Sonic Generations Already Seeing Huge Discounts in the UK

The game was only released on the 4th of this month, but already Sonic’s 20th Anniversary title Sonic Generations has been deeply discounted at various retailers. Chart Track records so far have shown the game has struggled to compete for gamers’ money against the many other headline titles released this month. Could this be why retailers are reducing their prices of Sonic Generations so low?

Check out all of the new low prices available below:
Gameplay: £18.99 (Special Edition) – Xbox 360/PS3
Zavvi: £19.95 – Xbox 360 (with Avatars)/PS3 (with Dynamic Themes)
GAME: £19.99 (Special Edition) – Xbox 360/PS3
Gamestation: £19.99 (Special Edition) – Xbox 360/PS3
Amazon: £19.99 – Xbox 360/PS3
Blockbuster: £22.99 – Xbox 360/PS3
Simply Games: £24.85 – Xbox 360/PS3
The Hut: £24.95 – Xbox 360 (with Avatars)/PS3 (with Dynamic Themes)
Play: £24.99 – Xbox 360/PS3
DVD: £24.99 – Xbox 360/PS3
Base: £24.99 – Xbox 360/PS3
101CD: £24.99 – Xbox 360/PS3
Blah DVD: £24.99 – Xbox 360/PS3
ShopTo: £25.85 – Xbox 360/PS3

Thanks to SSMB member KrazyBean14 for the heads up!

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  1. it was a very tough season to compete with

    saints row 3
    uncharted 3
    assassins creed rev

    i mean its an amazing game, and i like it over all these games from a fun aspect, but as far as trying to rope people to purchase it over these titles? kinda hard to do. It should have released in september

    1. you forgot Rayman origins.

      Generations could do better if it was release different date. That’s what you get from completing with the big boys.

  2. It was a bit of a crazy date to release it when they did, just so many other games that people want more… also no news on DLC can’t be doing much to curve trade ins either.

    1. Yeah, I’m confused about DLC. The Xbox 360 version has ‘game-content download’ listed under the Xbox Live features, which usually means DLC is on the way. It would be silly to list that JUST for the Casino Night mini-game, which isn’t even available on the Marketplace or PS Store.

  3. That’s a shame. The holiday season always sees a lot of competition, but this year is expecially hectic.

    The thing is, I really don’t know what else they could have done. If they had released it earlier, the game might have been a bit more rushed, and the last thing we need is another rushed Sonic game. But if they had waited any longer, it wouldn’t coincide with Sonic’s 20th anniversary at all.

    1. Urgh, sorry, that somehow got posted before I was finished. Anyways:

      But I’m not too worried. This *IS* the holiday shopping season after all. Discouted pricing or no, I’m sure there are people who have this on their Christmas list, especially kids. There’s still plenty of time and opportunity for the game to roll in some bank.

  4. This is the price it SHOULD be at. The game is 4 hours long and could have EASILY included more zones.

    On a different note: I hope SEGA announces some new zones for DLC soon!

    I love this game but tired of re-running through the same stages over and over again.

  5. Yep, it’s been the most competitive 2 months of game sales in well.. ever

    I had to do all nighters to finish Generations so I could play Zelda and eventually MW3

      1. yup that’s when I picked up my copy =)! I was going to wait for the price to drop which would of took maybe 3 months but luckily it was on sale

  6. I don’t know, do you think these are permanent price changes? Because the discount promotions will probably end by Tuesday.

  7. ‘Course it wouldn’t do well.

    It had almost every other friggin’ big title out there to compete with. Not to mention a laughably short story and overall weak plot… (No, I don’t hate the game. I am merely disappointed).

    But, I have hopes for the next game. Maybe SEGA will consider releasing games on Sonic’s birthday from now on ^^’

  8. Truthully, I wasn’t expecting Generations to sell well. It’s more focused towards the fanbase than the general gaming public.

    To us, it’s a nostalgic ride through Sonic’s history. To a casual gamer, it would be “They’ve done that before! They’re getting lazy!”

  9. the reason they are selling this game for little amounts of money is because its short. people are selling there copies of the game already, but that means they are not a true sonic fan.

  10. Nor surprised since they have turned sonic into a controlless kiddy game with shallow gameplay and shallow story ehich by the end of it, all you remrmber is the levels wizzing by and tails’s fucking voice

  11. yowch…I think there’s a major problem with general players not buying into games because they are suspicious of some past games.
    It’s sad to see this happen, especially weeks after initial release =(

  12. So everyone I hope you like this nostolgic ride because if sales don’t drastically improve you can wave anniversary games like Generations good bye.

  13. CALLED IT! Knew it would come down in price this quickly. Happened to Colours, happened to Unleashed, happened to Generations.

  14. I thought it would be because the Euro is in trouble, that we’re seeing price drops because of Europe’s lousy economy. If anyone is asking for MY personal opinion about 2012, the only apocalypse that’s gonna happen is an Economic one.

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