TSS Review: Sonic Generations

The following review had the potential to be the most pointless thing I’ve ever written. Normally, a review is to help you decide whether or not to buy the game, but let’s be real here; if you’re at The Sonic Stadium, you’ve bought the game. You more than likely love the game. That being the case, I’m going to be more thorough than your typical TSS review, like how I review on Sonic Retro.


We’ve been celebrating Sonic’s 20th anniversary all year with various online and real-life events, contests and videos. It’s only suitable that a game be a part of the festivities. Sonic Generations is an interactive tribute to the series’ longevity and is one of the most fitting anniversary titles ever to be released. Why? It’s not because classic levels are re-imagined in 3D or that Sonic’s previously portly self is present.

Sonic Generations is fitting because in eerie, yet hilariously appropriate fashion, the game starts off incredibly strong, falters hard and shows a glimmer of hope at the end. It sums up the series’ history so perfectly, allowing you to ride the highs and lows of 20 years in one convenient, 4-hour package.


I don’t need to go into detail on the story. You’re at The Sonic Stadium. You know what the story is and it simply serves as a device to get both Sonics logically in the same game. That’s all a Sonic story should be.

The writing is substantially weaker than Sonic Colors. Tails is your source for exposition, Modern Sonic supplies the most groan-inducing quips in series history and Classic Sonic is endearing as ever, saying more than anyone with simple body language. All of the other characters never say anything of worth and gang-bang you with inane “tips” when you battle Time Eater. The highlights are when the game attempts self-deprecation, riffing on bad decisions and rattling off inside jokes.

Due to the writing, Roger Craig Smith doesn’t turn in a good performance, but Kate Higgins does an admirable job doing two, motor-mouth versions of Tails. Mike Pollock… still untouchable. All of the other voices are garbage. There, I’m done talking about the story and voice acting.

JUDGMENT: Thumbs Up.

FAVORITE SCENE: “That pink water makes me nervous.”


Follow me here.

The game begins and you’re thrown into a reimagining of Classic Green Hill. If you were born in the eighties, you’ll immediately feel that something is off at the first jump. Is it better than how Sonic 4 handles? Clearly, but it’s still not ideal. The amazing feeling of being in total control of a seemingly out-of-control character isn’t entirely there and it’s an expected let down at this point, yet not game-breaking. Rolling still is abysmal, a disappointing trend that would be rectified with the proper game engine. Spin-dash is back, but it’s ridiculously over-powered, allowing Sonic Team to propel you to a more-than-fast-enough roll where you don’t notice that the walls and loops are scripted and don’t function well (even when you’re near the game’s speed cap).

If you were born in the nineties, you probably won’t notice and life goes on. Everything is great. Nothing is bad.

If you think it’s super funny that the original Sonic the Hedgehog is included to showcase all of Generations’ faults, you’re not alone. It’s super funny. For all the self-deprecation the game’s cut-scenes lay down on the Sonic franchise, the choice to include Sonic 1 is the crown jewel.

It’s Modern Sonic’s turn now. This time, you’re not looking to 1991 for gameplay, you’re looking all the way back to… 2008 to Sonic Unleashed. Yeah, you thought I would say Sonic Colors, right? Well, unfortunately, Generations’ base is the Unleashed engine, as the welcome, minor improvements made to Modern Sonic in Colors are absent. Platforming at low speeds in 3D is, of course, a mess and doesn’t belong. The amount of moves Modern Sonic has to perform at such an insane speed also muddles the experience. Modern Sonic is at his strongest in 2D or when in an area that focuses on the “quick step.” Those two kinds of sequences are when Modern Sonic is at his absolute best.

Again, if you grew up with Sonic in his current incarnation, you’re none the wiser. It’s another happy day in the park for you.

Now, all of these issues are alleviated with thorough practice. Like, dude, I’m the best Sonic R player around and that game controls like a fresh turd. It’s such a bad game. Why am I so good at it then? The presentation in Sonic R has some strange charm that draws me to replay it and, unlike modern games prior to Colors, Sonic Generations has an appeal that can encourage your perfectionist desires (which I’ll elaborate on later). If you can survive all that frustration and memorization, have at it. You’re the man.

You might be asking yourself at this point why I’m focusing so much on flaws. Neither Classic nor Modern Sonic is unplayable. They’re competent, given the series’ history, but I have to highlight the flaws to make the following point: the gameplay of Sonic Generations is not the tale of two hedgehogs. It’s the tale of a developer that understands and then somehow doesn’t understand its own game.


I mentioned earlier that Sonic Generations mirrors the path of the Sonic franchise in terms of quality over time. At the game’s outset, in the Genesis Era of the game, Sonic Team designs its levels in a way that minimizes the amount of times you encounter the game’s shortcomings. If you miss a jump or accidentally fly astray, there are lower paths that catch you that are usually less fun and possess less red rings, but at least you didn’t fall in a pit and die. The levels are wide open and provide enough wiggle-room to accommodate the controls and physics. Green Hill, Chemical Plant and Sky Sanctuary are a blast for both Sonics and feature sprawling paths that require exploration and a bit of screwing around, leaving the player feeling satisfied and wanting to replay them.

In the Dreamcast Era, some things appropriately start to slide, but it remains a fun experience. Bottomless pits, scripted sequences and grind rails start to become a bit more prevalent and the overall pacing of the game is definitely on the fast side of things, as one would expect from the Modern Sonic stages. Hitting all of the highlights, from helicopters to street-boarding, haven’t lost their rush after all these years. Those sequences are as great as you remember them. Seaside Hill has its moments, but it’s kind of forgettable.


But wouldn’t you know it… the Modern Era opens with Sonic 2006’s Crisis City and it’s… terrible? That’s the damndest thing! Ham-fisted platforming meets the dated Sonic model of killing the player for making the slightest mistake. Crisis City Classic is surprisingly neat, but the mixture of gale-force winds and sluggish acceleration will test your patience. Rooftop Run is not memorable at all. I just played the level to specifically insert a moment into this review, but I forgot what it was before sitting back at my computer. Planet Wisp, like Colors to the Sonic series at large, starts to win you back, but it’s somewhat tarnished by its monotonous, near 10-minute length.

The inherent problem with the Modern Sonic stages is that they are just that: Modern Sonic stages. Instead of continuing to design around the limitations in their engine, the designers felt compelled to try and make Modern Sonic levels authentic to their respective source material, where a player’s curiosity will cause Sonic to go flying off into pits or fall through floors. The source material didn’t work in their respective, flawed engines, so why did they think it would work in Generations’ flawed engine? If they would had stuck to simply using a level’s theme and graphics and adapting well to the Generations design, then we would all have less problems.

Even though he’s strictly 2D, Classic Sonic is not immune to issues in the latter half of the game. Modern levels punish the pudgy one for the tiniest misstep, putting crucial platforms just out of horizontal or vertical reach, all above nefarious pits. There are less branching paths and more cheap shots. Again, Sonic Team, your controls aren’t that tight. Design for the engine that you’ve built and not for what you think you have built.


Sonic Generations’ gameplay proves itself to be convoluted through the return of the robot Chao, Omochao. If you need constant text, voice and button prompts during gameplay, that’s bad game design. Video games are best when they illustrate what you have to do through gameplay. If you have to constantly prompt the player to press buttons at all these given times with limited warning, then maybe there are too many actions for the player to handle or you didn’t give them enough time in a controlled environment.

At the main menu, you can turn Omochao and the control tutorials off because we all know he is obnoxious. However, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage during a majority of the boss fights and the modern era stages. You have no idea what to do unless you read a walkthrough or turn Omochao on.

With tutorials/Omochao on, the game is patronizing. Without them, the game doesn’t teach you enough through gameplay. There’s no middle ground. The latter third of the game is one, giant Carnival Night Barrel. Each stage presents its own set of rules and moves, so it’s difficult for a new player to quickly adjust and learn. The biggest offender here is Time Eater. When you approach him, a homing attack reticle appears on his weak spot. Throughout the course of the game, you are taught to press X to attack when you see this reticle. Well, that doesn’t work and the player is left alone in one of the worst boss fights in recent memory.

When you need all of that explanation, you’ve made things too complicated and it noticeably impacts the game’s flow and direction. Maybe that’s why you only lose 25 rings at a time…

JUDGMENT: Thumb Neutral. Like Sonic 4, your mileage may vary depending on your Sonic history and experiences.

FAVORITE PART: Breaking a bridge with Modern Sonic’s stomp in GHZ and uncovering a cool, new path to explore.


Since I’m reviewing a compilation title of sorts, the level selection and hub world deserve their own section and verdict.

If you’re like me and in your mid-twenties (or older), you probably feel old knowing that it has been 20 years since the original Sonic the Hedgehog crashed into our living rooms. You know what makes you feel older? The fact that Sonic’s ever-changing, inconsistent modern form has been around longer than the often fawned-over classic design.

Taking that fact into consideration, it’s understandable why two-thirds of the game is post-1998. There are more modern games. What doesn’t make sense is repetition of level tropes. The Genesis Era takes you from a lush, green landscape to an intimidating facility to a ruin adrift in the clear, blue skies. The variety opens a vast well of creativity, giving the player something new to see and do as the game progresses.

After that amazing rush, it gradually comes to a halt. The modern stage selection is also a comment on the last 12 years: same old, tired shit. You’re treated to a city at night, a city at day, a second green “hill,” a city under attack, a foreign city and a green landscape tarnished by industry. I know modern Sonic games have mostly taken place in the “real world,” but I know there are more tropes than green lands and cities in those games. There’s only so many times you can run on the sides of buildings or on scaffolding. It gets boring and screams, “lazy.”

The stage selection seems to be based more on the popularity of the stage’s music more than making Sonic Generations a thematically diverse package.

There’s a real missed opportunity here with Sonic Generations. Instead of more levels, you’re left with challenge levels within the set of 9. These challenges are 90% optional and while some of them are fun and clever, most of them are clearly showing the challenge mode’s “filler” nature. In one challenge, you have to stop what you’re doing, call on Rouge and have her shake her tits to distract robots long enough for you to kill them. Some challenges are that absurd.

Challenges feature many level gimmicks not seen in the main acts. Why aren’t they? They would only enhance the experience on the part of the game that is mandatory. As mentioned earlier, Crisis City Classic was cool, but it needed something else to really bring it together. Well, the challenge stages had level gimmicks, like spikey seesaws, that could’ve really diversified the main act and made it memorable.

The way you get to these challenge levels is a great example of how you don’t create a hub world. Navigating the main acts is great, but you have to ascend awkward ramps, platforms and sometimes text in this Sonic purgatory to reach the multiple challenge doorways. Whatever happened to menus? Not only are the challenges filler but also simply getting to them is a time-sink in itself.


Instead of challenges, Sonic Team could’ve supplied more levels or, better yet, more bosses. There are a pitiful amount of bosses on display here and each one takes very few shots to defeat. Outside of Metal Sonic, the rival battles are confusing without Omochao and only seem to exist to tap into your happy memories for a brief moment. Special Stages are also a huge part of the Sonic legacy and they’re nowhere to be found in Sonic Generations.

JUDGMENT: Thumbs Down.

FAVORITE ASPECT: Selecting levels from a list using “Online” mode.


Nobody expects bad presentation from Sonic Team and they continue to deliver with gorgeous graphics and well-produced music.

The graphics are solid, but there’s an iffy texture here and there if you happen to be moving slowly. If you’re playing on the consoles, you’re going to be disappointed at the game’s frame rate. Sonic needs to run at 60 FPS to be successful. At 30, it’s too hard to follow the action and Sonic can become lost in the detailed scenery.

The true champion here is the music. Solid remixes of classic and modern tunes to suit, uh, classic and modern levels ensure that you’re in for an aural treat from start to finish. Each song evokes a past emotion and guarantees that you remember this second visit by adding some additional flair. The option to select from a wide library of other songs is nice (hell yeah, Toxic Caves), but many of the bonus songs sound like MIDI and thrown in without care.

Nostalgia plays a huge role in Generations.

The sheer amount of fan-service in this game is ridiculous. It’s so awesome. Clearly, all of the effort went into this aspect of the game. From the many Easter Eggs, musical cues and classic forms of characters, Sonic Generations might have the most fan-service ever included in a video game.

All of the familiar sights, winks and nods make for one sick nostalgia trip that, upon contact, almost makes you forget all of the game’s flaws. The sense hits some people stronger than others (I mean, look at all those glowing reviews on Metacritic/our forums) and it’s undeniable that most of the game’s appeal lies here. If you’re a die-hard fan of the series, your devotion to useless knowledge will be rewarded here.

I mentioned earlier that I became insanely good at a terrible game like Sonic R because it was presented with such charm. Sonic Generations oozes charm. Despite all the bad things I’ve said about it, the presentational aspect draws me back for brief spurts of play.


FAVORITE PART: Fighting Silver the Hedgehog with Palmtree Panic music.


Sonic Generations is short, clocking in at 4-5 hours to beat the mandatory sections of the game. Even if you suck at the game during your initial play-through, you’ll probably walk away with B, A and S ranks and a handful of red rings. Deaths are limited to frequent trips to the abyss and that’s all. A level obstacle or enemy will never kill you because you only lose 25 rings at a time. It’s really sad.

Online leaderboards are present, but the real attraction that I don’t see many people mentioning is the “30-Second Trial” mode, where you try and make it as far as you can in 30 seconds. I’ve never experienced a mode in Sonic so addicting. Whoever created this mode deserves a beer or two for actually extending the mileage of a game that was clearly desperate for it. Absolutely genius idea.

But why is there a single save file? Who decided that one save file is a good idea? Fire that person.

JUDGMENT: Thumbs Down.

FAVORITE TIME WASTER: 30-second trials, dude!


Everybody is saying that this game “shows great promise for the future” and is “a step in the right direction.” I hate to break it to you, but Sonic Generations is a one-off deal that’ll never be happening again anytime soon. Classic Sonic is going back into the vault and Iizuka is already looking to create a new Modern Sonic. This game only services the present and the past; reminding us of the crazy ride we’ve all been on.

Sonic Team put all of their eggs into the presentation and fan-service baskets to win back the hardcore, yet jaded fans and the fans that haven’t paid attention in years. The marketing for Sonic Generations was nothing like we’ve seen before. It certainly worked. They’re paying attention now.

However, nostalgia is a temporary fix unique to this game, a crutch that Sonic Team has been leaning on for the past few years. Bringing back Classic Sonic, Genesis stages and strictly 2D gameplay does not a good game make. These changes are simply cosmetic. Sonic Generations’ existence is conspicuously born from years of criticism and complaints, but the real ills with Sonic today still weren’t addressed.

The remedy isn’t hermetically sealed in Green Hill Zone and has been apparent for over ten years; Sonic Team has no idea what’s wrong with its games on a fundamental level. Until they realize that tight controls, physics and level design ultimately trump presentation and nostalgia, we’ll continue to be stuck in our own Sonic purgatory.

For having a mostly mediocre existence, Sonic gets an average adventure to celebrate with no indication on where he is headed. Sonic Generations is an inoffensive title that has frequent flashes of brilliance, but is once again hog-tied by legacy issues. Its strongest feature isn’t within the game, but rather, your memories.

See? I told you Sonic Generations was the most appropriate anniversary release.


Sonic Generations is a perfect celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th Anniversary and fans of both the classic Sonic titles and the modern titles will be happy with Sonic Team’s Birthday efforts. Classic Sonic’s gameplay handles very close to how it does in the original Mega Drive/Genesis Sonic titles and Modern Sonic has been tweaked with controls even tighter than those in Sonic Colours.

All of the game’s nine stages you revisit have been given fresh redesigns with plenty of routes to explore in multiple playthroughs. Add Red Star Rings to collect, 10 missions for each stage (5 per Sonic), rankings and online leaderboards and you’ve got plenty of replay value. Sonic Generations is one of the best Sonic games of all time.

JUDGMENT: Thumbs Up!



+ Copious amount of fanservice.


+ Amazing graphics.

+ A well-produced soundtrack spanning the series history, even a few of the spin-offs.

+ Layered level design with many alternate paths.

+ The first half of the game.

+ Classic Sonic’s reactions to anything.

+ Great 2D platforming areas for both Sonics.

+ Getting all S-Ranks.

+ 30-Second Trials.


+ Most of the writing.

+ The quality of a few of the alternate music tracks.

+ (Unless you’re a veteran) Convoluted Modern Sonic controls.

+ Drifting.

+ The hub world.

+ Challenges.

+ The latter half of the game’s level design.

+ Lack of multiple save files.

+ The meager selection of stages and bosses.

+ Omochao and his unfortunate, occasional necessity.

+ The lack of difficulty, artificially created by bottomless pits.

+ The short length.


Both the main review and second opinion were based on the PS3 version of the game.

Special thanks to Ian (bmn) for providing the HD game footage.

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  1. How dare you spot flaws and have a reasonable review (That without jesting I agree with), I shall now rant and whine how it is the most perfect game ever.

    No seriously though. Good review and pretty much what I thought. (Though I thought Rooftop Run has some legitimately good level design personally, running up the clock tower was a lovely touch)

      1. Except he’s not insulting Sonic fans, he’s insulting fans of anything. People are going to have a biased look at something they enjoy, and seeing someone giving their objective opinion on it will, nine times out of ten, send them into a tizzy. He’s simply making fun of those that will inevitably pop on and post OMG UR REVIEW IZ TEH SUXXORZ SANIC GENURASHUNZ IS 100000000/10, and such.

  2. You know, I really hope the story isn’t as pathetic in futre games as it was in this game. I mean, in this game itself I wouldn’t call it pathetic because somehow it turned out to be a plot even more simplistic than Sonic 1 by description yet has to be the most “epic” plot to ever happen in the Sonic franchise at the same time. And for the concept of the game, it’s perfectly excusable. But for future “Regular” games, I won’t hold my breath for a story that’s actually worth being there and takes talent to create. (You know, something that actually looks like it’s worth getting paid for and doesn’t look like a job easier to get than it actually is.)

    As for Classic Sonic, I heard he’d be speaking through body language, which he didn’t. Yeah he made a lot of gestures but none of them were actual communicating gestures. They were just him acting cooky and not even very often. Not to mention pretty much NO ONE paid attention to him. In fact, while Modern Sonic speaks during a conversation, through most of the game he ALSO stays mute only responding in body language. Particularly when rescuing friends with Modern.
    I also heard Classic Tails would speak on behalf of Classic Sonic, which he didn’t. It pretty much made him sound like Sonic’s guide and somewhat babysitter rather than a sidekick. But maybe this is because Tails is from Sonic 2 and since all Sonic history went outta whack he met the Classic Sonic from Sonic 1. idk.

    As for the voice acting, all of the voice acting was great. I can’t think of a single character who sounded bad nor a reason why they sounded bad order to decide so. lol I mean heck, for the most part it just sounded like the characters. Doesn’t matter who the actors are, it’s just the characters.

      1. Depends on the game. This game has a great excuse.
        But for most other Sonic games, as long as it’s gonna be there it mine as well be good for a change. lol Sure, a lazy story like we’ve had recently is alright, but a more well-written story would just be better. And don’t assume I want a Sonic 06 over-complex story with far too much drama. That’s going overboard and isn’t “more well-written” at all. XD

        1. you and me have the same opinion. When I heard her voice i said why is minnie mouse speaking over Amy’s voice.

          1. And I though that the last story of Shadow was filled with crap children talk, but when I listened the repetitive kids screams in Time Eater, that’s, yes sir, is an absurd…

  3. As for Classic Sonic, I loved his controls. It felt not exactly like on the Genesis/Megadrive, but extremely close. Some things aren’t as good and some things are better to me. However, these differences are more than insignificant, so for that being said I feel there is no longer even the slightest need to complain. Sure, they CAN touch it up a little bit more, and I’d have no problem with it. But it’d be the most stupid and worthless waste of money. Then again, I’m 20 this year just like Sonic. I was born in the 90’s. So I guess I wouldn’t know unless I were born 2 or more years before Sonic came out, regardless of how often I played the old games growing up.

    As for Modern Sonic, I find it even better than Sonic Colors. I mean sure he doesn’t have the double-jump like in Colors, but that’s not really a necessity. He still drifts, quicksteps, boosts and homing attacks. And this time he HA’s with pressing jump twice like in Colors and every other game except Unleashed. lol The stage design was so much better this time around that roaming and platforming was much more available. Definately superior to both Unleashed and Colors. It was like a blend of Unleashed/Colors with SA1/SA2. Since I didn’t just grow up with Modern Sonic, I guess this time I am the wiser. 😀
    Tho I gotta say the game was pretty easier. I didn’t even die until about halfway or more through the game and I still hardly died. I got a lot of A ranks and S ranks cuz of the “No Death Bonus”. lol It doesn’t take a lot of skill to be good at this game from what I’ve played. Even the Modern stages were easy as hell. Granted, they were nowhere near as easy as the Classic Era stages. But you DO realize that these are the last 3 stages of this game, so…. duh. XD

  4. I don’t understand the complaints about the hub world…

    I personally enjoyed it and thought it was neat. Also, I did not use Omochao and had little to no problems figuring out anything. Time Eater would be one of those though and I have to admit that was the worst final boss in a while…right up there with Sonic Unleashed for me. Gotta give ’em credit for one thing, the Adventure series had better final bosses in my eyes.

    1. Oh yeah, on the voices, most are really good (especially Sonic and Tails). I like the new voice for Silver as well, but I can’t STAND the new Shadow voice. Totally different than previous versions and he’s just not deep enough or (sorry for the cliche) emo enough. It’s like Sonic and Shadow switched voices!?

  5. You like Sonic R?

    And you complained about 4? For shame, Slingerland. Though Planet Wisp sucked in this game.

    1. The opening part of both acts looked beutiful. A giant forest with purple lava at the bottom. they ruined the rest by putting the factorys in the majority of the level

      1. Agreed, I was hoping they would have the actually Planet Wisp before Eggman came in with his fat hide and ruined everything |:

    2. Sonic R is pretty shitty, man, but it’s got some sort of strange appeal with me. I don’t know why. I was, like, 10-years old or some shit. I just got super good at its awful controls.

      1. Haha, it’s the same story with me; I know Sonic R isn’t all that special, but strangely I love it all the same. I suppose it’s the music, and maybe how the courses are designed. But its short length and “meh” controls do mark it down a little.

        I only skimmed the review for the moment (I don’t want too much of it affecting anything I plan on writing any time soon…) but I do agree with some of the points you made, particularly with regards to level selection, the short length, the bare-bones (if not annoying) writing and the game’s reliance more on nostalgia and celebrating Sonic’s 20th rather than pushing further––perhaps explaining how these games all fit together in the Sonic mythology. I thought the level design was consistently strong for the most part in the game, and there wasn’t one that really stood out as horrible… (though Planet Wisp is offensively long, I admit). That said, it’s a fun ride, even it’s a short one.

      2. Oh, Sonic R, it controls like you’re ice skating with skates made of butter. Can you feel the sunshine, man?

  6. While my nostalgia glasses were on and then turned into more spiffy futuristic specs I had a blast. After completing the game twice I then began to see the issues Slingerland raised. The core issues in Sonic games need to be resolved before anything can move forward. It can look as pretty as it likes (and does) but If the level design and more importantly the physics arten’t ironed out then I don’t see a bright future for the 20 year old Hedgehog.

  7. As for Omochao’s return, I’m kinda glad. First off because these helper things are optional so you don’t need them. But also because I know specific people who DO need them. And especially people being introduced to Sonic through this game (1 of which I know and now finds the game a blast! Isn’t the best at it, but with the guides, she gets better and better throughout the game)
    Although it’s a shame you can’t screw with Omochao like in SA2. That was fun. And his flying around you can be distracting. Otherwise, I’m not gonna just hop on a bandwagon and hate on’em just cuz everyone else does.
    Most importantly there are more vital things Omochao DOESN’T tell you about! Ugh! >.<

    And Time Eater was like the Sonic Colors final boss: Crap. But if I had to say which was better, I'd go with Sonic Colors. At least it felt playable. Time Eater wasn't what I expected. It didn't make sense, had you go fast but feel slow and made you think to do things that didn't really help you at all or you weren't supposed to do it. The characters spent way too much time telling you about these Homing Shots that constantly missed you and too little time giving you any real advice!
    Throughout the game, especially bosses, it felt like Omochao was actually a character in the game guiding you rather than JUST a guide for the player and I wondered when an enemy would notice and try to attack him to disadvantage me. Well when it came to Time Eater, it looks like Omochao said "Screw you, Sonics! You're on your own!" and ditched you!!!! lmao

    As for the hub world, I don't like it as much as Sonic Adventure's and I hardly even consider it a real hub world. But I do like it. The platforms getting to the games and stuff make it at least fun. The challenge acts are suprisingly fun too. But it's true, it's a shame some of those couldn't be replaced with real acts of other stages. Emerald Coast, Windy Valley, Twinkle Park, Ice Cap, Red Mountain and Lost World would've all been great considerations for a second or third SA1 stage at least for a Challenge act (that would, instead of connecting with Speed Highway itself, could connect with the same game Speed Highway's from.) And the same could be said for the other stages. Like if Green Hill had Marble and Labyrinth Zone challenge acts and Sky Sanctuary had Hydrocity, Ice Cap and Lava Reef challenge acts. Stuff like that.

    As for the framerate, it felt fine. I have the console version and am not disappointed at all. Maybe it's cuz I don't consider video games as a major part of my life and just as entertainment. But I don't really care about the frame right like… at ALL. If it were BELOW 30 I'd mind. But films and animations are (or were) commonly at 30 fps and I don't really see an issue. 60 is better, but it's not a necessity. When the frame rate is like 10 fps, THEN you've got a problem. If you can see the detail of Sonic's movements then you shouldn't have a problem.

  8. The only bad parts of the game:
    Lame fps.
    No sonic 3 stage.
    Needs more stages..9 zones for 20 years is nothing.
    Sonic CD as well with a only solo stage. has been cool.
    More rivals like classic knux or Jet.

      1. The console version only runs at 30. with 60 being waht most people consider high.

        PC version can run at 60 pretty easily though. 😀

  9. Oh yeah, and this game is definately a breakthrough for future Sonic games. I mean the things that actually started the complaints are increasingly whiping away each new release and Generations just continues this pattern. Not just because it’s a nostalgia-trip, but even as a game on it’s own, it’s just straight up fun and plays greater than recently. Modern Sonic still doesn’t play as nicely as Adventure Sonic, but not because of the boost and lack of spindash. (Tho seeing the co-exist would be nice if one could think of a good reason the 2 should co-exist. Maybe one can do what the other can’t and vice versa?) BUT the physics are thick for Modern Sonic still unlike in the Adventure series.

    While the physics aren’t perfect, like Sonic Colors, the games can still be fun and perhaps one day they’re change the roaming physics for the better and we’ll pretty much be problem free, just as long as they keep the creativity in level design used in Generations. Some of these stages were just great stages! Whether their enviroment was based on a pre-existing stage or not. With this new Sonic, Iizuka will probably keep major positive traits and try to expand upon them while adding new ones. This is how Generations is obviously a major key for future Sonic games. Each game is decided based on the feedback of previous games and testing for feeback to help create future games.

    Sorry for my looong comments that are nearly review-esque themselves. I had to get all this off my chest tho. I can hardly think of all the details in the game to actually express my opinion on by myself. XD This article helped me out there. So thanks. ^_^

  10. Good review Brad 🙂 and totally agree with you Shadzter

    Luckily you can turn Omochao off o_o I did that immediately when I started playing although I would of loved if Omochao , I loved Classic Sonic’s reactions too and using gestures to communicate I loved Modern Sonic’s gameplay so much 😀 Classic Sonic and Tails were so adoroble ._. I was really disappointed with the story hopefully it won’t be shorter again in future Sonic game and I know this was shorter than Colors but it was so much better IMO. 😛 It still feels like something was missing in Generations a lot more to be revealed and more levels and bosses to experience and explore…I wish oh wel…i liked a few missions some were interesting, a few were okay, some were really annoying like that Beat Mission with Vector aaah that was annoying, I’m too scared to play Modern Planet Wisp or Classic Crisis City again… D: I really didn’t like the voice acting it was bad but I liked Mike Pollock and Keith Silverstien. Also agreed with the writing, the hub world I didn’t mind…

    The Bosses and stages are just easy even on hard mode for bosses not much of a challenge I want the story to improve for the next Sonic game but still a great title awesome its great fun haven’t felt like that best main game since Unleashed literally smiling while playing for the first time it still feels kinda empty though, this adventure still remains pretty short ._.

  11. …What, no complaints on the fact the story is the EXACT same thing as Sonic Rush!? And I swear I’m the only one who loved Crisis City (Generations, not 06).

    Overall, good review though, and I glad I’m not the only one who feels like Rooftop Run and Seaside Hill are just completely forgettable

  12. Honestly, I’m going to be frank, here. The reason Sonic worked so well in both Colors and Unleashed Wii was because the people making it knew the limitations of the hardware and they knew that righteous speed wasn’t the answer to everything- they worked with what they had rather than pumping things up for crazy spectacle. They instead had to rely on proper controls and level design to get their point across. Sonic is fast, yes, but Sonic does NOT have to be insanely fast to be good.

  13. Does anyone know whether amazon will be able to meet the rest of the pre-orders for the Collector’s Edition? Mine is still “not yet dispatched”, and set to ship the 15th of december.

  14. Yes!!! A frank fair review. I was reading my the GAMEStm online review (my magazine of choice) and I wondered why they gave it a 7/10 when many websites gave it higher; now I know why. The game is really fun, great presentation and humour but is let down by awkward bosses, control issues, some odd level design in spots and unfair pitfalls.

    Can’t wait til the people who gave it a 10/10 before the game was even released start flaming this review. Sonic fanbase, go figure…

    1. Actually now that I’ve read the review in detail I have to say, Brad you have read my mind perfectly and I have a deeper respect for your analytical skills. You mention that the earlier levels stop you from seeing the games faults and I couldn’t agree more which makes it even more painful that the control issues are highlighted so painfully by the challenge modes…

      People who are denying character control problems need to put a lie detector on as the huge amounts of time classic Sonic landed on a platform only to move foward a couple of steps and off an edge or into some spikes/enemies. Modern Sonic works great when side-stepping or in 2D but slap him into more open 3D spaces where he requires more accurate movemenets (crisis city or planet wisp anyone) and he suffers.

      Fun game but obvious flaws are obvious. 7/10

  15. Dude, I REALLY disagree. Sonic Generations is one of the best 3D(well, kinda) Sonics to date.

    It’s polished, well thought, has a lot of replay value and oh-so-gorgeous graphics.
    If you take away fan-wining, it’s so fun to play.
    It’s a perfect celebration, it IS a step into the right direction – the one that takes Sonic games in a creative and more relaxed way. For me the biggest flaw of 2006 was a trend that began with adventure of Sonic taking himself too seriously. A game like Colors and Generations has the clear sole purpose of fun – it is it’s biggest strength.

    – Spoiler-

    Now… I miss good stories… character development and a plot twist. Eggman being the final villain isn’t enough of a twist for me. I miss real sense of danger and epicness… Huge machine at the end of the cosmos doesn’t do it for me. It doesn’t matter if it’s eggman or monster of the week, if the threat doesn’t have a goood context (and Sonic a good motivation – and by good I mean something that is capable to engage players emotionally, not just “someone got kidnapped”) it’s just meh….

    Look, Sonic is an action platformer. When you think about action movies the difference between Transformers – a very fun movie – and The Dark Knight – a masterpiece IMO – it’s the characters motivation and the way we relate to it. It doen’t matter if Optimus Prime is saving the freakin world – that’s not a real threat… but a crazy terrorist blowing up stuff while you have to deal with lot’s of personal choices… that’s stressfull and we seen something similar, haven’t we?

    1. I think people hated Transformer movies because the writing was terrible and the characters bland. I don’t want to see a giant robot pissing on someone, thankyou.

      1. I hadn’t heard that anyone really hated the Transformers movies until the second one came out and got bad reviews. And even then most people I come across still liked it enough to find the reviews I told them about way too exaggerated. I now hear SOME ppl hate on those films, but most ppl still love them. Thus the third film gained a LOT of success on release until Harry Potter kicked it’s ass. lol

        Otherwise I also recall the first one being quite popular.
        Oh well. To each their own. I love those films. Mostly the first one admittedly. xD

  16. Call me an optimist, or a bad sonic fan, but I actually really love this game.


    1. i dont really like the final boss either, i mean when tails said they’ve made walkie talkies and are in another dimension to sonic’s everyone still knows when there’s a homing shot coming!

    2. Nah no one’s gonna call you a bad sonic fan for that. And maybe you are an optimist. That’s not really bad.
      And most people agree with you so far. I do. This game is GREAT except for the final boss. lol

  17. I did find the story really lackluster. But i find a strange irony in the fact that people begged for Sonic to have a simple story since 06. Now we have it, but now people complain about it? I’m not poking fingers, but i just found it strange. Also i didn’t find the 3D sections that bad. The controls were more tight than any other 3D sonic game, and the 3D/2D was way more balanced than Unleashed or Colors.

    1. The story should be simple… just not dead, you know? Sonic Colors had a nice simple story. Generations had a bland one.

    2. Nah. People wanted something more simple than 06, not so simple a 3 year old would understand it.
      Then there were other people who DID want to pretend to be a kid again and asked for plots simple enough for a 3 year old to comprehend! (Something on par with the new stupid My Little Pony series. lol)

      Overall, this is what it was taken as and Sonic Team is writing incredibly simple plots.
      Those who asked for it are pleased and those who didn’t are mostly just tolerant but not impressed. (And few are even disappointed)

      That’s what you’re seeing. lol

  18. A very good review for the most part. It made a lot of very true points — like how Sega has been using nostalgia as a “crutch” lately to win over its fans. It’s true, a lot of recent games have been packed with classic Sonic references. And I honestly enjoy it, don’t get me wrong. I can’t tell you how many nerdgasms I had while playing Generations. But Sega can’t rely on it forever. I’m not saying they should step completely away from it; I’m just saying they should stop focusing on it so much and concentrate on other ways they can improve the franchise.

    As for my personal opinions on Generations… I LOVE the levels that they chose, though I’m sorely disappointed there was no Sonic 3 level (lazy, Sega, lazy) and I would have liked to see WAY more of them. Instead of 3 levels per era, 5 would have been better, possibly more. The bosses were OK. I liked how the fights were kinda divided into different phases that required you to do different things instead of just hitting the boss 3 times on the head. I loved the rival battle with Silver — Shadow and Metal Sonic not so much. It’s true what they say about Time Eater though… it’s an absolute nightmare and I never want to do it again. I’m surprised I even got through it in the first place.

    The music is absolutely beautiful, particularly Classic Speed Highway and Classic Crisis City. And Classic Sonic? God he’s so adorable. I wish he’d gotten more screen time. My favorite part was where he tried to pull off a Modern Sonic move and fell flat on his face. ^^ …Seriously, though, why does Classic Tails talk?

    As for the writing… Sega continues to fail at that. Hardcore. I don’t know why they don’t do something about that. Though I will admit they’ve been improving a little at dialogue. Lately I’ve enjoyed some of the conversations between Sonic and Tails. One thing I would like to say about the cutscenes though, and this has been a problem with like, ALL Sonic games lately, is that they’re too repetitive. It’s like they copy/paste the same scene over and over again and then just make slightly different things happen. This was especially true for Sonic Colors.

    Phew… I better stop here before I make this comment as long as the review itself. But that’s pretty much what I have to say about Generations.

  19. well i found the game quite fun i had no problems with modern sonics controls or anything only part i didnt like was planet whisp.

  20. I can agree with most of this. It’s a great for an anniversary, but once it got closer to the end, it started bothering me.
    – Classic’s controls (although not quite like the genesis) felt very good. Especially the momentum. Crisis City, Sky Sanctuary and Speed Highway are my top 3.
    – Planet Wisp annoyed me. Modern’s version was amazing up until you got to the construction area. I’ve only played classic’s version, once. just for finishing the story.
    – that seaside hill mission w/rouge made me rofl.

  21. The biggest issue I had with the game was modern sonic’s homing attack, It glitched so many times on me. I agree with the review overall. Also..the boss battles sucked for the most part…

  22. -the damn red rings even colors wasent that hard i mean comon ITS BEEN ALMOST A WHOLE WEEK I JSUT CANT FIND THAT LAST REDRING IN PLANETWIPS ACT 2

    -the skills just give me dah good ol’ in levels skill shit

    -the combos yes its better then the demo but still

  23. Ok,I didn’t even played the game,and i need to be very frank in here.altough i do agree with this review and you made some very good points in there.Sadly this isn’t the 90’s years,classic physics won’t be perfect for a long while.
    Wonder why Mario Games feel so polished?Thats because Nintendo knows so well their mascot and they are smart to only publish Mario games in their own console.And thats the very reason why Sonic was so good back then.SEGA used to love their little hedgehog and he was doing pretty fine in SEGA’s consoles:SEGA Genesis,SEGA Game Gear,SEGA Dreamcast and even if 32X wasn’t that much of a sucess it had some pretty decent games like Knuckles Chaotix.I see this point of view now that I don’t blindly overpraise a product that i had my hopes so high for.*sigh*You know what?Even if Sonics future won’t be the shine we hoped to,be aware Sonic…that us fans will forever guard you in the heart for the awesome little hedgehog you have been since the very start…

    1. And we can’t even dead forget about SEGA CD that had the last of Sonic’s true highlight in gaming story.

  24. I’m surprised you didn’t mention any of the glitches in this game, because there are A LOT. At one point, I was attacking Time Eater, then suddenly both Super Sonics turned around and boosted in the complete opposite direction!!

    Anyway, we’ve still got the 3DS version to come yet! You might think it’s not got any hope, but it ain’t over till the Eggman sings!

  25. Well, even though Planet Wisp was long, I saw it in a way I never did last year. All of the other stages had this same characteristic: You start somewhere. You end somewhere. Where were you going?
    While red ring grinding I realized I was exploring this giant machine in 2 ways. Act 1, the goal was to start on one side and explore it to the other. Act 2 took it a different way and started outside and worked its way to the top. Perhaps Colors did this, but I was never sure. It was broken between too many acts.
    As for the rest, at least Crisis City was better than before. I didn’t die if I touched the control stick during a scripted sequence.

  26. I pretty much agree with every critique here, save the hub world. I prefer it to be interactive, and I dare say it was a throw back to the interactive hubs found in games like SA1, Battle, and, urk, ’06.

    Also, frankly, the bosses all are so boring.

    I think it’s a good game, but Colors is better.

  27. I will definately agree with the Level selection, Especially with the towards the 3DS version.

    the stages in that are even less diverse than the consoles.

    1. Console
      Green hill – tropical
      Chemical plant – factory
      Sky Sanctuary – Sky
      Speed Highway – City
      City Escape – City
      Seaside Hill – Beach/tropical
      Crisis City – City
      Rooftop Run – City
      Planet Wisp – Green field/base

      Green Hill – tropical
      Casino Night – Casino
      Mushroom Hill – Jungle/forest
      Emerald Coast – Beach
      Radical Highway – City
      Windmill Isle – Town/Island village
      Tropical Resort – Space/Carnival

      yeah the 3ds verison doesn’t have diverse level tropes 😉
      Especially since having 4 city stages is very diverse indeed

  28. (reads review)

    No, sir… I don’t like it.
    I guess I liked the game a little more than you guys did, I don’t know.

  29. Theres one thing SEGA got right with this game though.
    I felt in love with the classic rooftop run i would certainly give this game’s music a 10/10.

  30. Most sincere review I have seen to date! Game informer was ok, BUT I LIKE MORE THIS ONE! Hope the 3ds version is better… And… I dont like to compare but… I think Mario games are more fun than Sonic. Each stage is fun, tricky and sometimes hard… BUT YOU DONT GET BORED! (I am talking about Galaxy series) Modern Sonic games? Just running through a stage, and passing a 2D area… I hope they do the new sonic gen more like exploring, not just running. (CLASSIC FAN BOY HERE XD)

  31. Out of all the reviews for Sonic Generations this is one of the worst, Its way too cynical. I actualy liked the hub world and the modern stages.

  32. Way to generalize Brad, some of us who were born in the early 90’s still grew up with classic Sonic, and were just as concerned about the physics as you 80’s folk. You didn’t even mention that Sonic Team put the Insta Shield in from Sonic 3, among other nice easter eggs that you have to earn. What’s that called again? Replay value, LONGETIVITY! FUUUUU!

  33. Wow, completely disagree with this review. I’ve loved the gameplay since Unleashed, and it’s tighter than it’s even been in Generations. I had very few problems with the game – I even felt at times the levels were very well designed to PREVENT cheap deaths, even if you’re boosting. As for classic Sonic, his movement and jumps do feel a bit limiting, but when I embraced the design decisions and developed my skill, I felt like a pro by the time I reached Crisis City. It’s not exactly how it was, which is kind of disappointing – but perhaps that’s not what they were really aiming for, despite their implications.

    I don’t want to come off as a fanboy and say that everything was perfect in the game, but I think it was pretty dang close. I think that the modern half, in fact, has been the most fun I’ve had with Sonic since S3&K. This review feels really snobbish to me – Like “it wasn’t exactly how it used to be” and “it’s not what a modern Sonic should be.” Nitpicking what a game wasn’t instead of appreciating what it is says ‘fanboy’ to me way more than glossing over flaws because of how much you enjoyed it.

  34. Shadzter, I don’t agree that much with the first review, but he has alot of strong arguements that you should have counteracted with your second opinion.

      1. Not to sound like a suckup, but you really are a role model for how we should be acting around people. lol 🙂

  35. I enjoyed the game. My complaints are:

    -Way too short, could have added more zones. Like 1 from Sonic CD, S&TSR, and heck even 1 from Shadow the Hedgehog.

    -Too easy, seriously I’ve got S ranks on almost all the stages and bosses on my first try.

    -The challenges are lame and could have been put to more zones and bosses. I mean look at all the old bosses they could have re-done bio-lizard, Metal Overlord, Black Doom, Dark Gaia, Iblis, Mephiles, Any Eggman boss.

    -Shadow and Amy’s VA! Seriously they SUCK ASS! The 4kids actors for those two were much better. The other characters were decent though. Mike Pollack still kicks ass as Eggman!

    -Planet Wisp. Seriously I hated the wisps in Sonic Colors (and that game). I felt they were annoying broke the flow and were hard to control. When I heard there was going to be a Colors stage I cringed, fearing they would use those damn wisps and to my dismay they were there and as annoying as ever. The spike was way too overused and once again clunky to control. The rocket wasn’t hard to control but still annoying as hell. Just like the original level the stage was only good when you were ”in the green” and started sucking once you got to the factory.

    -Classic Rooftop Run the level design was very weird and disoriented. Too many cheap hits.
    -The Story was bland and forgettable. I’m the one who is ”gameplay first, story second” but it’s like they didn’t even try (which was probably the point). I mean there’s got be a perfect balance (the Adventure series) but they don’t want to focus on Story too much and forget about the gameplay (Sonic 06 and Shadow).

    1. Colors is a great game in my eyes. What controls were you using? I felt the nunchuck and wiimote combo difficult to handle and the wiimote by itself to be a better control scheme for me.

      1. I didn’t Colors either :/ and I totally agree Planet Wisp was annoying in this game as well as the wisps even in Colors

  36. So glad there are other people absolutely swooning over 30 Second Trial mode like I am. If it weren’t for the fact that you’ll eventually push yourself further than any of your friends (or yourself) will ever be able to top, this mode alone would almost make the purchase completely worth it.

  37. Its one thing to be critical, and another to be honest. Sonic hasn’t always had a solid delivery every time to some. Personally I have never had a beef with this remix of the classic and modern combined. 06 was an interesting journey that I would never forget taking, because it was the comeback that almost killed the franchise. For this generation the gaming audience is getting tougher to please because more of them want something else. And Sonic (like a certain plumber) don’t seem to fit in that world anymore.

    Generations to me, is the best birthday cake possible. It delivers something that we may not ever see again.

    1. So says the critical success of both galaxy titles.

      Well lets hope that the 3ds can please this reviewer.

  38. I always hated how short this game was and how easy the bosses were. I did love how they made Shadow’s battle interesting, instead of just hit and run…er…run and hit. The level design wasn’t that bad. Sure Classic Seaside Hill was…and Classic Rooftop Run was…and those invisible walls…but still pretty good. Also, this game is REALLY glitchy, but unlike in Unleashed or Colors, some of these glitches are actually fun to perform, like having that 3D-style camera for Classic Sonic in Rooftop Run. Most of the time, glitches involve screwing up your speedruns by making you stop or wedging you inbetween a large platform, making you restart the entire thing…

  39. nice review. of course fanboys are gonna disagree with you. fans will see a few flaws that are present but dont really fuck the game up and fanbyos are in denial. but overall the game is ok. i knew it wasn’t gonna be perfect. this is sonic in 3d.

  40. I guess my biggest complaint is that lack polish Sonic games are getting these days. Even a game like Sonic R, which to was short, had a sense of polish for its time. I may have not been totally aware of it at the time (I was in second Grade), but the old Sonic games I would say up to maybe Sonic Adventure 2 felt complete, finished products. Its hard to put in to words… but the lack of CGI movies especially the intro made the game feel less epic to me. Think about how you felt watching the Sonic Adventure Opening on your Dreamcast for the first time, or even Sonic Unleashed’s opening. Both of those games had, in my opinion, truly epic opening movies. plenty of CGI was shown leading up to this release, i wonder what happened to it…

  41. From 2007 to 2011 and can not play the other characters in the adventure games I think it should be Tim Sonic Aato chance for the characters of other games and we want a long life in the future and not just Sonic alone playable

  42. This is the best review I have seen for this game. Finally someone else out there agrees that modern sonic is too complicated to control. Maybe its just me, but I think that modern sonic for the most part should be a pick up and play game like classic sonic. I understand the arguments that you just get used to it, but its still not solving the problem. I mean you have to use every button on that damn 360 pad for some of these levels. Maybe its just me but I find it hard to believe that Sega cannot simplify the controls for modern sonic.
    I hate to compare him to mario, but Mario Galaxy is essentially a 3 button game. Sonic has now gone from being a one button game to a 8 button game at times. I love all the idea they do in Modern Sonic and want to keep playing it, but a part of me wishes for something with a more streamlined control system. Also I have no problem playing Modern Sonic, I just got used to it. I just wish it didn’t have such a steep learning curve in my opinion. Also whenever you are in a 3d environment with him WOW. its like the game just comes to crawl. It seems their way to fix this problem is now to just guide you through the 3d sections with homing attack. Platforming is still a complete mess in 3d, and I wonder if they could ever actually fix it at this point. I know this post sounds negative, but I actually really LOVE the game I am having a blast playing it. Just have to get around the issues.

    1. I think Colors had it right when it came 3D platforming..it’s just that they did’nt use that formulae this time..

      1. Colors had it right with the 3D platforming? Are you drunk or something!? 75% of the game was 2D platforming

  43. I have to say, this is spot on for the most part. I turned off Omochao the day the game came out, and haven’t turned him on since. Sure, Time Eater and the last hit on Silver were bitches to figure out, but I did it anyways. Time Eater is a pain as well, but easy enough when you figure out what to do. I don’t know how you could have trouble with Shadow – his fight’s not hard to figure out. Grab two Energy Cores, boost-to-win into meteors, boost-to-win into Shadow. I will admit, the bosses are surprisingly easy on Hard Mode. I went and fought almost all of them with Splash Hill Zone playing for absolutely no reason other than I could. Sure, the story is short, but then doing the missions can be fun. Best mission ever is Rooftop Rail Grind and you all know it. Super Sonic is probably the biggest disappointment for me – Classic Super Sonic isn’t any faster than normal Classic Sonic, and all he does is jump higher, be yellow, and be invincible. Modern Super Sonic is ok, but holy shit quit flying I don’t want to fly I just want to do a normal boost. Also dammit SEGA quit calling Classic Robotnik Classic Eggman. HE WASN’T EGGMAN BACK THEN. Also where are Classic Amy and Knuckles? Come on, SEGA, if we have Classic Tails, why not them as well?

    1. Oh yeah, one more thing – why can’t we use Super Sonic to fight Perfect Chaos? You crushed my dreams with that one, SEGA.

  44. I’d agree the writing seems a bit empty. Having Modern Sonic respond to characters who’ve just info dumped, by putting his thumb up and smiling seems a bit creepy. I was also pretty frustrated when I realised you can’t really roll anywhere. The minute you’re out of the spin dash you’re up and running and vulnerable, with not alot of momentum.

    It’s a fun game, but I was hoping for more.

  45. ” The meager selection of stages and bosses.”

    What did you expect them to do? Have the game come out in 2014 and have it on 23 discs? That’s basically what im getting from that. not going into details

  46. i think you did a great job with the review and you expressed your opinion very nicely. i disagree on some parts (mainly dealing with the modern sections) but i do agree that spagonia shouldnt of been in the list. i would have rather seen holiska. if that was the SU level i would be alot more satisfied with the game even though i allready think its kick ass

  47. Im sorry but I strongly disagree with this review, I had no problems with the gameplay at all. I mean really that the game has pitfalls and such? You want the game more easy than what it already is? The only thing I can agree with is that yes the game is too short. But honestly this has been the best recent sonic game in years since well heroes. It uses a mix of both the unleashed engine and the colors engine. They actually manage to make the 3-d running sections of modern sonic function properly, in colors they control horribly and not to mention it doesn’t have weak jumping control in its 2d sections like colors. I thought the story was pretty nice the fact that classic and modern characters interact. voice acting well, they improved, sonic sounded awful in colors, now the actor manage to balance more the voice and not sounding like a 40 year old hedgehog. And classic tails has to be the cutest thing to happen in Sonic in years lol. And the fact that big the cat does not appear in the story is already a plus.

    And well between werehog and classic sonic, no question that classic sonic is the best alternative. Another little complain is that instead of having characters do some weird sidekick assistant in challenge missions, they could make them playable as a bonus later on but with the same sonic formula. Just to goof around with the models, the only good thing about sonic and the black knight.

  48. I love the game so far, but absolutely hate and despise Crisis City. Just awful. And I really don’t like Seaside Hill either.

  49. why do I have a feeling that the majority of Sonic fans on this website hated this game?! I mean come on!
    Gameplay: 8/10
    Level Design 10/10
    Music 9/10
    Story 6/10
    Graphics 10/10

    I noticed some glitches throughout the game and some frustrating cheap hits and deaths. The story was badly written as well and I couldn’t help but laugh when Modern Sonic says “Enjoy your future! Its gonna be great!”. The controls were crappy at some times for modern but most was very satisfying.
    A very complex and well designed Sonic game that brings all the elements from the most memorable Sonic games and collides it into one very replayable game. The graphics were very beautiful and this game, actually surprisingly gives me hope for many new Sonic games to come.


  50. Seaside hill and rooftop run forgettable?? LOL oh wow smh. I kind of figured that this review would praise the first half of this game but not the second half. Oh well, I really enjoyed this game…every single last level was a blast.

  51. Question: Why does everyone love Mike Pollock so much, how is he ‘Untouchable’? Personally, I like to remember when Eggman’s voice was at least vaguely menacing. Isn’t this the guy that’s captured live animals to run his machines, created giant superweapons, unleashed ancient horrors, and blew up half the friggin’ moon? To me, that doesn’t sound like a guy who laughs like an idiot until he goes into a coughing fit. He’s just not even a vaguely threatening villain. Now I know Deem Bristow is dead (extremely sad), but aren’t Edwin Neal and Jim Cummings still kicking around? Those guys were much better in my opinion over Pollock.

    Speaking of which, why is Colours placed on such a high pedestal, too? The gameplay was rock solid, but even as a hardcore Sonic fan I can never find myself going back to it. As for the story, I like the extremely sarcastic nature of Sonic and Tails, and all the conversational humour therein, but I really don’t feel like it adds anything to the Sonic mythos in the way the other games have.

    As for Generations itself, I agree with some of your negative points, but I was too busy playing the game with the biggest grin on my face to really care. Yeah, I suppose you could say there are too many city levels, but none of them are similar in layout, and things are always kept fresh and interesting. Hell, I think Speed Highway (Act 2) is my favourite level. That being said, I completely agree with the whole ‘Modern Sonic needs to be simplified’ thing. Sure, I can blast through most levels and get an S rank, but if I hand the controller over to a less acclimatized friend or sibling, they’ll have no idea what they’re doing, even on the first level. I actually let my sister play modern Green Hill, and she got an S rank. Her response? “I literally had no idea what I was doing.” Not exactly what one should hear about game design. As for the pudgy Classic Sonic, I have no real complaints. Sure, the spindash is a little overpowered, but in the later levels it becomes more of a skillful tool than “SPINDASH TO WIN”. Also, Classic Tails is friggin’ adorable. I want more of that in my game. I want more of that in EVERY game, god dammit.

    All in all, Sonic Generations is a great game with a few minor hiccups, and I look forward to popping it into my console and playing it randomly for the rest of my life.

  52. Wow! What a negative review! I disagree with the majority of flaws pointed out here on a skim read. After year after year of shit Sonic games, we finally have one that I feel is REALLY good! I absolutely love it!

    Only negatives for me would be:
    – Overpowered spin dash
    – Not enough Genesis/Mega Drive era levels
    – Dodgey frame-rate at times
    – Kinda short.

    Other than that, a brilliant game!

    (I’m a 26 year old who has played pretty much every Sonic game on every platform over the last 20 years!)

  53. As somebody who has gotten all of the game’s trophies, I have a couple things to say.

    -The game is short and very easy to master, but is still enjoyable, nonetheless.
    -Additional skills like the elemental shields and classic homing attack were nice additions.
    -The secret statue room was quite an interesting surprise, and I believe some of the statues may be hints at future DLC.
    -The game is extremely fun to play, even after completing the game 100%.
    -Beating the final boss without taking damage was a bitch to do.
    -People expected way too much from this game. (Have any of you seen those 1,000 level-long wishlists people posted?)

    1. Yes, I agree with you guy. Brad needs to assume that DIMPS is the next Sonic Team, and everybody thinks that ‘s right. Long live to the Boost and Dash pads! ;D

  54. While I do not agree of some things of the review, I can say that is one of the most complete reviews I’ve seen so far. The Modern Sonic is a step up for me, but still needs a lot of fixes: drifting was terrible, even more than in Unleashed, Sonic Team didn’t put the same effort in last half part of the game like they did in the first one (well, isn’t really bad but is very inferior), controls being sometimes sloppy, you need to master a lot it, specially in harder levels, etc. Classic Sonic is far better than Sonic 4 but needs fixes, like the rolling (something that didn’t annoy me but did it with most people), scripted sections, and more. And like you said, there would be nice more levels instead of challenges, but hey, all of them aren’t bad: some missions are pretty cool, while others just refill the quantity.

    I’m waiting for 3DS version of Generations not for play it, just for read your review about it :p

  55. Man, all of these reviews on Sonic Generations has been getting me pretty pumped into buying the game. . . . If I had a console of choice or a proper computer to play said game in 60 fps.

    I gotta say though, a lot of these aspects and issues that I’ve read from both David and Brad’s reviews are certainly going to be remembered once I get a hold of a controller or a proper graphics card (or both). I hate knowing that I had to spoil the game early when I shouldn’t of, so I’ve already seen what both are talking about. . . . which could be “bad”? I don’t know, but really, I shouldn’t care just yet.

  56. Chemical Plant was really the main reason why I bought the game. It truly gave me chills and goosebumps. The rest of the game REALLY left a lot to be desired though. Oh well. That’s the last time I ever buy a Sonic game sadly. Sega, you just will never learn…

  57. I too can agree with most of this review, but there are still one or two things I`d like to mention. What`s wrong with modern Crisis City? Putting aside the fact that those platforms, those you need to stomp, can be quite annoying, I liked the design a lot. I think it`s by far better than what we saw in 06 and is quite fun to play, even if you have`nt memorized it. I have to add though, that I love these apocalypse like levels. A bit of drama here and there is nice and that is something that “I” miss in the recent games. It doesn`t have to be much (no 06 lol), there are other games for that, but a story like the adventure series would be nice.

  58. It was a well-written review and some of the criticisms you make are warranted.
    Unfortunately, I find myself unable to agree with much of what you wrote.

    First off, replay value. I’m sorry, but I’ve been replaying the game quite a lot, for missions and unlockables, including the extra skills and so forth.
    Second of all, at least on XBox, there’s one save file *per username*. I see no real reason to open another save file as myself anyway, to be quite honest, it would just be needlessly diverting my efforts from completing the first one.
    Third, as someone who’s been playing this series since Sonic 1, I was in no way disappointed with Classic Sonic’s controls. I think there are some people who are rather too invested in exact duplication of this.
    Fourth, apart from the lower paths of Seaside Hill and Crisis City, I think there has been real improvement in the level design and even the Colours puzzle sections, though lengthy, were fun. Bottomless pits were far fewer in number and ease of falling than in previous games and there are far less camera issues in Modern Sonic.

    Finally, the idea that blind nostalgia is the only reason I or anyone else could possibly have a differing opinion than yours on any of the other points. It’s just rather insulting, in a “my opinion is the only valid one” way. Yes the nostalgia is fun and all but I’ve actually come back to the Modern Era zones more than the Dreamcast ones.

    Strangely many of my favourable reactions were not nostalgia but the opposite – a lot of times playing it I’d be struck with the *new* things they’d done with old gimmicks. Especially the rocket sections in Planet Wisp, also much of Sky Sanctuary impressed me.

    The game is not without its flaws, especially in that GOD-DAMNED Perfect Chaos battle reimagining (I agree with you about the boss levels!). Low speed movement is still rather bad, and homing attacks don’t always target what they should.

    My favourite review of this game is Games Radar’s 8/10 review, especially this paragraph:
    “But when you put the past to one side and look at the new game in isolation, there are essentially two games on show here – and I don’t mean the classic/modern divide. The first is the one that stumbles on the things that Mario does so well. The attractive yet haphazard experience ridden with missed platforms, unexpected deaths and awkward low-speed movement in 3D space.
    Then there’s the other game. The one that’s cruising by on the grind rail above it all, pulling tricks through bonus hoops with stars in its wake, locking onto secret ziplines and waiting for the split second where Sonic completes an aerial somersault to face the next platform before boosting away for another S grade. The one that’s everything fans have wanted for so long. You can guess which one I’ve been playing.”

    I think that’s about right.

    1. That paragraph from GamesRadar that you quoted is similar to mine in that when the developers design around what they’ve created, Sonic Generations works great. If they don’t, it comes to a screeching halt.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  59. “- The latter half of the game’s level design.”


    Oh well, can’t say that I “agree” with this review, but it’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it.

  60. This review summed up very well that sick depressed feeling I got after playing the demo on the 360 that I couldn’t really put into words.
    The modern gameplay and control is the same from Unleashed, flaws and all, just covered up with rails and platforms to cover up pits or missteps where they would be for messing up even the slightest. The classic gameplay is focused on pushing you forward (or implying it) as fast as possible instead of like in the original genesis games where it was about careful navigation with moments of speed. You as the player decide how fast you go at your own risk or if you know the level layout well enough.

    Both styles show that the only thing Sonic Team thinks Sonic is about is Speed and Speed Running, nothing else.

    The game isn’t bad at all…….it’s just extremely underwhelming and showed that Sonic Team hasn’t really learned anything in terms of gameplay, they’ve only learned how to attempt to cover up their gameplay flaws and make the game prettier.

    It’s like having a bad car on a bad road, but then fixing and smoothing out the bad road. The car is still a hunk of junk.

    1. Oddly though, I think the Modern Sonic Planet Wisp level from this review comes the closest to being like a proper Sonic game when the reviewer gets to the factory rocket area. A mix of speed and careful platforming.

  61. Sonic Fanbase: Unappeasable since 2001!

    Really? Good Games are not supposed to be fun to be good? Maybe can be a simplistic way to see de things, but is the most truthful one. Maybe I am wrong, but your review sounded like “I kinda like the game, but I will say it’s bad anyways because are not *Amy Rose voice* MY SONIC from the older age!”

    Yeah, is not perfect, I agree. Have some minimal flaws, I agree. But have what a Sonic game should have: FUN. Maybe this hurts people that like to think that games after S3&K/SA1/SA2 should be good to be fun, and they should put they Unappeasable Glasses and start being cynical over things that the Sonic franchise never was good about to begin with.

    Sonic Franchise never have good controls, never have good story, never are bug-free. But, you know what we like about Sonic franchise? They are FUN. Simple like that. I miss the times when a game are judged for being fun, not for Fan whining about what they wanted the game to act like.

    That why the Sonic Fanbase are so broken up. Generations broken even more, because now the fans are in debate: A good Sonic game should be FUN or should be good to control?

    Go figure…

    PS: Complaining about the story again people? Mario games never have a good story, and I don’t see nobody complaining about then.

  62. “Even though he’s strictly 2D, Classic Sonic is not immune to issues in the latter half of the game. Modern levels punish the pudgy one for the tiniest misstep, putting crucial platforms just out of horizontal or vertical reach, all above nefarious pits. There are less branching paths and more cheap shots. Again, Sonic Team, your controls aren’t that tight. Design for the engine that you’ve built and not for what you think you have built.”

    All I hear is “I screwed up, but it can’t be my fault! I know! I’ll blame the game!”

  63. Oh so you’re displeased with the later half of the game where it actually tries to have interresting 3D areas?

  64. Man, I disagree with most of the negative things this guy’s said. There’s nothing wrong with Modern Sonic’s controls, nothing convoluted about it. The stage selections are fine, even the boss battles. The bottomless pits are expected to show up, but unlike past games they at least warn you where they are, so if you fall it’s your fault and not the game’s. And while yes, Omochao is annoying, at least you got the option to turn it off. Also…Crisis City was terrible? Really? Unless you were blindly moving and jumping about there’s no reason for you to repeatedly die from the slightest mistakes. Honestly, the stage’s well-designed and merciful unlike its Sonic 2006 version.

    The moment I read the words ‘Sonic Retro’ on this review I knew I was going to regret reading this.

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