Sonic Generations 3DS & Retail PC Price Roundup

The Nintendo 3DS and retail PC versions of Sonic Generations are available this week and we’re here to help you get the best deal with a roundup of the prices currently on offer online.

Sonic Generations for Nintendo 3DS

CoolShop: £27.97
The Game Collection: £28.99 £29.95 £34.95 (with Super Monkey Ball 3D)
The Hut: £29.95
The Hut: £34.95 (with Super Monkey Ball 3D)
Grainger Games: £29.99
GameStop: £30.97
DVD: £30.99
Base: £30.99
101cd: £30.99
Blah DVD: £30.99
365games: £30.99
Argos: £31.99
ChoicesUK: £31.99
ShopTo: £32.86
Play: £32.99
Amazon: £32.99
GAME: £34.99
Gamestation: £34.99
HMV: £34.99
Blockbuster: £34.99
Very: £35.00
Very: £169.00 (3DS Aqua Blue console with case and Sonic Generations)
Littlewoods: £44.00 (from £2.20 per week)
Littlewoods: £215.00 (3DS Aqua Blue console with case and Sonic Generations. From £2.07 per week)

Walmart: $39.96
GameStop: $39.99
Toys R Us: $39.99
Target: $39.99
Best Buy: $39.99
Kmart: $39.99
Amazon: $49.88

GAME: $58.00AU
JB Hi-Fi: $59.00AU
Mighty Ape: $64.99AU
EB Games: $68.00AU

Sonic Generations for PC

Zavvi: £12.95
Zavvi: £17.95 (with SEGA Mega Drive Classic Collection: Volume 1)
The Hut: £12.95
The Hut: £34.45 (with SEGA Mega Drive Classic Collection: Volume 1)
DVD: £14.95
Base: £14.95
101cd: £14.95
Blah DVD: £14.95
Play: £14.99
Amazon: £14.99
CoolShop: £16.97
GAME: 17.99
Gamestation: £17.99

GAME: $49.95AU


  1. nice hey i have question the 3ds version of sonic generations got the option of change voices like the console version

  2. And in Finland we have to pay about 30 euros for the game… or 50, which is insane…
    How come it’s that cheap in the UK?

  3. Sainsbury’s would be selling there’s for £37.99, they had this display case up yesterday funny thing is today it wasn’t there

  4. @A says

    Yeah, I noticed that too. I’m sure there will be a change eventually…

    Watch, there’s something exclusive on the Amazon sale and you get 3 more levels XD

  5. Really need to get this quickly as soon as it is out before Christmas O.o hopefully I will November it’s not safe at the end of the month…guess the 3DS will have to wait until the new year though :/ oh well maybe I can get both somehow…:\

  6. Amazon ran out of their stock, so another seller is overcharging it. I’d suggest to wait until Amazon renews it’s stock.

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