Sonic Generations OST: Blue Blur Now Available to Pre-order in Japan

The long-awaited Sonic Generations Original Soundtrack: Blue Blur album is now available to pre-order in Japan. The tracklist and cover art haven’t been revealed yet, but the brief description indicates it will cover both the HD and 3DS versions.

Sega’s game “Sonic Generations of white space-time,” “The Adventures of Sonic Blue Generations”

If you’re already a fan of the music heard in the game and are keen to reserve a copy of the album, you can get your pre-order in now at and Amazon Japan. The 3 disc album is scheduled to be released January 11th 2012 and will set you back ¥ 4,200/US$52.99/£34.44.

Thanks to Bsquared and Hogfather at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. I just want this for the 3DS version’s soundtrack! I love Radical Highway, Apotos and Tropical Resort X3

  2. Must have! I’ll wait till late December for preorder tho (after Generations CE low on money for now but on Christmas everything should be fine). Oh and pleasw cover both versions!

  3. Cool. If I buy it from Japan, the tracklist on the CD will be Japanese…right?

    If that’s the case then, I have to edit the song titles! LONG.

  4. Should I get this, or wait till it possibly comes to America on iTunes so that on my iPod the album will have cover art instead of a blank cover?

    1. I really hope the continue the iTunes deal, that’s the only real way I would get it. I don’t want to pay for all of that international shipping

  5. i was just annoyed the one that came with the CE had no tracks whatsoever from Sonic 1 or 2 for the mega drive. scandalous!

    1. Well, Masato Nakamura still owns the original songs, so they can’t just release themw illy-nilly. That’s what the Sonic the Hedgehog 1&2 Soundtrack release was for.

  6. A 3-disc Soundtrack seems quite short to me, given the number of tracks in the HD game ; so if they include the 3DS tracks as well, we might not have all tracks available. Unless they have Act 1 + Act 2 + Speed up mixed into one track each time.

  7. this is what i think the music disc orders are.

    disc 1: ps3/xbox 360/pc music
    disc 2:ps3/xbox 360/pc music
    disc 3: 3ds music

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    Can’t wait for this. Better not be missing anything. This includes the Sonic Adventure Speed Shoes and the “opening demo” music.

  10. $52.99 for WHAT?! And I have to import…again?! Oh SEGA can go kick Mt.Fuji if they think I’m going through all that again! Will there at LEAST be an iTunes release?

  11. Wow that’s some price for a 3 disc album. Wonder how they’ll make it worth with Itunes capability.
    Heard that Colors OST sold pretty well digitally. Maybe we have a balance after all.

  12. Can’t wait for this!

    Kind of off topic, but could anybody tell me the tracklisting for the album that came with the European Collector’s Edition?

  13. I wish they’d just release the damn thing already so I could download it while my copy ships to me. I don’t care about any 3DS related stuff myself.

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