UK Chart: Sonic Generations Just Barely Makes the Top 10

Last week’s UK chart results are in and Sonic’s big 20th Anniversary title Sonic Generations has just barely managed to make it into the top 10 All Formats chart at the number 10 spot, which isn’t bad for just two days of sales.

In the Individual Units chart we can see the Xbox 360 version sold more than the PS3 version at the 14th and 21st positions respectively. In both of the Xbox 360 and PS3 charts, the game has ranked 6th place.

We should get a better idea of how Sonic Generations is faring with the public next Monday when the game will have a full week of sales behind it.

Source: Chart Track

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  1. Well, must be on its way up, I saw it at number 6 in Sainsburys yesterday. Wait until the ads kick in, I just saw the first one yesterday morning as well =)

  2. I was like ” What the heck are people playing?” But it makes sense.. except for BattleField which was a piece of …

    How is Spyro topping Sonic? Do the little Sypro figures have anything to do with it?

    1. Only the software sales would count for the new Spyro game. Spyro’s higher sales could be down to the game being released in October, giving it a full week of sales last week compared to Sonic Generations’ 2 days. Spyro is also available on 5 platforms compared to Sonic Generations’ current 2.

          1. I’d rather have Spyro dead than have that game. It’s probably a good game in it’s own right, but the inclusion of Spyro is just so unnecessary.

          2. And the redesign of Spyro too. Seriously, compared to that, I don’t know why anybody is still making complaints about Modern Sonic.

  3. MW3 is going to be No 1 next week. I know it! because it’s COD and a new COD always gos to No 1 when it comes out.

  4. I’d imagine Sonic games don’t have the huge sales spike of day one, and then a huge drop off, as all the big-budget AAA titles with guns do. Kids don’t pre-order games. It’ll have solid sales over the Christmas period, with parents looking for presents for their kids, and kids spending their Christmas money etc. This kind of game tends to have more steady sales figures, rather than selling a huge amount on the day of release.

  5. To be honest i think alot of people such as myself are buying it for Xmas day, so the sales will pick up in december, just look at colours that was low in charts but by december it went up.

    Besides gaming today has changed , titles like sonic are the big hitters for kids, the games for kids that kids are loving and buying strangely is Modern warfare 3.

    1. Besides gaming today has changed , titles like sonic ARENT the big hitters for kids, the games for kids that kids are loving and buying strangely is Modern warfare 3.

      1. Yeah I’m 14 and ALL my friends in school play CoD or other shooters. I find it strange that I actually dislike shooters and prefer playing platformers and when I told one of my friends that I like Sonic games he said “You play games for KIDS?!”. I find this funny because I still consider myself as a kid πŸ˜›

          1. Same here, some of my friends just talk about CoD πŸ™ I don’t even consider them my friends anymore, because all they talk about are shooters. Whenever I would try to talk about Sonic, they would just be like “Dude, you play Sonic? He sucks.” It just annoys me how they say Sonic sucks, when they don’t even play them, and wouldn’t even want to try a Sonic game, because they’re too f*cking obssesed with shooters, mostly CoD. As much as I like playing CoD, it needs to stop soon. Cod is the same thing over and over again, with barely any changes. :/

          2. That’s very disappointing to read. I’m very lucky to have friends to don’t mind my obsession with the blue dude. And I’m 20 and they’re 20!

            The best thing you can do is ask what else are they into. Is it just CoD? Or are they into other games and see you and them like.

          3. @Grandmastersexay – Asking them what else they like to play in uneccessary, because they would tell me themselves. For instance, say I’m walking around with him/them, and I try to talk about something that is NOT video-game related. It doesn’t matter, because after like a short 30 second conversation, he would just start talking about CoD :/

            My friends (Like 3 or 4) that are addicted to Cod, accept me for liking Sonic, THEY just don’t like Sonic. I’m glad I still have a ton of other friends who don’t talk about CoD. πŸ™‚

          4. @grandmastersexay – Well, when I was in middle school, I would always hang out with this one group of friends. I would occasionally talk about Sonic(not every day though) and my friends definitely accepted my obsession of Sonic. However, 8th grade promotion was the last day I saw them. They were all going to Mount Carmel HS, and I was going to Poway HS. I mean, I’m doing fine, but it will take me some time to find another friend who likes Sonic. πŸ™‚

          5. @Ricardo

            I feel the same way πŸ™ except some things are different for me most of my friends are in different some of my old friends we pretty much don’t talk to each other like before in the past and all my new friends most are really obssesed with COD I just talk to them regulary but I usually hang by myself most of the time I don’t hang out with them much so it will take me some time too to find another friend that likes Sonic I’m sorta in the same situation as you but different lol πŸ˜›

  6. I expect Generations to hit the 2 million mark. If SG was on Wii/Wii U too, then I would’ve expected Generations to hit the 4 million mark, maybe even higher.

  7. So true about the gaming audience as of late. Its hard to figure out what people like anymore. Its all left up to the audience who picks up the game, and we go from there. SK72 is correct about today’s younger audience.
    Nothing makes sense anymore.

  8. i looked everywhere in the town i live in and nowhere i could see sonic generations for the pc so i bought it of steam i completted it within 5 hours with the keyboard it was a nightmare doing silver and the egg dragoon im geting a pc controller later this week

    1. I recommend it. I’ve read how bad those keyboards are in the game, and that the game feels a lot more fun with controller (Since it’s a Xbox360 port, sadly) πŸ™‚ I guess I’m not even gonna try using keyboard in the game XD

  9. I bet Sonic Generations will increase further because of the 3DS version, if not then its good to see Sonic in the top 10 list.

  10. That may be, but I’m still waiting for my CE pre-order from….. Until then, I won’t be able to play…. D:

  11. I’m absolutely not surprised at all, the timing of the release was the worst possible for Sonic Generations.
    Sonic Generations had to face all those beasts!

  12. I’m not surprised that Sonic Generations scored moderately in Europe. After all Sega did give them that Collectors Edition which is ONLY available in Europe and Australia. This explains the sales numbers.

    @ TSS
    The real question is how the game is selling in the US and Japan. How well does Sonic sell in Hajime Satomi’s backyard?

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