP music for the future.

    2. I want to use Wacky Workebench JP music for the past and future, but I want WW US music for the present.

    3. I want Tidal Tempest US music for the future, but I want TT JP music for past and present.

    4. I want Stardust Speedway JP music for the past, but I want SS US music for the present and future.


    1. All the pasts in the US and JAP versions are the same 😕 Why would you want an option to change the past music if there’s absolutely no difference? XD

    1. Whoops… uhhh… sorry, Shadzter. Didn’t mean to make it that long and uhhh… extend the page… Please fix it, I’m terribly sorry.

  4. Widescreen, updated spindash, both soundtracks, playable Tails, and it’s for PS3 and possibly PS Vita? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY RINGS, SEGA!

  5. Good, I was wondering why the heck they were seemingly using the far inferior Japanese soundtrack. Now with the option for the U.S music and Tails being fully playable, I’m getting this day 1.

  6. NOOOOO! I’m too late to see the video (Been deleted due to copyright). Still, this news makes me cry with joy.

  7. Looking good, but to be honest I’m Still not happy that the lyrics from the Jap / Eur version is missing!!! – sort THAT copyright ourt sega – PLEASE!!!!

  8. This is superb news! I’ve never played the game with its original soundtrack, so I’m looking forward to listening to the great tunes from that version, but now I can also listen to the US soundtrack as well? Hell yeah! Aside from the lack of lyrics in Sonic – You Can Do Anything and Cosmic Eternity, the is officially perfect.

    1. Eh, the lyrics to the Japanese theme songs were a bit… strange, to say the least. I can deal with them being removed.

  9. Thank God they’ve decided to include the U.S. soundtrack. I was going to be severely disappointed if it was left out. Like I’ve said at a few other places already, I don’t think the Japanese/European track is terrible by any means, but the American soundtrack is the one I prefer, since that’s the one I grew up with. I just don’t think Sonic CD would have been the same without it.

    I’m glad to know that my fear of Spencer Nilsen’s score being excluded can finally be put to rest. If it wasn’t already good enough that his music is being included in the remake, they’re including the extended versions of the songs from the Sonic Boom album. For months (even before the Sonic CD port/remake was announced), I’ve been thinking of how cool it would have been if the Sonic Boom album tracks were to be included in the game, and now it’s finally happening. This port/remake may not exactly be perfect, but it’s far from being a true disappointment.

  10. Sonic wasn’t kidding when he said that copyright laws wouldn’t stop him. I just hope Toot Toot Sonic Warrior gets its lyrics back

  11. I saw the footage before it got taken down and to those whom saw it. I’m surprised no one brought it up already but, did anyone noticed the Back To The Future reference? Achievement unlocked: 5g, 88 MILES PER HOUR.


  12. Thank jesus for this so much.

    Now, what i would like is the ability to switch both songs within the game, say, have the japanese soundtrack for quartz quadrant and the american for wacky workbench. That would have been a great idea.

    If only sega believed in those.

      1. Independant Toggles for zone songs. like in Generations were you can chose which ever song you’ll like to listen to for each of zones you play instead of the defaults.

        @John Madden Sega does believe. Go play Generations.

  13. I’m glad they decided to give us the ability to toggle between the PAL and US tracks. Its about damn time, to bad that this wasn’t done in Gems Collection, but better late than never.

  14. I’m glad both soundtracks are present in the game. Here’s an idea for payable DLC. Since there is a remix of US Stardust Speedway Bad Future and a remix of Stardust Speedway “Present” in the Sonic CD 20th soundtrack. All tracks otta have a remix for the game done by Crush 40 and Cash Cash, it would be a 3rd soundtrack including their remix of Sonic Boom. They did 3 tracks so far, please go all the way, I’ll pay for a remix soundtrack.

  15. I’m pumped for this! Widescreen, better spindash physics, both soundtracks, a wide range of release platforms, PLAYABLE TAILS? This really is the definitive version of the game!

  16. Eveything about this re-release looks so impressive. Both JP & US soundtracks. Both are excellent tracks in there own way. The special stage looks so much smoother. Even the options menu looks nice.

    I love the fact that the Tails sprite is the Sonic 2 version. In Sonic 2 Tails flying was only AI controlled (you – the player – were first able to fly as Tails in Sonic 3). Now we get to control Tails flying using the Sonic 2 sprite for the first time. A real nice addition

  17. What a humbling surprise, and its one of the most talked about games in Sonic history.
    Curious if there might be remixes hidden inside (if certain conditions are met). =D

  18. @Chris – I was able to find some mirrors of the videos which work due to not being uploaded to Youtube. I have also captured some images in case these videos are taken down, too. Please check my tumblr, which is my Website attached to this post.

  19. I know silly to ask you but you does it contains: Level Select, Debug Mode, Hidden Speical Stage (Time Limit/Time Attack) Speical Features – Opening, Good or Bad Ending, Penceil Test (Unlock on Time Attack) and Hidden Artwork? (Requires Level Select)

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