Now Open For Business

SEGA’s official online store for Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise is now officially open for business. The store stocks a variety of items like school supplies, electronics, apparels, DVD’s and more. The website also has a loyalty scheme which rewards purchases with points that you can later use as part payment for future spends. The store ships to the UK and Europe, and delivery charge depends on weight, size and delivery address.

More information is available in the website’s customer service section.

Thanks to hypermikey and fluttersoard for the heads up!


  1. Sonic Rings Poster description: “This superb maxi poster shows Sonic and friends from the popular Nintendo game inside a gold ring.”

    Epic fail.

  2. At first I was all “poverty, here I come!” til I realized the Europe-only shipping. : p
    Guess it’s no biggie, considering most of the stuff there can be bought at Toys R Us or Target. Though that Eggman shirt does look mighty sweet….

    On a side note, you folks in the UK must really do a double-take with those Sonic dvds. It’s like the cover designers just said “screw it!” and grabbed whatever artwork they had access to.

    1. Yeah, the SatAM, AoStH & SU DVDs tend to get the lasiest box-arts here! I have the full boxset for AoStH, yet they used Sonic Underground’s model of Sonic on the cover, with a cropped shoe & blue arms! =S

      1. The eggman tee is from insert coin clothing, go onto their website and you can ship to USA I think.

  3. Sonic Wrecks reported that the website’s entire system is viewable (including admin stuff and other data not normally viewable). They aren’t getting my money until they fix it

    1. Because it was a British group that approached Sega Europe? Spent the best part of a year negociating for a license?

      If someone in America does that with SOA then you’ll be surprised.

  4. The UK gets a Collectors Edition of Sonic Generations, and NOW they have a website with merchandise that only ships to them?

    . . . why do I get the impression Sega is only catering to the boys down there rather than here in the US, where they originally wanted Sonic to shine over Mario? xD

    I don’t mean to invoke any controversy or anything, it’s just that aside from the DiC Sonic cartoons and a couple of other things (like that one little Sonic Playground that was built in Oakland), the US has got jack shit from SEGA compared to the UK and even Japan. =(

    1. The UK isn’t the whole of Europe. This website ships to the UK AND the rest of Europe. The rest of Europe also got the Collector’s Edition. Anyway, yes, it does suck that the US hasn’t got an official Sonic merchandise shop and that this one doesn’t ship to the US. At least it so far hasn’t got anything that you can’t get elsewhere in the US.

    2. Well maybe if you pitch a website design to Sega, draw up an online business plan, have the distribution nailed down and a product supplier…

      You too can get a license to have a website like this.

      Then you might stop complaining.

      1. You seem to be missing the point Hogfother…we mean, ANY Sonic 20th Anniversary stuff. Not just the site. -.- If you look back, every region but the US got a collector’s edition of some kind…

        1. Cry me a river.

          There was constant articles on TSS about how people in the US could get one, there were people on SSMB offering to ship them to the US for no extra charge.

          If you lot wanted one, there were more than enough ways to get one.

          1. Again, not everyone can afford to ship it from over seas.

            Also, you could make your comments sound nicer. From what I’ve read,not sure if you mean this or not, but you come off rude.

          2. And again, people were willing to ship them from the EU to the USA for FREE. This was mentioned so many times yet ignored.

            Like I said, there were tons of ways for people to get one if they really wanted one.

  5. Has anyone actually tried to see if they will ship to other countries by placing an actual order? Cause when I filled in some fake info just to get to the shipping/delivery page you could select United States on the country list. Regardless of what their info page says they have almost evey country listed on their “ship to” scroll tab thing when your ordering.

    1. Wow, I tried that! Unfortunately it says “Sorry, we do not currently offer delivery to your country at this time. Please sign up to our newsletter to be informed of delivery service updates. ” At least, for Australia it does anyways. Hope they get more countries available soon!!

      1. That’s even weirder huh, I know places like Australia and New Zealand aren’t physically part of Europe but technically we are a European country, union jack on our flags and all. Weird they would miss us out as far as shipping goes :/

      1. just realized, dammit.
        It’s also missing the comic packs.
        Still, There is tons of stuff that I haven’t had a chance to get before today.

  6. When I first read I thought it said only to UK. I were disappointed. Then I read it again and noticed that they do ship to everywhere Europe! Including Finland. Yay!

    1. Again… this is a private company that applied for a license to sell stuff in Europe… it was not a shop set up by Sega.

      You want one in America, pitch a business plan and sent it to Sega.

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